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  1. So I was in a long term relationship for almost a decade when things weren't going so well(and both of us agree they really weren't) we decided to end it(moved out of our home, switched jobs, different car/place, the whole 9 yards of change). After the relationship we decided not to cut each other out of our lives completely though, and tried and actually managed to stay good friends. I figured if I could keep him around as a friend it would be good, and I would be free to go find romantic/sexual happiness else where. We have been out of our relationship for at least 3 years now probably closer to 4. I've found meeting new people is really difficult since we broke up. I've met new people sparsely over the last 3 years. I haven't found the connection I've been looking for although I did manage to experiment with some sexual fantasies I never got to fulfill and that was fun! But all in all I don't feel like I'm meeting people and making real connections. I'm more nervous than excited when I do meet someone new. There are people out there who are willing to hang with me but my nerves often prevents me from meeting and dating or whatever in the first place, and the nervousness get's in the way of the fun I feel I should be having when I do meet someone new. So I tend to end up with my ex on the couch watching netflix and being friends. I have to wonder what is really going on here. My friendship with my ex has gotten better and better and I've even considered getting back together with him. I still care a lot about him but I'm scared if I went back to that situation, those things that got out of control for a while would come back. I often find myself pushing that idea away and deciding it's not worth the risk to find myself in a similar situation as before. I know what we had at the end is not what I want. It's not what I expected our relationship to turn into. Should I risk that? Or appreciate that we have a great friendship now and go about my fun until something solid comes along? How do you get comfortable with meeting new people after ten years in a monogamous relationship? If we end up getting back together at any point in our lives, I can't help but see all this time apart as a huge waste of time. Except I know if we didn't separate and get away from our situation at the time, I might have died. I was so stressed that I think I was close to heart attack. Not just because of him, but because we were doing life alone and no where I went and no one I went to seemed to care. Jobs were hard, money was hard, our relationship was stressed, sex wasn't happening due to exhaustion and being overworked and still never enough money, we fought. Bad relationship? Or good relationship gone bad due to extraordinary(or maybe all to common?) circumstances? Either way, why would I be considering him or feeling guilty when I go on a date? We're not together and we're both aware our friendship doesn't limit what we do romantically/sexually with others. Very confusing times...
  2. I don't think he did anything wrong in particular. Unless he kept doing it when you told him not to. If you're not comfortable with him touching you that's okay and he should think it's okay too. i can relate a little, because if someone touched me randomly while talking about head massages, i might be caught off guard. I can see how it might make you feel uncomfortable and he should respect that. maybe tell him to ask if he can next time so he doesn't surprise you? or tell him you'll let him know when you're comfortable enough to get more touchy feely? i think if i agreed to go have coffee with a guy tho and he started touching me, any uncomfortable feelings i have would be from about to have a new experience. It's not the same uncomfortable you're talking about though. that kind of uncomfortable should be expressed and respected. i think it's his responsibility to abide by the agreements made in any current relationship he may be in not yours. you have to decide how comfortable you are messing around with a guy and being on the side like that or not. if you're not just let him know. maybe tell him you were just going with him to coffee as a friend? you home wrecker you! lol (joke joke)
  3. So they say you reap what you sow, I did my best, and put everything i had into life. Now everyone else has everything I had and there's nothing left. Don't give life your all. There is no point. Ask not what you can do for your life, but instead what your life can do for you.
  4. My advice is always subject to potentially being wrong. There's my disclaimer lol. Tell him if you give in and do it just because he wants you to and not because you want to that it would be rape and ask him if he wants to be a rapist. To be fair, set real expectations if you can. But this needs to be about what you want.
  5. Thanks but I don't really care. The Bible is obviously open to everyones individual interpretation so long as it keeps the followers humble and the churches rich. I just remembered the story from earlier days when the garbage was being forced into my head. I was just pointing out how STUPID this sounded to me. So I don't care if the message is positive or negative, I simply don't think it's a message we should follow at with most of the Bible. Sure there's a few good morals in it, in the shadow of countless other vile despicable cultural acts and beliefs surrounding them. You are assuming there is wisdom to be found in the first place. And by the way, I don't know what you mean by "more prideful than nature". I didn't say anything about nature. I'm talking about the Bible and how stupid God would be to act this way and wondering why people want to be like him. Unless you're saying that God and nature are one in the same which I am not.
  6. and when I found it, I didn't remember exactly why "God" came down from "Heaven" and changed everyone's language from a single language to a multiplicity of languages. I was surprised to re-learn that it was because humanity was unified and working together. I'll be damned. First book of this wretched book and it's right there for all to see. He saw humanity working together and accomplishing great things and decided to come down and FUCK IT UP??? God was a fucking dick! Who'd be really interested in following this so called "better than us"???
  7. It sounds like you have an imagination. Don't let them kill it! lol I wouldn't dress up in black face or anything obviously offensive... but putting yourself in someone else's shoes, say an Indian Prince, could be seen as empathy.
  8. this was funny
  9. tired of everything i try to do failing and making my life pointless.
  10. Is there a Starbucks Anonymous? I'm starting to want to go to different stores in town just so the baristas don't see me over and over again throughout the day LOL
  11. We must stand on the rock that is our name For honor and glory will be famed Today is not over and the battle not done Nor will the next day, or the next day to come All will end and pray not lost By men who can't remember the cost The sweat and the tears it took to build The burden and hardship out in the fields Mankind and nature are one in the same Forged on the rock that is all of our names For we come from those who created the few Now the few turned to many and our time is new Don't take for granted the heritage that grew From them are the many. . . They're me and you. ><
  12. Tomato?
  13. OP That's great news!
  14. There can't be a way for one class of person to have something another can't in a country that values freedom without being a hypocrite. I'm proud of the country and thanks op well said.
  15. No trust no relationship. I'm not feelin the love either. Find someone who wants to be there for you.