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  1. Say you've just concluded a date and are dropping your date off at her apartment, when she realizes to her horror that she has left her keys inside. The super is already asleep and can't be bothered so you offer to let her stay the night at your place. There's only one problem. You've been living alone for so many years now without female companionship and all you have are men's clothing. What do you do? What sleepwear would you offer her?
  2. I know I'm getting ahead of myself, but... If this thing with my female friend (see my other question regarding my dream) becomes a real thing and we become a couple (and hopefully, eventually get married), should we celebrate our first Hanukkah just as a couple (just us) or should we spend it with family (her grandparents, parents, and brothers // my parents, aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces, and cousins)?
  3. I On a cold, crisp February night As I walked down the deserted Detroit street There I saw her, leaning Against the lamppost, wearing An olive-colored parka Around her neck was a mink scarf She looked like a starlet from the 1930s And when she smiled She warmed the air around me So much so that I had the urge To turn my jacket lapel back down The cold didn’t matter when she smiled II She said her name was Anastasia I introduced myself and took her hand I jumped, startled at the contrast With her warm summer smile Her hands were the hands of death As cold as frosted steel Ice cold despite her layers of fur III But she took my hand in hers And gripped me tight She said I would be warmer In her room at The Grandville I followed her, but the cold Would not go away Like she said it would IV I excused myself to go But she pulled me into a kiss Long, sensuous, and passionate Like a spider trapping its prey In its sticky web of doom Her lips were warm As warm as her gentle smile Fire against fire She turned off the lights And there we loved in the dark Tangled in a mess of hair, Sheets, arms, and legs Warm body against cold Raging fire against hard ice And then I felt a sharp pain In my neck, searing me Killing me, sending fire Coursing through my veins Filling me to the very core V I am changing—I feel it in me I thirst, an unquenchable An unholy thirst I drink water but it does nothing Only blood, warm crimson blood Could satiate this thirst It burns like the fiery pits of Hell I feel my teeth grow into fangs Fangs just like hers VI My vision is sharper My hearing clearer My sense of smell acute But I can no longer stand The light of day
  4. It was perfectly clear in her facial expression, I could tell.
  5. And the one with Mickey, Goofy, and Donald? I was at Target one day, looking for a movie to rent from Red Box and found "The Three Musketeers" (with Oliver Platt, Keifer Sutherland, Charlie Sheen, and Chris O'Donnell) when I bumped into an acquaintance (the mother of a friend). She asked me what movie I had rented and I told her. She laughed as if to say, "Three Musketeers, huh? Remind me how old you are again?" Seriously, time and again, I have encountered people equating Dumas's "Musketeers" with swordplay in the backyard and childish games. What the heck? If they just read the book, the Musketeers were drunks when they weren't on an adventure and they had romances with women. Not so childish now, is it?
  6. What do you do on a 7-hour drive from Stowe, VT to Montauk, NY? No cellphones, no iPads or iPods, no tablets, nothing.
  7. Flourish? In a place that hot?! This is just California on a severe heatwave (plus forest fires) and I'm already DYING! lol
  8. When I mentioned this to an acquaintance of mine, he said, “Hot chocolate for breakfast? Who does that?” And when I said a good number of people, actually, he said, “The world is full of strange people.” Is it really that weird of a concept—drinking hot chocolate instead of coffee for breakfast
  9. Could you survive on a hypothetical planet that was like a combination of Jaku, Tatooine, Mustafar, and Mordor?
  10. What would cause a 26-year-old nurse with a good high-paying job at a magnate hospital and a thirty-year-old Navy veteran to not leave home (or return home after leaving)? I have two friends--brothers--who are still at home. One brother is a nurse at a magnate hospital, good, high-paying job, is already engaged and will be married in December, and yet he's still living at home. The other is a former sailor who lived on his own in an apartment in a naval base in Guam during his tour (and in Chicago outside the base). After he got out of the Navy, he went back home and has never left. He doesn't drive either. He just bikes or takes the bus or the train. Their other brother is 31 years old and has ADHD and has zero ambition. Only one brother, also a sailor has actually, totally left home. He's married with one son and is still very much active in the Navy. And my nurse friend has the gall to ask me when I'm going to leave home!
  11. I'm writing a story about an angel who falls to Earth after a fierce week-long battle with a demon, and is found by a journalist on a dusty road in New Mexico on his way to chase down a story. She has no memory of her angelic existence and the young reporter takes her home (after keep watch over her in the hospital). As it turns out, she was his guardian angel in childhood. The angel lives as a human, unaware of her true identity and they fall in love. A tragedy caused by an argument between Jacob (the reporter) and a long-time rival since high school causes her to remember fully (she does have glimpses and memories in the form of nightmares and flashbacks, but these aren't enough to make her remember--it only confuses her). Eventually, her wings grow back, and with her memory fully restored, she must go back to Heaven to complete her angelic duties. How should I end it? Should I have Jacob stand on the rooftop of their apartment as he watches Anna/Iofiel return to Heaven? Or should I have him drive on the same old New Mexico dirt road where they first met, watching her as she flies (with a single white feather falling from one of her wings and landing on the passenger seat next to him)?
  12. If there would be a remake of Anne Rice's Interview With The Vampire, can you see Orlando Bloom playing Lestat? Or would the role of Louis suit him more?
  13. If there was a fight between James Bond (you can pick any James Bond except for Craig, who, I believe, despite the modernity, has a lack of gadgetry) and Jaime Sommers (Bionic Woman), who do you think would win the fight?
  14. If you had a jaeger, like the one from Pacific Rim, what would you name it? I would name mine Panthera Omicron.
  15. If you had a jaeger, like the one from Pacific Rim, what would you name it? I would name mine Panthera Omicron.