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  1. I used to love watching that programme. I think every girl wanted to be her at one point,however,she's still not a patch on Superman.
  2. Like Emerge says everyone dies. You can not live your life through some Idol. What about your life? Just think of the time your wasting by fretting over the inevitable.*hugs*
  3. There is no rule book to say you need to be married at a certain age. You do what you feel is necessary and forget other people's opinions,
  4. This is a recurrent problem with friends and siblings. I wouldn't worry about it too much,if you have proof of your whereabouts at the time then your back is automatically covered.
  5. That's fascinating.
  6. I'm sorry I've only just seen this reply. I do try to get back to people when /if I can. I hope things have worked out for you and you couldn't be happier.
  7. Superman I mean come on who could resist that red cape (amongst other things)
  8. I think she's already decided she would rather be in a 'abusive relationship'than have nothing at all, Nix. I find this post so sad and disheartening that you would choose such a thing,however loneliness can be soul destroying so I empathise with you. The world Is full of lonely people who would kill to you have your company. What exactly are you searching for a friend or a Partner?Either way admitting ones own faults is the first step to happiness. It might sound cliche but I think your depressed and that's the reason no one entertains you. When you project a negative image people tend to notice and stay clear. There are groups you could join ,or try to do some voluntary work and gradually get to know people. I do do think you need a second opinion(medical) None of us are Doctors here and although we try our hardest to help,a Doctors advice would be a better option. Either way I do hope your ok and your future becomes a lot brighter.x
  9. Lol Lano you seem a right grumpy bugger. ? Maybe she's trying to surprise you with the car Granted she does sound a little immature. I also think she wants you to see her silly hat (I thought only I wore those) I think it's just a figure of speech. If she's getting on your last nerve then you must have this out with her,or your relationship is doomed.?
  10. Hawk I'm sorry to hear about your failing marriage. Your Wife's objection to you seeing other woman shows that she still wants to be part of you. But it also shows how incredibly selfish and thoughtless she is to. I think you should go and grab whatever kind of happiness is out there.
  11. That don't sound good,you should get that checked out properly with your gp.
  12. You need to stop being so clingy and step back a bit. It sounds like he is trying to tell you he needs space, if you carry on mithering him you will lose him.
  13. This girl should be given a wide birth, she is a trouble maker who will make your life a misery. Forget her, she ain't worth it.
  14. I think everyone has there own sense of quirkiness, I know I do. I think the secret is to stop beating yourself up, things happen in there own way. Let Mother nature do the work and you sit back and enjoy the ride.
  15. I see chivalry is not dead. Thank you for restoring my faith in human nature. Your one of a kind. Keep it up.