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  1. They just want to see my down fall.
  2. I mean i have so much betrayal in my life from my family and friends concerning my destiny.
  3. I will like to that,but i do not no how to start.
  4. She want me back,but i do not no how to start.
  5. I try all my best but i couldn't get a help that is why somebody recomended me to this site,but unfortunately i learned this site have been renewed.
  6. Ok,thanks for your notifications ok.
  7. I need 500 dollers for my registration for my final exams.which if i did not pay i will be part of my final examination,so am berging each and every body who can help to reply to my post fast because they will close registration at the end of febuary.which end of febuary they will not collect any money again,so am berging if even 100doller u hav somebody to add.
  8. Am,seriously in need of laptop for studies.Am a student at the senior high school level.Am been sacking from class any time that we have ICT classes and am in my final year too,it gona affect me during my exams.so am berging each and every one who can help should do it immediatly because am lacking.Thank you

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    2. Abu


      I am sorry but i try that one before posting on this site but i never get reply for 2 month now but i see that this won't help me,so i search on google and find this site and say let me get it a try.so padre am berging u to try to help me because this my last stop ok.

    3. Cdog


      Okay, I am in high school too amd there is nothing to worry about. You may think that yoir going too fail amd that it is going to take hours to complete but it won't. Think happy thoughys and DON'T GIVE UP. Keep trying. Try, try, try, try and try. I know you can do it mate!!

    4. Abu


      Thanks for yur encouragement,but the time is almost up and i hav to panic.Are u in your final year?