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  1. A few days ago I found out that anytime my sister gets pulled over or anytime a police Has stoped her. She gives them my name. Is there something I can do about that? Can I report it? I don't want to call and bother the police for nothing. I just don't want nothing to go against me. My sister is a big meth head, she hangs out with terrible people. I don't want to be associated with those types of people. She is calling me selfish because I don't want her to use my name. I really just want to disown her and take the kids and change all of our names. I'm so pissed!!
  2. Needle you use for injections.
  3. Earlier today I met up with nephews fathers wife. She gave me the bags of there stuff and clothes. Well after I got my niece and nephew to sleep. I wanted to do some laundry so I went out side and took the bag out of my car, when I do so I though something poke me, so I dropped the bag and opened it there was a needle!!! These clothes are folded neat that bitch had to fucking put that needel in my baby's clothes!! I'm pissed I don't know what to do!! Should I call the cops should I go over there and kick her ass!! I'm mad!!
  4. We went to the funeral Yesterday. I have never felt such cold funeral before. There was so little love there. His family leaned more on my family. His mom definitely leaned more on my sister, then she did on his wife. I seen the resentment coming from her and her family. It made me realize the drama is just now getting started.
  5. I have costudy of one of the boys my aunt has custody of the other. It's been that way a while, my mom use to have costudy of him. It's Basically been that way since they been alive. I would love for my sister to have her kids back but I don't think that's going to ever happen.. she(his wife) called this morning and told me she was going to take my aunt and I to court, for custody of the boys. Im just so sick of this drama.
  6. They are my sister kids. The boys are 5 and 7. My sister wasnt with thier father, they was together for ten years but in July he broke it off and got with the next door neighbor. Which is now is wife, She said that they got married hours before his death. Idk if that's true are not. His wife only wanted her daughters in the obituary. We got told today that she don't won't the boys at the funeral. She has been blaming my sister for his death. I told her today that he killed him self,He knew going 90mph around that curve would kill him. At first I was upset and praying for his soul. Now I'm pissed and thinking maybe this is gods gift to my nephew's. Now maybe they won't grow up braking in to home and stealing cars. Maybe it just best not having that type of person around them. Hopefully my sister will get her crap together and get her kids back and one day find a wonderful man who can be a good father to them.
  7. I'm very upset! My two nephews father's supposedly wife don't won't to include his actual kids in nothing. I was told she didn't even won't to put them in the obituary. She don't want to give them anything of their fathers. She definitely don't won't them at the funeral. 8don't think that is right. I don't think a wife should act that way.. are any kind of person should act this way.
  8. This morning we got some terrible news. My nephew's father has died. He flipped his car late last night. My nephew spent all last year just waiting for his daddy to get out of prison and than just 10 months of being out he died. My mother and I just don't know how to tell him. How do you tell a six year old that someone is dead?
  9. It is how you use it . most woman dont get off with vaginal penetration anyways. If a girl turns you down for your size than she is not worth your damn time.
  10. Most is all talk just like guys talk. Just find a girl that loves you and she will not care about how big your dick is.
  11. My sister is having alot of problems right now. So its just not best for her to be around her all the time.
  12. Ive tryed that. She dont see her mommy much anymore and when she dose she throws a fit.
  13. She is only 2.
  14. For months now Ive been trying to get her to stop. Ive ignored her and ive corrected her anytime she calls me it. She just looks at me like im stupid tho. I dont know what else to do..??
  15. Thank god they don't have any kids... Ppl who treat ppl like they own them don't deserve happiness at all.. he deserves nothing but unhappiness and loneliness for the rest of his life