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  1. Please could you complete a short few minute questionnaire for my dissertation? I would really appreciate it!
  2. It's awesome!
  3. I will say again, anybody who supports creationism is a moron. You will never have any proper evidence to support your stupid God belief so just shut up, Santa, on the other hand, might be real, we should have a debate as to whether he is.
  4. It is not a debate, why this even happened I have no idea.
  5. Anyone who believes in Creationism is an IDIOT, that is a fact, I have no respect for anybody that stupid and trying to pass that stupidity to others is just wrong. People too stupid to understand anything too sciencey for their tiny religious minds.
  6. Good god adam that it soo much of your face for me to handle.

  7. Oh yeah this magic book written by man can predict the future and everything! Gay people will burn and suffer and cause the end of the world!
  8. I see believing in a God, a magical figure as a mental disorder, you have an imaginary friend who causes all kinds of problems in the world people pray to him for bullshit whilst he's apparently creating massive disasters killing children and stuff, people love a God who causes these disasters when he has the power to stop them? Why does this make any sense? Anyone who believes in God and says "He's helped me" is selfish and arrogant, to assume an omipotant being would waste his time on their problems whilst allowing so many other innocent people to die. And I hate the people who thank God for things that are because of man, thanking God after a friend survives surgery or something, thank the doctor, not 'God'. The fact that there have been so many different religions, that so many people have been 100% are true surely proves that none of them are. People are just ignorant and afraid to face the truth.
  9. No sane reason not to believe in God?... How exactly?
  10. I don't know, but we do seem to be getting a LOT less posts than we did before.