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  1. Im glad youve found your inner peace. Take care young man.
  2. I had mine done on the 23rd of October,granted it can cause a little weight gain. You should be ok if you cut down on your fat content. Dont worry,you will be ok.
  3. Hi momma bear. I just want to thank you for being a wonderful friend to me

  4. I'm British.
  8. Me to.
  10. Good luck on your exam.
  11. I agree with Padre,if your looking for something more unique then you need to make yourself available. Try Im sure theres women out there who would love a cuddle.
  12. Bingo! Like I originally stated,"his pride" is dented due to your success. Tell the lad either deal with it or find someone who doesnt want to better themselves. Hes being a tit! Period.
  13. Do yourself a favour and just delete them,people can be funny bugas.Dont let them get you down.
  14. Unless you know for sure then I wouldnt worry about it. Doctors/surgeons are so careful on who they operate these days,youll be in safe hands.
  15. I agree with Knowitall,these people dont see you as a leader,more like a sheep. Dont feel to bad love,People dont know a good when they see it.