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  1. "Thirteen reasons why" I think it's still on Netflix. Its definitely worth a watch. And Ozark. Happy watching!
  2. How are you feeling Anon?
  3. What makes you think people will be better off if you didn't exist? I to used to think that. I've seen how dark that's tunnel can get. You need to believe that things can/ will change. Bad things happen to great people every single day,you can not change that. However what you can do is open your eyes a little wider there is so much more to see. There is light at the end of the tunnel trust me..
  4. Hey, Im here I'm listening to you love. Talk to me.*hugs*
  5. I hope your joking. You can't treat animals like that. That's just wrong imo.
  6. Manthy your cat sounds like a bitch. Is she a female? Females are known to be queens who tend to rule the home. I to had a female cat,she never hurt me like yours did,if she had I would have set her straight. When she attacks you,you are enabling her behaviour by rewarding her with treats. You need to change the rules. She can't go on attacking you like this,she may be young but that's no excuse. The next time she attacks you stop her treats. Stop feeding her. Let her know you are the Queen of the home not her/him. Don't let her sleep in your room either.
  7. Crikey it sounds like some kind of crater. Not good. Has anything been done about it yet?
  8. Have you messed up with a girl is that what your talking about? Where does bullying come into it. If you want I can pm you.
  9. :

    I can honestly say this was one of the worst days of my life and time at Help.com. I got carried away with my own ego. It was immature and unprofessional something that I have regretted many times over the years. Up until this point everything was going great. I did not open that post for my own gratification.At the time it was the wrong thing to do. Idk what was going on in my head on that day,maybe I was having a moment idk. Mood swings tend to do that to you from time to time. .. I loved helping people and still do (if I can) .All that aside I hope who ever is reading this realises I have no malice then or now and I just hope all who was involved in that post a happy wonderful life.x
  10. The one person I envisioned spending my life with,sadly passed away so I know to well what a broken heart feels like. We shared 31 wonderful years together. There's not a day goes by that I don't think about him.. However I've found myself in a new relationship. This one was totally unexpected. We've both been online friends for 8 years,we've had lots of banter along the way . Neither of us were interested (sexually) we were both spoken for and had no intention of cheating on our (Partners) but neither of us saw this coming..You could say it's destiny. Fate even. I think if things are meant to be,one way or another you will be together. What sacrifices did I make you may well wonder. Well for one I chose to grab any kind of happiness that was on offer. I chose to live. In doing so I nearly lost my family. I've lost friends whom I've known for many years, Because I'm a Widow I'm no longer considered "on the market" I should mourn my Husbands death and follow whatever rules apply to Widowhood. Do I think I've done the right thing by finding love once more? Hell yes! If it's destiny/fate you embrace it no matter what bs stands in the way. X
  11. All those members/none members who were having such a rough time I hope you all managed to find comfort and peace within your lives. I was happy being part of that community,it was full of spirit,courage and love.
  12. It's posts like these that kept help.com going. It was great to be part of that kind of humour and even if they was trolling they did it with fun. I miss these people. I've been looking through the archives which held such good memories. I wish it could be like this again..
  13. Looks like, Dr Ralph.:P
  14. I used to love watching that programme. I think every girl wanted to be her at one point,however,she's still not a patch on Superman.
  15. Like Emerge says everyone dies. You can not live your life through some Idol. What about your life? Just think of the time your wasting by fretting over the inevitable.*hugs*
  16. There is no rule book to say you need to be married at a certain age. You do what you feel is necessary and forget other people's opinions,
  17. This is a recurrent problem with friends and siblings. I wouldn't worry about it too much,if you have proof of your whereabouts at the time then your back is automatically covered.
  18. That's fascinating.
  19. I'm sorry I've only just seen this reply. I do try to get back to people when /if I can. I hope things have worked out for you and you couldn't be happier.
  20. Superman I mean come on who could resist that red cape (amongst other things)
  21. I think she's already decided she would rather be in a 'abusive relationship'than have nothing at all, Nix. I find this post so sad and disheartening that you would choose such a thing,however loneliness can be soul destroying so I empathise with you. The world Is full of lonely people who would kill to you have your company. What exactly are you searching for a friend or a Partner?Either way admitting ones own faults is the first step to happiness. It might sound cliche but I think your depressed and that's the reason no one entertains you. When you project a negative image people tend to notice and stay clear. There are groups you could join ,or try to do some voluntary work and gradually get to know people. I do do think you need a second opinion(medical) None of us are Doctors here and although we try our hardest to help,a Doctors advice would be a better option. Either way I do hope your ok and your future becomes a lot brighter.x
  22. Lol Lano you seem a right grumpy bugger. ? Maybe she's trying to surprise you with the car Granted she does sound a little immature. I also think she wants you to see her silly hat (I thought only I wore those) I think it's just a figure of speech. If she's getting on your last nerve then you must have this out with her,or your relationship is doomed.?
  23. Hawk I'm sorry to hear about your failing marriage. Your Wife's objection to you seeing other woman shows that she still wants to be part of you. But it also shows how incredibly selfish and thoughtless she is to. I think you should go and grab whatever kind of happiness is out there.