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  1. Faith is just another word for trust. To blindly trust someone else, can be seen as naive. Why should blind faith in god be any different?....
  2. Greyskull
  3. When I pressed no, I assumed you meant AIDS..... They just found out that you have a greater chance of asthma, if your brought up with out adequate exposure to dirt and dust. As for autism, and mental issues, I depends on the severity. Not because of inherited problems, but because in extreme (not all cases) I'm not sure they'd be able to look after the child properly....
  4. Fuck her.....seriously, get yourself a lass who cares....
  5. Your not lusting after a corpes, though are you? Your not even lusting are a woman in the last bloom of life. Sexual attraction exists mostly in the mind. You could get turned on by an imaginary woman.
  6. Going bald? Why not try Miricle hair compost? A few years ago i was going thin on top, i was the laughing stock of my fully hair collueges, and had killed my wifes sex drive. I used to come home and find hairs on my wifes collar. Since trying dr. Bukkakes Miricle hair compost twice a day, I've become an new man, it's save my marriage. And the woman I've been shagging around behind my wifes back loves it as well. Please rush a check or postal order for £10,000 to...... Dr. Bukkakes Miricle hair compost, CO, Paddy O'Brian's pig farm Tipton U.k
  7. If your were gonna do it. I would be better with a 'stranger' then someone you know, of course there no way of knowing if you've got the 'right' stranger. You could end up with a violent rapist, or someone. But if you could gaurenttee your own safety, then go for it. I don't think it would really deal with you core problems, may even make them worse. But, sometimes people get an itch they need to scratch. Sometimes the only way to see a path is wrong is to go down it.....
  8. Don't feel guilty. It seemed like he was pressuring you. Don't give in to media pressure too, we live in an increasingly sexualized society. 'sex sells', which is true, it's a shame that society has found itself preoccupied with 'selling' everything. Somethings should not be for 'sale'. When you are ready, insist your partener wears a condom.....
  9. I donno. But, Id just like to say he has just been played, quite well by this years doctor who, Peter capaldi......
  10. The heart wants what it wants..... But, you should probably distance yourself from her, it's the only way you'll get past this.
  11. Dude, you like what you like. Your allowed a few guilty pleasures you know. Take me for instance, every since the cartoon channel 'pop' was made available on terrestrial tv, ive spent a lot of mornings watching my little pony, strawberry shortcake, and the care bears. I'm in my mid-thirties..... Guilty pleasures and acquired tastes are usually the best things......
  12. Things can't be as black as all that.... I haven't been in a relationship in about 8 years. Even then, it's been the only relationship i've ever had and was a complete disaster. Check my profile..... Don't take this the wrong way, but at least your completely average. Unlike me. Your still in the running... Have you thought about taking up a hobby, and expanding your social circle. The more people you get to know the greater the possiblities.....
  13. Actings a tough gig. Most, like me for instance, don't get anywhere close. Not that I'm not saying you shouldn't persuse your dreams, but you'll have to make tough choices along the way. You'll need perental support for thoughs. There's no rush, it'll happen when it happens. The british actor buster merryfield spent most of his life working in a bank. In order to be a truely great actor, you need to draw upon life experiences. I wish I'd have known that when I took my feeble attempt at making it...
  14. I got to see penguins today..... And sharks. Today was a good day.

    1. Max


      Good for you:) Where?

    2. Winter's eve

      Winter's eve

      I went down to the deep. It an aquarium in my hometown, hull.....