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  1. I know I'm late but I felt that I needed to speak: I remember seeing Puck a lot at the old help, however I don't believe we spoke that much. If I recall correctly, we were friends (on each others' friend lists). However, I did see her name everywhere. She was always on help helping others and giving them advice, whether it was to make someone's life better or to just give a laugh. I had no idea that she passed and it's as I said, I saw her name everywhere so it's shocking when you find out that someone so famous passed like that. I don't think I need to say that she'll be gravely missed, or that she's still missed, but I will say that I will remember her for her colossal resume of helping others. The best thing we can do for her is to continue her legacy of giving back to others in need \V/ Peace be with you Puck ^^
  2. Just run your race. Don't stray off your path by giving into hate. Throughout life, people are purposely placed in our paths to be of hindrance. Like you, I too had people who gave me a hard time who went to live very happy lives. But it's not about them being rewarded for bringing pain into our lives, it's what we take from the experiences. What should matter to you is that that part of your life is over and they're not hurting you now. What should matter is that you stay focused on what's most important, where you need to go and what you should be doing. Don't be stuck in the past and let it run your life, be in control and move past those bad times. Just as what Gone said, everyone who has harmed you throughout their lives will have to answer for what they've done eventually, all evil ends one way or another. You do your part and live your life, grow from your experiences and use it to help others who are also suffering. You're only helping them if you give into hate.
  3. I'm with this:)
  4. If you want to change the world you got to work for it. Like Ghandi said, you have to be the change you want to see in the world. All changes begins on the inside, what do you want to change and why do you want to change it. If you want the world to change, you have to change yourself and spread it to the people to rub off on them
  5. .
  6. Don't think like that. When things are at their worst, if it feels that you're just giving into a void, that's when you buckle down and keep doing what you're doing. It's a life test to see how far will you go. Eventually we all reap what we sow. You just don't put all that work into life doing the right things and have nothing happen in the end, it doesn't work like that. How do I know this? I've had it happen plenty of times, where I put everything I had and more but ended with nothing, feeling discouraged and felt like I wasted my time. A while later, the things I've done caught up with me and I reaped so many benefits you wouldn't believe. The same will happen for you if you keep doing the right things for the right reasons
  7. You're right about one thing, people do love differently today than they did years ago, specifically due to technology. We communicate by phones and text rather than face to face anymore, which makes me sad but I guess every generation has their ways:/ Onto your post, don't fret. Everyone finds that special someone at different times, not everyone finds love in their 20s, some have to wait a little longer but if you're good and work hard, as you stated in your post, then good things come. You see, those who are good and live a virtuous life have to go through harder trials than other people, however, the rewards tend to be better if you're willing to wait. I know you're sick of waiting for that special guy to come into your life but if you're willing to wait and endure the pain of loneliness, then the person who will come into your life will be so much more than what you believed
  8. When you feel bad, DON'T self diagnose, trust me it will just drive you crazy. It can be hard seeing other people feeling happy while you don't have as much at the moment. The secret, be happy for those who are blessed for the moment, even if you're depressed, even if it hurts seeing them happy. That is there race. For you, you have a different race to run. Right now you're just going through a sour season, as we all do. All seasons change and we learn from what they bring. Don't take this as a bad setback in your life, but take it as a learning experience to make you a stronger person. These times of hardships where we have not as much are test to see if we're ready for the good things that will come later for us. My advice, I know it's hard but endure for the moment. This will toughen you up. When it's hard when it's uncomfortable is when we really buckle down and take what life has to throw at us. Once this passes, you will be a stronger person and can reflect on the hardships that made you a stronger person. To help you, know that you're not alone. There are people who care about you here (including myself). So you don't have to run this race alone
  9. My good Samaritan moment would be here on campus. When people feel bad or if they need advice on a certain thing, they come to me seeking answers. It always makes my day when I can help someone like them. I feel that I am at my best when I help others
  10. 7x12=? See if you can do it without a calculator (the secret is to add 7 12 times)
  11. Maybe your lacking something, maybe things didn't turn out how you hoped and now you can only dream (literally) about the things you want, which is why you spend so much time in bed? Is that correct? Anyway, you sound like you're saying to yourself "Man, this life looked a lot different in my head years ago when I was planning it all out." If that's what's wrong, my solution would be to go with the flow. Things you plan don't always (well, for some they never do) work out how you plan, so you have to go where life takes you., When you do, you will see that there are better ways to do things than what you wanted to do, you'll see
  12. Don't dream, it's over
  13. Yeah it's alright, you either need to tell get get her mess in order or you're going to tell the boss
  14. There's someone out there for everyone, for some there are multiple people. The odds of you finding someone today are high as all believe, imagine how many people you're going to meet before it's over:)
  15. Kind of sounds like you're worried that you won't be as good as other people, if that's the case listen up real good now: Don't worry about other people and the reason why not to worry is because you're running your own race and not theirs. Do what you feel is right and don't try to follow what other people do, what they are doing is their own thing. In each person, we each have our own individual things to do while we're here and you have yours, so go out and do what you feel you need to do and don't try to be like other people. Run your own race Those times when you feel your depression is peaking, those are the times when you really need to dig your heels in deep and keep yourself balanced, continuing to follow your path even though it hurts and it's uncomfortable. Eventually, you will get past it and look back and think to yourself "Man, I really came a long way didn't I"