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  1. I'm thankful for my friends i've missed so long @ always
  2. Hey there, I'm still around, thanks Aeolian Mode for thinking of me Still walking to the library, winter's coming
  3. Took one tranquilizer feeling better, just know I can't take em all the time. Thank you Wish a Just gonna go to sleep, yes it's early, just better.
  4. Depression, no reason just always depressed. Since I was a small child. Been on anti depressant now the help but I just am tired of living. Financially I struggle now, too
  5. I forgot you were here. I went to and wow did I get a surprise. FB doesn't help. Can write on FB really don't get the help I need. I don't have that many FB FRIENDS besides my help.comers. my son, daughter& daughter in law are on it. I feel don't feel they really know how despondent I feel. Please I just want this life to stop. It's never going get better, I've tried
  6. Thank you Pepper jelly. Going to sleep hoping tomorrow will be better
  7. You know if I didn't have my therapist appt tomorrow, then had to work at 3 I would bloody friggin take every pill I have. Am I stupid. I don like to inconvenience others.
  8. I just want to stop living. There is nothing to live for any longer.
  9. this depression is hurting. Walked to the library, can look yo see what my paycheck will be on Fri. worked for a girl who i swear calls at least every other week for me to work for her. Fine she worked for me today. Just been down so down. i just want my life to be over. i'm off tomm too. i just don't want to be alive anymore. i've done thr OD thing lots. been hospitalized lots too. Don:t like pain. This life is too painful. i hide the pain in person. No One cept you all know this i just want to be dead
  10. Welcome remodel of this site, we're all getting use to it
  11. Walked to do my taxes, again for got a paper. Bank sign said it was. 2 degrees That's without the windchill. Maybe 10 or 15l below ZERO