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  1. For the last 8 months, I have been dating a guy that is older than me. I really thought my mom and step father would very much dislike it. But no they have no problem about his age. The only thing they didn't really like was the fact that he was Divorced and has a daughter. They got over that though after they met him. I'm just so sick and tired of everyone telling me I need to be careful as soon as they find out our age Difference. Are when they look at me like I'm a victim. I was never the type of girl who would go for guy that are older. I'm just so sick of guys my age they are nothing but huge fuckboy's. Btw I'm 21 and he is 31.
  2. Can't believe, I wrote this last year... well anyway a little update. We have been together for almost two years now. Everything is wonderful between us, we are moving in together next May. He is a great man! I've never had anyone treat me so good. He is also a wonderful father to his child. Last year after learning about why he got divorced changed a lot of things. Sometimes you have to realize that it's the men who get left and hurt. It's not always the guys fault.
  3. Over a month now my Bestfriend has been living on my couch, well we decide to move to a 2 bed room apt. Two days ago I had my boyfriend help me move my bed over there. Well me and him went to sleep. Around 3 am she knock at my door I came out she was crying and telling me that her boyfriend said he would never talk to her again if my boyfriend stays there tonight. She got really upset and told me that I needed to make him leave. i went back to my own apt. Think God I didn't give that up yet. The next day I went back got my stuff. She asked me why I was leaving and I told her I will not be controlled by her shitty boyfriend. I also told her that it's time for her to step up and be a mother. The child she is caring isn't his. He don't care about you are the baby. He comes back to you cause he knows he can control you. He is abusive if he hurts to the point that you lose that baby, don't come crying to me cause I will not have any sympathy for you. Should I feel bad for ending our friendship and saying that to her?
  4. I maybe be 21 but not a partier. I never done drugs are gotten drunk. I just rather stay home on a Friday are Saturday night and watch tv. I live on my own but he doesn't. He moved back in with his mom after the divorce. He trying to get his life back together, he just now got a full time job. I don't really feel like we are at really different points in our life's. I'm starting out my life and he is restarting his. Yeah he is older so he has more life experience. When I said boys my age are nothing but fuckboy's. I don't really mean all but most are. The good one are ether gay are taken. A fuckboy is a guy who don't care about anyone but him self. Leads girls on and sleeps around. And yes guys for many many years has always called girls cunts, sluts, whore, bitches and fuckgirl. If we get mad. We are just over reacting crazy feminist. As soon as girls fire Back we are the immature ones who just need to let boys be boys.