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About Me

I am a Patented inventor in the US and five other countries.
After review of many attempts to design a self-dispensing toothbrush,
I have mastered the engineering of it, you may find my US Patent
at www.uspto,gov  Search Patent# 8,926,209
I have two models of self-dispensing toothbrush -
1.  A refillable self dispensing toothbrush
2.  A pre-charged dispensing toothbrush with disposable cylinder.
Welcome to my line of self dispensing toothbrushes.  The DYNABRUSH.
There are many colors and art-forms to choose from when it comes to
the refillable model, see for yourself -



My premium package contains 15 distinct flavors of toothpaste
they are divided into 3 categories -
1.  Citron
2.  Berry
3.  Frost
Come tour my Citron line, I'm sure you will find something you like.



After many a suggestion, you will equally like the Berry Line.



By popular demand the Frost Line is in like Flynn -





Currently, I am at the product development stage.
I am having the mold specifically made to produce the
refillable model of THE DYNABRUSH.  Also, I am shopping
for a toothbrush tufting machine which darns the acrylic fibers
into the brush-plate.
If you wish to invest or partner with THE DYNABRUSH, I would
be glad to review your consideration.  Future resource considerations
are as follows -
-  A small industrial facility with hot plastics mold injection capability.
-  Printing and labeling or texture labeling capability.
-  Custom packaging and printing of the product specifically cardboard and acrylic.
-  And, financial resources cannot go without mention
If you like what you see and wish to launch a product that is well over due
then THE DYNABRUSH is for you.  There is no standing design on the market
or formerly Patented concepts that exceed THE DYNABRUSH.
I am proud of my design and after you review other make and models you will
come to see why it is the best.
If you need photoshop help of any sort, I'd be glad to help.  Drop me a line and a link.
Visit my channel at You Tube and check out my vids, such as they are -
Also, you can discover a great variety of my tastes in music at a post called "Now Playing."
My list begins here,
and runs, largely unbroken, to page 56.  Enjoy.
Remember, if your day didn't start like this, it will be a good day -


I believe in one perfect faith, wherein the believers of that faith are flawed.  It's called Christianity. To have no faith is to have dead faith and to believe in every wind of doctrine is the sign of a dead fool.  Good works do not lead to Salvation - only by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for the atonement of our sins is what leads to Salvation.  To say there are other gods (or goddesses)is to optionalize the one true God and the faith He has intended us to have.  Metaphysical doctrines are religions not of God.  Keep pure the Christian faith for it is no one's to prostitute.

Let us pray -