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  1. It's been a while since I've been here. Mostly because life has been well life. I however need help. I don't even know where to begin. I'm 9 months pregnant right now. My husband just landed himself in jail last night for a domestic disturbance, they're only doing disorderly conduct though now since I said I don't want to press charges. This is the 4th domestic disturbance with him. Social services had even removed my son at one point. He is back home and my husband hasn't even been in the home. He had found my phone when he borrowed my car, I dropped the phone, didn't realize it. Well there's been another woman since I was halfway pregnant. Next thing he's talking about kidnapping and running off into the sunset with her basically. She ended up sending me everything. All of it. I had been deciding on how to tell him I knew. He lost it and came into my workplace and threw this fit, smashed my phone, tried slashing my tires, and just absolutely lost it. I thought he needed a few nights in jail but not missing the holidays and the birth of his son. I'm broke so I can't even bail him out when bail is set. I want to but I'm also afraid he may blame me and spit in my face. He told the caseworker I've been completely innocent in all this though and he never meant for this to happen. He came into the store bawling his eyes out after and trying to apologize, before he knew the cops had been called. My coworker chased him off several times. Wouldn't even let me speak to him. I don't know how to feel. I love my husband even with all this. I have been through physical abuse, emotional abuse, I have been through hell, I have been cheated on, lied to, betrayed, I have been put through everything under the sun basically in the past, and in this relationship pretty much all of it minus severe physical abuse, he just grabbed my arm one time and I slapped the shit out of him. I just don't even know where to start. What to do, how to protect my kids and myself, yet let him know i am not turning my back on him and I'm here when he decides he wants help. I don't know but this is killing me too. I wish I could just walk away but i can't.
  2. Thanks, that is pretty much what I was searching through but it seems they sell single unpainted pieces or starter packs that are painted already. I want to give him something he can customize himself which he could repaint over painted ones, but meh. He's 12, he's just gotten into elaborate scenes with his toys he has already and I thought it would be a great idea to get him started, plus it's one of those hobbies that can springboard him into tabletop games and such so he'll never have money for drugs, booze or strippers lol! My sister will sleep more soundly at night.
  3. I am searching for a gift for my nephew wargame miniatures you can paint yourself stuff like that, anyways I have no idea where to buy them anymore. I live in a blackhole town with nothing for miles except pine trees and cows. Game stores do not exist. I'm trying to look online but I guess I'm not wording it right. Can anyone give me a hand figuring out where I can order some of this stuff from. I know it's a hobby so I've been trying to look up hobby stores but still I keep turning up empty handed around here. I'm just wanting to get the figures and paint so he can do his artistic thing.
  4. Nope didn't squish it. As I said, it was fast and that sucker knew I was going to get him.
  5. I'm in the Appalachian mountain area in northern Georgia. Did a lil research and it seems to be a thin legged wolf spider.
  6. Alright I'm chillin in my living room talking to my husband on the phone and out of the corner of my eye I catch something huge moving. I look over and there's this huge damn spider! HUGE. I am not afraid of spiders normally, but this one was not a wolf spider, or one I have seen. It's big the size of a half dollar body wise add in the legs... shudder and I can't tell you but anyways moving on it had a white or yellowish spot up near it's head on it's upper back, the lower part was rounded, almost like a black widows but not quite. It looked a bit fuzzy. It was FAST! I am talking fast. It was intelligent too. It knew I was plotting lol. I mean that sucker came right at me, I moved, and it was like a spider on crack and ran. I tried to kill it twice and that bugger would not die! It's hiding somewhere behind my computer desk right now but anyways if you know what kind it is, let me know. I am not sure if it's just a black house spider on crack! or some hybrid type spider or what but I'd prefer not to relive the movie arachnaphobia. Kinda reminds me of the spider at the end on fire running at the guy. Omg. Freaked me out!
  7. If you can't afford a vet you shouldn't have the puppy plain and simple. You should think of rehoming her to someone who can provide medically for her if she was to get ill like parvo which can kill them quickly without fast action. I'm not saying it to be hateful or mean but to be straight forward about it. If you own a pet they should be like your child, you want what's best for them. If you can't provide what's best then you need to put them somewhere that can. I hear the vet rant on a daily basis one of my very good friends is a vet surgeon and you wouldn't believe the amount of people who don't care properly for their pets and say they have to spend 100 here for a visit and vax, and choose not to, then later on down the line they're forced to choose 1500 dollar surgeries, or putting their beloved pet down. That is absolutely unfair to everyone including the pet. So I'm glad your pup is feeling better, but seriously, find her a better home if you can't afford to take her to the vet.
  8. You can become an MP, and you will have to take ASVAB again if it's been years. I think they only keep the scores for a year? I know I had to take mine twice. I waited to join I took it when I was 17 and then again when I was 19.
  9. If you feel it, something bugging you, DO IT! Stop over analyzing and thinking about it! Just do it!! My fiance was like that, he wanted to join, couldn't make up his mind, kept waiting and waiting, and he's now 25, and he just finished BCT the other day, currently at his AIT station, says he's so glad I gave him the push to do it because now everything is falling into place. Just do it man!
  10. Someone said their mouths smell sulfurous in a forum we had found when we googled all this info.
  11. Yes I know, completely off the wall question but... me and a group of folks were talking, we referred to a hippos mouth in the conversation and then suddenly it dawned on me, what does a hippos mouth smell like. So, if anyone has any clue, please, clue me in.
  12. Ok lol nix. Yea yes we know sex will be a huge player in this game, but i want to do something nice. I'm not really romantic. Imagine if you will Parker from leverage. If that doesn't ring a bell YouTube Parker and Hardison pretzels. That's me in life in a nutshell. Thank goodness he loves me for it though.
  13. Why did you ask about his sex life prior to your relationship if it was going to bother you? If he says he loves you then take it and stop comparing yourself. This sounds more of a problem with yourself than with your relationship and you're reflecting it onto your relationship. I've had self worth issues in the past and looking at what he did PRIOR to your relationship is just gonna make it crash and burn. Stop it. You want a relationship with him, fix yourself. You don't want it to work keep reflecting your problems on your relationship.
  14. So my fiance is in BCT, he's been gone since Dec 29th, his unit does NOT allow calls but he got a fluke call the other day because of a minor injury and financial stuff, so we got to talk for 15 min. In a few weeks he's coming home for 1 night, and then he'll be gone another 20 weeks. I am trying to figure out what to do that 1 night. I know he's going to be exhausted! So I don't want to go dragging him out, I don't want to do the "dinner and a movie" because that's so cliche and he'd probably fall asleep halfway through the movie. I know he's gonna want to spend time with "our" son (biologically not his) too. I am not martha stewart so throwing a party ain't gonna happen plus we don't really have supportive family members or friends around anyway it's sorta just us. What would you do if you had one night with your significant other? After being separated for a total of 72 days and about to be separated for another 147 days give or take. Only contact has been letters and one 15 min call.
  15. Me and the kids don't live with him. The kids are no where around him. and I know worrying would be a waste of energy so I'm trying not to but I want to see him get some help you know. I just hope either way I've done the right thing. I told his mom I didn't want to stir up any trouble but she should be aware. I know if my kid was on something (even as an adult!) I'd want to know so that way I could lend support when the time is needed for it.