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  1. When it comes to the public, I'm like a furball in a cats throat. . .

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    2. Gone.


      Aww thanks Al,let's just say I feel like my xmases have come all at once ?

      well let's hope one day soon something great will happen for you. Your a good man, Al you also deserve some happiness in your Life. Do you have family/relatives to turn to?

      Lol you do know I like my cake ? And as they say "you have to be in it to win it",(when it comes to the lottery) I think it's worth giving it a bash if it will make you happy luv.x

    3. Big Al One

      Big Al One

      INRE to your question: "Do you have family/relatives to turn to?"

      No.  I am an only child to middle-aged parents that came from an elderly, already vanishing family when I was born.  Everyone i'm related to died a long time ago - my dad was the last in 2010.  I am what remains.

    4. Gone.


      Gosh I wish I could just give you a big squishy ?. I too have lost both Parents,mine were relatively young when they passed away. I do have other family but rarely keep in touch. And tbh I don't really see them as family. You know I had a Sister(Sandra) I also have 2 other Brothers who I hardly see..I think family is important.Clearly they're not fussed.

      I wish it was just easy for you to hop on a plane and come see us here in Norway. I'm only here for a month then I have to fly back to England again.x


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