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  1. Alexander and its derivatives (Alistair etc) stems from Latin (and also Ancient Greek) and means "protector of mankind". It's also a common western surname.
  2. Sounds to me like your friends have absolutely no understanding of "romantic" and I think those girls seriously missed out by not accepting your invites! You sound a lot more mature than your peers. I'm sure that you will find plenty of opportunities to enjoy in the future and you will find a lovely partner who appreciates your creativity and originality. Don't worry about missing a Prom. Look forward to the future and smile because trust me, the lovely people out there will soon discover you. I see a nicer circle of friends for you in the future. I'd save the "Prom for You and Me" idea for a wedding proposal perhaps. Wouldn't that be glorious?
  3. Lots of people needing a hug I think. So I brought plenty. And an extra big one for the poster. x
  4. I'm thankful that I found my way back to my online home And lots of other things... a roof over my head, good friends, good food, good books and good music. In particular I am thankful for every experience in my life - both good and bad - because they've taught me what is and what isn't important. The good memories have taught me to have fun and enjoy life, to love and be loved in return. The bad have taught me to always keep going no matter what, that you can pick yourself up from the worst that life can show you and still find something to make you smile. I am thankful for having learned to appreciate the simple things. Like chocolate cake...
  5. yes, it really is the old goose! Even older, hopefully wiser and definitely even loopier than before.

    1. Padre J Roulston

      Padre J Roulston

      It really is nice having you back Mum.

  6. and there was me being subtle ... Read again what I wrote above Gracie and see it for what it REALLY says In response to Snarister's thoughts above, then, here's a word for anyone out there considering fabricating "stories" online. Aside from the embarrassment when you get caught out, it can get you into very, very hot water. You see should you use images of other people, you are supposed to have full permission for everything you do with that image. They are the property of someone. And that someone is unlikely to want their reputation to be tarnished in any way - especially when their face is their income - so, for example, it would be very serious if someone were to imply that an individual was cheating with women, kissing someone in public that they shouldn't be kissing, or indeed in a relationship with a young woman they weren't in a relationship with at all. Singers, actors and models in particular tend to take it very seriously indeed because their livelihood depends on how the public perceive them. They are often inclined to turn to the law and seek a prosecution and compensatory damages. Even non-celebrities are protected by the law. After all, a "story" could have a profoundly damaging effect on their life... all it takes is for a wife to google their husband to show her friends how proud she is and kerpow, she stumbles across something which suggests he's having an affair ! Rows ensue.. a family is destroyed. It is not nice, it is stupid and it is criminal. So.. if ever you are tempted to do anything like that on the internet, remember.. There's always goose or two might just know their way around the internet a little better than you You will be found out.
  7. One day you'll understand what is worth pursuing and what is just.. well .. a sham. He's not interested in you and neither is "Becky". That's for sure. Take it from the older and wiser ones... we can spot the reality of a situation a mile off
  8. For the Brits amongst us... there's a great chocolate Oreo cake recipe on the BBC Good Food website. I tried to paste a link and the recipe but a gremlin keeps running away with all the ingredients... it's easy to find on google though. We don't have black cocoa powder I don't think? Unless one is dark chocolate and one is milk... not sure. And our measurements and temperatures are very different in UK, so perhaps this will help people make adjustments to try your recipe Big Al. I'm drooling. I do love cake. Especially chocolate !
  9. I trim mine with sharp nail scissors .. if you make a little point, it isn't noticeable. Spider plants don't like soil that's too rich, so it could be that you're overfeeding it. They only need a little boost once or twice a year. I give mine a very weak tomato feed in Spring and Summer. They don't like being "spoiled" too much. In fact, if you want baby plants, you almost have to mistreat it ! People often make the mistake of pampering them when they see brown tips but actually those are usually caused by over-indulging. Try using filtered or fresh rainwater (unless you are in a high pollution zone). That might help. Also, make sure your plant isn't near central heating or draughts. They are great little plants. Apparently they help eliminate toxins in our environment. Clever things.
  10. Embrace and enjoy. Life is full of surprises - sometimes good, sometimes bad. Sometimes you get the chance to make a surprise into something good. So do that
  11. Oh I would end it now. Because it seems he's living a double life in Ontario? And is 'Becky' doing well at her modelling? The problem with the internet is that everything out there is traceable. Youngsters today believe they are anonymous and can hide in cyberspace. They forget that it was our generation that invented it all.. ah well. I'm sure you'll figure out what to do for the best eh hun?
  12. Oh .. and sweetheart? You might want to ask him what his real name is? Try Cody ? And on that note.. never ever ever use someones image without their permission. Remember that.
  13. Sweetheart, you need to ask him right out why he is behaving differently. If your friend was flirting, then that was very wrong of her since she must surely know your situation. But, sometimes, our own insecurities lead us to imagine things that are not really there or not really happening. The only way to know for sure is to observe them together for a while and to ask someone else you trust to observe too. Or ask straight out. When you get engaged, that's supposed to mean that you are going to make a lifelong commitment and have some form of celebration of that commitment very soon. If he's messing around, he has not understood that has he? Are you sure you want to end up with someone so dim/disrespectful/dastardly for the rest of your life? Now, photos. Never ever share photos of people without their permission. Never give their names or any personal information that could identify them to people you do not know. Why? Well, it could get you in a whole heap of trouble and it's something you would never want to happen to you. You are both very young. My advice? Break off this engagement. You aren't ready and neither is he. You both have a lot of living to do first
  14. Perfectly normal. It's actually rather nice that she has something physical that reminds her of home and childhood and makes her feel safe and comfortable don't you think? Especially if she's been feeling a bit homesick (which is also quite normal). Who cares what's "normal" anyway!. Go with what's right for her! And if it's any consolation... my bear is WAY over a half century old, threadbare and with one leg missing and he goes where I go. All around the world, no exceptions.
  15. Oh no Sherlock! We're just too polite to complain and would simply say "what a heavenly cup of tea" with a smile