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  1. i do drink quite alot of diet coke. if i drink water it just goes straight through me. it doesnt sting, ive been tested for all sti's and theres nothing.
  2. I do have to pee quite often but have for a while, other wise all ok
  3. Thats what i thought. but it only started when we had sex. And a tiny bit when I was examined.
  4. UPDATE: since i got examined i stated sleeping with a different guy. the first time i was only bleeding slightly, you couldnt even tell, he didnt even notice, the second time there was nothing at all. that was a week apart. then a week after that i slept with the first guy again and now theres nothing at all again. so now im wondering if i was just supposed to be on my period the first 2 times? or has whatever was wrong fixed itself? still got the gyno appointment but its not for another month.
  5. Doesnt happen in England, we love queuing
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qGas44YVqs
  7. A few weeks ago i had a dream that i was pulling pins out of my arm and knee. When i woke up i had pins and needles in that arm. I also have had a dream where my brother was strangling me. When i woke, it turned out that my hand was in a position blocking my airways and i was choking myself. I think that you either believed that the dream was true and felt the emotional pain of it. Or you had chest pain and you mind created a situation to fit while you were dreaming.
  8. I recently watched a youtube video of boko haram slitting peoples throats. That was real life. I didnt really affect me emotionally, apart for the rage towards the group. I think people are quite desensitized to violence and death.
  9. I've read cases where people have written little books of advice. How they want the child to be rasied, things you learned, experiences etc.
  10. I have heard about a black list in the construction industry where companies share lists of workers who left under negative circumstances. You could be on it now. I would research any actions you could take against the company and look for jobs in a different sector. One of my biggest regrets is not taking court action against the last company I worked for.
  11. I agree with wil. I dont think its her your pining for, its someone to have those feelings for.
  12. I worked with a guy once. I never really talked to him, he wasnt on my department, but we met briefly at a party through a mutual friend, still didnt really talk, wasnt really attracted to him, then a week or so later on valentines day he was asking if i got many cards, i joked around and said tons. he said he only got one from his mum, made a joke then left, i walked by him again an hour or so later and he just kinda asked when he's taking me to dinner. i gave him my number and walked off, after that he was all over me , idk why but i could always keep cool around him, maybe thats why he wanted me more then there was the guy before him, we were friends and interested in the same things and talked alot. one day he just kept hinting that he wanted to see the twilight movie and that he would go with me, which i laughed at because i hate twilight, and it wasnt like him at all, i laughed it off. about 10 mins later i realised he just wanted to take me on a date. so i went and chatted with him again and mentioned that i wanted to go to the fireworks show that weekend. he had to work that weekend but we went out later.
  13. Bio oil helps with scarring, im not sure about the redness, maybe something like proactive can help? theres green tinted make up, which sounds scary but the green hue counteracts the redness. And sheer cover make up could help too. theres also laser treatments if you have money
  14. Prehaps you need to talk to you tutor when they set an assignment to make sure you hit every point. When i did GCSE i could search the internet for the mark scheme so i knew exactly what was needed to get an A.