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  1. YOu sir are not my type then. I'm sorry but I have to refuse your invitation to spend the night with you in a tent.
  2. Need context, otherwise it could mean several things.
  3. Movies are typically a bad idea for first dates because it doesn't get you engaged socially. I mean all you do is sit there in the dark not talking to one another... Personally I am and was always a fan of going bowling for a date activity. You get to see a person's many sides during such a trivial thing. Plus it typically is fairly cheap. EDIT: Picnics are a bit personal/romantic... may wanna save those for later into the relationship.
  4. That might not legally be possible for them.
  5. I have to attend a seminar and give a small speech. I'm slightly nervous. And in fact I have to leave in like 10 minutes... so ttyl. lol
  6. I'm a fan of the ones that ask for something simple, such as 2 + 2, or posting an image and then simply typing in the word. (But not the kind that asks you to type in 10 digits. :/ )
  7. Thanks for the update. Was starting to worry you guys put help.com on the back-burner lol.
  8. Is showing your 12 year old side really necessary? Try to act like an adult, you might learn something.
  9. lol, I go away for a day and I come back to 43 replies lol. All in all, keep in mind what a professional debate is. It's providing evidence of your side of whats the truth and you're trying to provide facts and answers in a polite and professional manner. Ken Ham and Bill Nye did that. They stuck to what a debate is and they did it well. If you can't objectively see each sides reasons and understandings then you're not able to professionally respond to this debate. I mean... blindly saying "Because I said so" is just ignorant and silly... But saying "I see your point of view, but I object because..." is a much more professional way to go about it. You don't have to believe in the other persons views, but please respect them...
  10. Anyone else watch this? I thought it was an excellent and professional debate on the topics of evolution and creationism. If you haven't checked it out you should!!! Video:
  11. You said they want to put you under a microscope yet they don't have time for you... sounds like excuses to not get help... They can't just prescribe you drugs... they need to "put you under a microscope" first.
  12. Well... how many did you ask? Can't really give up after a few... and I'm guessing none of those you asked are someone in a professional manner that does that kinda help for a living, such as a therapist... Besides, you haven't said what it is yet that ails you.
  13. You chat Me chat we chat for all that! ...
  14. Well... the pictures freaking huge for one... I had to zoom my browser out like 200% to see it. That aside, not centered and its pretty dark. While it does force your eye to focus on the subject, its an overpowering kind of darkness. Don't know if that could have been helped but it detracts from the overall quality. Otherwise the camera takes some nice pics.
  15. Well... I hope you realize that we can't really do anything to fix that for you. it's all up to you if someone remembers you, or if you're unhealthy. So what problems do you have? what mental stuff ails you?