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  1. What's your story?
  2. Nice! Feels like it's been traced, though.
  3. Dude, yes. If you are doing something to yourself that is harmful, that is self harm. And in my personal experience, putting fingernails into palms is a prerequisite for self harm. So let's work through this before it becomes a problem. What are some major stressors in your life? How else do you deal with them?
  4. Sometimes preg. tests turn out false positives. Not all the time, but enough that I think you should wait a month. If tyou still don; get your period and if you're still testing positive, just ell him striahg up.
  5. I've been bored and trying to come up with the inspiration and motivation required to get a basic design done, but haven't come up with anything. I'm not promising anything, really, but I figured if I need inspiration and you need a website we could maybe work together. Anyway post away. Should probably mention I'm really busy with school and like life so don't be a dick,.
  6. Evan that is one of my favorite poems If I ever have kids I think I'll try to incorportate that mentality into my explanation of life/death/etc.
  7. Oh man don't stay at home! In my experience, fit people will totally respect people who aren't in shape but are trying to be. A good portion of them used to be overweight themselves. You just go out there and you have a good time and man don't stay at home!!
  8. Not relevant to my life, I'm just curious. When do you bring up the topic? What do you say? If you're religious, how do you tie that in?
  9. I was thinking of either interning at a local garage or looking online for people in my area I could befriend? What do you think is most viable? Mostly I just need a covered space out of the snow with basic tools available.
  10. This is a neat idea and I had no idea there were so many sufferers that it necessitated its own website! I'm athiest but growing up in a semi-religious small town I definitely noticed the effect that church had on was a community event more than anything. The pastor was very respected and my mother is good friends with her. While ideally I'd advocate secular community gatherings, church brings people together so I'm all for it. Besides, you don't have to actually believe to spout the sermon, right?
  11. Aw man I really hope it works and there are no complications! Feb 5th is a Wednesday so I have no class until 6pm; would you like it if I stayed up and talked with you a while until you had to leave?
  12. The best advice I can give you is: 1. Abort the baby. 2. Feel bad about it, bad enough that you get on BC for real. 3. Don't worry about it again until later when you can support kids. Treat this as a learning experience. I mean you're doing really well in the rest of your life - being sober, getting a job, starting school - and I think you're right, you can't support a baby right now. You have to focus on YOU right now, imo. Later, sure, but right now you're doing the setting-up stage for later. How's your relationship with your mom right now? If you asked her to help you get an abortion and explained, would she help you and be discreet about it? I'm like 100% for honesty in relationships but for this I think your boyfriend doesn't need to know you were pregnant right now. Maybe later, but whatever. Anyway I'll be around for a while so talk
  13. Felt like I'd been punched in the gut when I went to and saw that horrible parked domain thing. This website is seriously one of the best things in my life. It's certainly helped me and I hope I have given back a little as well. Anyway overall I'm really liking the new site! SO MUCH FASTER. The chat thing is awesome too! (although if it were me I'd move it to the bottom of the site so I don't accidentally scroll down it when I mean to scroll down the new page I've loaded). Plus the forum layout just feels more natural. It's weird - like who would have thought I'd miss that ORANGE - but yeah overall it's good I'll definitely be sticking around. Yeah I miss a lot of the old people and I have no idea how to tell them HEY WE'RE STILL AROUND. I just keep hoping that eventually just like we did they'll type in out of nostalgia or weird hope and find us
  14. Update: swelling has gone down and is less numb. It itches SO BAD but I seem to remember this is part of the healing process. Safe
  15. Hmm, can't remember exactly but about a week, maybe 5 days.