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    You're screwed, you're lost, you're sucked into a Matrix that makes the movie look like Candy Land and you can't find the door. You want out but you don't know what to do - worse you don't know what to know. Sunday school is over and it's time you grow up. You've been through 12 or more years of indoctrination with public schools. You're sick of the lies, you're sick of your life, the scum is all around you and you wonder what has happened, you wonder what is going on, why do you feel the real world has left you behind, don't you believe in God? How to believe in God? Where's the splendor, where's the wonder - it's been brain washed out of you. You been bleached, rung out, fluoridated, starched and hung up to dry - your brain is a sodium laden prune. What are you willing to do, how far are you willing to go - you're going crazy and you know it. What are you willing to reach for, how do you get on top of things, what do you need to know? What do you need to know? What do you need to know. . . . Your life is a lie and you need the chance to change your mind. You're a pacified, zombie, robot, drone, the food class of a flesh eating society. !!!WAKE UP!!! The new millennium has begun. Do you really think it's going to be business as usual? If you think it's always going to be the same then prepare to die with stupidity that in-breading can't even explain. Do you need handholding? Do you need to be lead? Who are you gong to trust? Your life is boring because you live in a jar, so if you want excitement, if you want refreshing, please allow me to refresh you. . . You are one with God through Jesus Christ. The truth now collides with your brainwashing. You're going to twist. You're going to scoff, you're going to try to get out of this. There are no bathroom breaks. Sit there and piss yourself - for once you will be worthy of the food you eat.
    In the beginning, man had access to the entire earth. And there was rebellion in heaven. And, through the portals of heaven, God cast down to earth, the fallen angels called Nephilim. They bred with earthly women. The children of these women were called Raphaim (Raph-I-eem) or the Giants.
    (For instant gratification explore You Tube: Fallen Angels Nephilim, Giant bones, Bones of Giants, see Steve Quayle,).
    There was a time, for over a thousand years when the fallen angels, nephilim, and giants knew the way of all things scientific. The knew mechanics, the knew electronics, they knew physics, the knew genetics and the mixing of diverse flesh. They corrupted all the flesh of the earth with their genetic alchemy creating all manner of creatures. And also, man became corrupt. So, God caused a flood to destroy the earth, the corruption upon it, and man. But, by the grace of God, man survived through Noah.
    When the flood waters receded, man's numbers were few and the earth began to cool. Thus began the age of ice. As man's numbers slowly grew, the ice age isolated large portions of the earth from other portions. Over the course of time, man began to explore his new, much smaller world. Man sailed to the ends of the earth and there he discovered the great Antarctic ice wall. Man was not capable of dealing with this frozen wall - he did not have the power to explore the world that laid beyond the ice. There was more land and he never knew it, so he set sail and went back home. In the hundreds of years that came to pass, only the fewest humans ever gained the power to discover the land that laid beyond the ice. Meanwhile, other discoveries were being made. Scrolls from all over the world spoke of Atlantis as if it were a matter of fact. Old maps of the Antarctic were charted as if no ice ever existed. The greatest empire to have ever existed, on the earth, became a legendary myth. But, there were a few people that knew there was more land beyond the great ice shelf - they knew it was the size of the north American continent, they found Atlantis and kept it quiet for hundreds of years among themselves, the royal elite. The royal elite knew that sailing ability was advancing with time. They considered the future and the measures it would take to keep the lost world of Atlantis hid and to themselves. Consulting with the dark forces of Satan, they proposed the earth was round like a ball. Yes, that's right. Since the dawn of man, man has always known that the earth God created was flat. That's because the earth IS flat - it has always been flat.
    And by getting people to believe the earth was round, it turned the Antarctic Rim into the Antarctic "continent." By doing this, it gave people the idea that there was nothing but ice and penguins. So no one who went there would look at it any differently - they wouldn't explore, the wouldn't find the lost world of Atlantis. Yes, your head is spinning much faster than the earth, now, isn't it? Are you having trouble understanding the world you live on? Are you having trouble figuring out what the shape of the earth is. The earth is a giant square sheet of ice. Within that square is a giant circle of water and land that is melted into it. Within this circle is the world as you understand it, today. Meanwhile, there is also another circle of water and land beyond the Antarctic ice shelf. That's right, we're STILL melting off from the ice age. All the strange creatures that wash up on beaches in our world are from the melting Antarctic Ice Rim. The leaders of our world today know the ice barrier that separates our world from Atlantis is melting. That's why they want you to believe that you are polluting the environment and the same pollution is 'causing global warming.' They shake a finger in your face and cry "guilty!" Meanwhile, they spray the skies with chem-trails. The depopulation of our world has been going on for some time. They increase world problems so you never see beyond your nose - you will never find Atlantis by simply peeking out your window in fear of the world. Listen close to the last normal human to have lain his eye upon Atlantis -
    Meanwhile, Satan not only hid the lost world, he also hid the people of Israel out from the sight of the world
    While Satan hid Gods earth, while Satan hid Gods chosen people, Satan hid ALL countries of the earth from man. Yes, that's right. The title deed of all countries was given to Satan and he renamed these countries in such a way as to get you to believe that you lived in the same country as your forefathers. The dirt is the same but the name of your country is not. The name of your country is spelled the same but in all capitol letters. And while you think that you are you. . . . No. . . .you are a meat-puppet with a public education, you are the food-class of society, you are the bottom of the trough. Do you honestly think you possess real knowledge? Do you think the power elite want their meat-puppets to possess knowledge? You know NOTHING. You have never see the earth from the vantage point of space. You have been brainwashed to think you know something, to think you are smart - you are food to them. They created a fake person with your name. They created a prison filled book of laws to control and regulate that fake person. And when you were born they tied that fake person to your shadow through your birth certificate. All through your life you have also tied yourself back to that fake person by means of contract agreement, and you bear all the burden and requirements they want you to perform. Ultimately, they want you to die. You are a human being, created by God. There is a natural way your name is spelled. The fake person's name is always spelled in all capital letters.
    As if was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the last days. What does that mean? It means many things. It means that there are human hybrids running the human race along with the fallen angels and the Nephilim. It means they are still on the earth and they live in the lost world of Atlantis. They are responsible for UFO's. You need to understand there are no such things as "aliens." UFOs are very ancient, angelic, transport. Through the power of witchcraft of the Viril mediums, Hitler and the Nazis rose to great power with hidden technology and they were close to unleashing upon the world. That's why the German war was so occultic and evil. That wasn't a normal war.
    You need to understand HOW the New World Order is going to happen. It's called "Disclosure." It means that the power elite of the world is going to announce that we have made contact with "aliens," from another world. It's not true, they're not aliens - they're demons. They're not here to help us, they're here to kill us and replace us with a new world of human hybrids. !!!!WAKE UP!!!! You need to wake up! The day is ending. Christ is coming and just because you feel the burn of your ordinary, pathetic, life doesn't mean that Christ won't determine your worth. I'm telling you, you want to be something that Christ recognizes as His own. You don't want to invest your soul into this world - you don't want to adopt the spirit of Satan and the plans he has for this world - he's doomed and along with him all those who have adopted his nature. I'm begging you to wake up. Be one of the few that God writes down in His Book of Life. It is important that you look at Gods creation as it is. It's a flat earth. It's important that you look on time of Genesis with respect, fear and sobriety, it's time you free your mind of this Satanic world, it's time you be spiritually vigilant, it's time you accept Christ as your Savior. It's time that you look in the mirror and think of yourself as the man or woman God created you to be. You're not a pleasure doll, you're not a mindless meat-puppet man. Stop being a soft, silky faggot! Stop ramming ink into your skin, stop tearing your flesh and wearing Satanic body gear! Don't you get how important you are? Time is up! You don't have time to "think" about anything, other than getting right with Christ. The power of all powers is about to bring the hammer down - don't find yourself under it. He is God, and there's a reason He has that name! Live or die, make your choice - be wise and choose the one that grants life.
    EXPLORE You Tube for instant gratification.
    Steve Quayle
    Kent Hovind Seminar(s)
    Rob Skiba
    Flat Earth
    Human Hybrids
    Human clones
    They Live 2
    Bones of Giants Discovered.
    The Fallen Angels
    The Vril

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