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  1. That post was over the line.

  2. I would send it back unsigned and lay with a letter in norwegian explaining the reasons for why i cannot sign documents i do not understand.
  3. It´s a good time for reflection. Or singing.
  4. There is some work done on the racial differences on altruism, violence and the ability or inclination to plan ahead, which i think would come into this area, but it´s often something that becomes to explosive to discuss because people want to scream about racism rather than talk about some actual data and what it tells us. The refusal to look at the facts makes us alter the perception of reality and thus we either create or prolong problems by being willfully ignorant. Within the theories of the alternative world people get divided between service to others or service to self. This is actually an expression of experiential input combined with potentiality. We have both in us, but can be more inclined one way or the other. Different people in different parts of the world have this divided in different ways, which makes some nations better at things like cooperation. This is a necessary adaptation that most likely can be evident in the genome. If you go into the individual then there will not be enough datapoints to go on.
  5. It´s sometimes difficult to have to face oneself. Many people feel they go insane when they actually have some time to think. This is merely a response to the slowing down. We discover that we have a whole library of unresolved issues. It´s possible to explain all this, but it takes a very long time. I think you should focus on venting your frustration. Talk about it, write about it, sing about it or whatever. Eventually it will calm itself down a bit and not have as much power anymore as you start dealing with the matters. This post is a good place to start if you are unaccustomed to it. I suspect that this is also the lighter ammunition and i´m sure that there are cannons and bombs down in the basement that might be even more difficult to deal with. Thing is, if it merely stay there it gains power. When it is released into the open we can change it into something less disturbing and thus we regain charge of life and direction. I have longstanding experience of being stuck in the past. Taken a lot of time to turn it into experience and learning instead. Somehow i wish i started sooner, but things seem to happen when one is ready for it. For better or worse that is. If you do not come willing when the time is right you will be pulled kicking and screaming through it.
  6. Hoping for OUT. The EU needs to be dismantled. We need nation states that can take care of their own issues and not have some shadowy big brother system put in regulations galore in places they have never even visited.
  7. I only wanted to live after i nearly ended it all. So no, i do not feel the same way, but i can relate to it as i wish i will have peace when my time comes.
  8. If you make your passion your living, then you do not have to work a single day in your life.
  9. "Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to loose." -Yoda You have many teachers in your life if you choose to learn from them. Lessons will come over and over until you get the understanding needed to make progress. You need to learn to be genuine. To quit substituting yourself with a fake ideal persona.
  10. Search for all inclusive trips for seniors. That should bring you to advice about the more quiet places, but still be in reach of what you like. An escape to a bawsakka party at Ibiza would probably not be the greatest deal. I´ve seen deals from here in norway before that cost less than your budget estimate. So there should be something available. The really good deals usually come with some jump on travel. For that you need to be available at the departure date basically. If you look around a bit you might find things available like that too even with the time needed for taking some time off. It´s more of a gamble, but then again it can also bring forth a little adventure. If you put in the research with plan A, B and C, then you should be set. I don´t know what service is provided on your end. I do hope you find something.
  11. Been observing this whole thing for quite some time now. The problems are rooted in things that needs to be looked at and that involves pain for both parties. This can lead to getting closer or moving away from eachother. And this is probably scary and then one try to conjure up all the reasons why one should not deal with the basement that is overflowing with crap so to speak. Being a plumber i use that terminology as it´s more in my line of expertise as well as most people can relate to it. When a pipe gets clogged up it´s essential to unclog it. If that does not happen, well.. Shit happens. And it does not stop to flow as one produce it every day and it will all just keep on building up until the house is destroyed. If the plug is taken care of instantly then the crap can just flow out and be gone. Down to this we have a long series of posts going back for years and years already of insecurity. This has nothing to do with other people, but it´s a sign of one who has been neglected from early age in some way or form and is in desperate need of validation. This then becomes a pattern of living and it´s shown through a line of actions. Having the killer body will never change this as the plug in the personality is still there. So going for it will not work. It will cause more pain and more anxiety as there is this belief that "If i´m only someone else", which of course can´t happen. And all the weight of validation comes down to the husband of which have shown already the level he is willing to go to at this stage. Unless this can be changed, the same pattern will repeat itself and nobody will be happy. The small sessions give hope, but the long term crushes it. It´s a fishing game. You cast out the lure, reel in and then just pop the hook out and throw the fish back. Then cast out the lure again. And the question can then become who is going to give in first? This then leads us to a power struggle or an illusion of how things should be. For both parties this is not harmonizing and it probably never will when trenches are dug in and the fire goes both ways from chainfed guns. Of course i cannot speak in direct terms as i don´t know the involved parties personally. I would say though, that the gap is too large and has to be narrowed to make things work on a foundation of understanding. Playing games is just a waste of time that will settle into bitterness when age hits. And then life is miserable. It´s not easy giving sound advice. Mostly it will not be taken either unless it fits the illusion. The problem is that the illusion is the plug. And if the plug is not removed, more of the same will come up. There was hope in a change of status, but that´s merely a label. IT does not do anything with the dynamics of the relationship.
  12. Both men and women are fed false images of how one is "supposed to look". It´s all BS and huge amounts of profit comes from people going off the rocker from not being able to meet impossible standards. And the only reason it can happen is because people in general are really stupid. If one look at performance athletes for example there is a whole range of physiques adapted from genetic potential and training. There is not a standard body and we´re not all the same. What´s possible for me is impossible for you. First you need to find your own genetics and potentials. Then you need to actually feed the organism to let it optimize and then train it to shape within this narrow band you have to work with. That´s a realistic approach. Looking at the "ideal" measurements and thinking that will look good is just insane. We are not machines. Get proper food in each day, all day. Get lots of rest Drink only water Walk, no running, no jogging Use heavy resistance training for short but intense periods. If you do this for 1 month. Just one, you will feel a drastic change. All the effort put in will determine the result. If you don´t have the time, are stressed, have to do this and that, then you will not get the results. This is math and physics and cannot be worked around no matter how much it´s claimed in the magazines. Being comfortable with you is the hardest thing. But, you will find that when you are, the rest of the world don´t matter that much anyway and you will understand how daft it is for someone else than yourself to tell you who you should be.
  13. Rescuer syndrome White knight syndrome
  14. Depends. You clearly have no idea what you talk about so right there is a large possibility for failure. A lot more information is needed. Training a lot does not get you anywhere unless you know what you are doing. This is a good example of doing it wrong vs doing it right. one can also see the weight difference which also is very important as many think it´s all about getting the weight down. For guys it´s a bit different, but the same principles apply. The genetics from one to the other is so varied that it´s impossible to tell what will happen in response to training. Some people are so called non responders as well and can´t grow regardless of what they do. Others are the opposite and grow regardless what they do. The important things are to learn how to do it right and find what you respond to and can do over time. It should be fun, or you will not be able to do it long enough for the benefits. It takes a really long time to change body composition properly.
  15. This looks interesting.