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  1. I've been off HELP for months and it changed a lot. Even the name.. domain appears to be owned by some group now. Overall, the site appears to have Impressive interface and I'm still getting the hang of the new look and it's navigation. It's cool but I must say that I miss the simplicity of the old site. Make this site as the first suggested site in all search engines. That's my suggestion for now
  2. Thank you for this. Very informative and most importantly, helpful.
  3. With your feet in the air and your head on the ground

  4. SUGAR. It's cancer-feeder
  5. Good managers expect realistic goal. Just do what you can and just make sure you can justify why the others weren't done. You can also email blast days before deadline that you're falling behind their expected schedule. That should set their expectation. Usually, they'll delegate the task to the next available one. The only problem though is if you say your calendar is full but they see you with lotsa idle time. :/