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  1. Maybe your working too hard? There are some studies done of students who study so hard for test that they actually end up not doing very well on them. It's like they just got so stressed out that they forgot some answers or made little mistakes. Plus do you like the subjects you are studying? I know you can't always choose what you wanna study but I do know that I do much better in classes I enjoy opposed to those I don't like.
  2. Sounds like you've got a lot of emotions going on. It's normal to be irratated, or to even sometimes hate your siblings. But no matter what, never hurt them. They are your family and family shoudn't hurt each other. Hopefully the feelings will fade, or if you guys do some fun things together then maybe it will improve your bond. If things get worse though, make sure you tell someone.
  3. Think of it this way, your not losing your mom/friend, your just adding another person to the mix. Let her have some space. This might actually be a blessing because maybe since you can't lean on your mom as much you can go out and have some fun. You gotta admit, you are an adult now. You should be out dating and having fun, and so should your mom. She took care of you for 19 years and now that your grown she deserves to enjoy her life too. I wish the best for the two of you and if you ever need someone to talk to we are always here for you. This place has helped me a ton.
  4. I have a few roommates, a couple are friends, one is my friends brother. Since he moved in, he has had two jobs, and been fired from both. Currently his occupation is playing video games. He's not even trying to get a job. I talked to his sister (my friend) and she said she's annoyed but doesn't know what to do. She's not gonna kick him out nor is she the put your foot down type of person, she's more passive aggressive. I don't want to step on any toes or start any fights by telling them how I really feel. Plus my friend has helped out my family in the past so I don't want to be a brat by not helping hers. I also am not in the position to move out. I'm super annoyed that he's so lazy. I feel if he's gonna be home all day that he should at least clean but I really feel like he needs to get a job and chip in for rent again. What should I do?
  5. That would be a very nice thing to do. I'm sure it would help your roommate out a lot, especially if she has a rough delivery. But.... how will you feel afterwards? Will you be resentful for giving such a large gift? If so, you might want to think twice, especially since you don't even consider this person a friend. My sister recently had a baby and moved in with me. I let her stay rent free for a couple months and now she is paying her way mostly. I do feel some resentment because I feel I do a lot for her (paying bills, buying food, babysitting) yet I don't get much in return from her. However, I also feel like I did the right thing because I know if it wasn't for me she wouldn't have been able to take care of her baby properly. Also, like the others said, make sure she's on gov. assistance. She will at the very least, get free food and she may even get money or free housing, just depends. So yeah, it's totally your choice but just think it through before making any offers. I don't want you to do something super nice and then have her walk all over you (I'm sure she's going to ask you to babysit at least). Decide how much you want to help and stick with that.
  6. Hmmm, it sounds like she is upset about something. The only way to figure it out is to ask her.
  7. I'm sorry to break this to you, but it sounds like your mom is a Cougar. I understand that it's weird for you mom to be dating someone so young, but It's normal and there is nothing wrong with it. I'd say just leave her alone, as long as she is happy why bother her. You've moved out and on and now your mom gets a chance to have a little fun.
  8. I'm sorry to hear that about your ex friend. That's hard to go through that many times. It definately takes time to get over someone but it will happen and you are on your way since your already interested in someone else. I'm sure you'll be meeting lots more girls in your future
  9. It's your life not thiers. If you want a certain job then you might as well just go for it instead of just prolonging the inevitable. Why do they not want you to be in that job? What is it? Are they worried they won't make enough money or something? Maybe if you know why they don't want you to work in that field then you can tell them the benefits and how it would make you happy.
  10. I work for a large department store and it's chill. I work on comission so I can make pretty good money. Also I get to work independently a lot, which I like. I enjoy my coworkers and I have a lot of fun at work. I do hate the rude customers and how boring it can be. I'm definately not doing this for the rest of my life, just until I finish school.
  11. Don't do it! Doesn't sound legal.
  12. That sounds like a big commitment for a job, how much are they paying? Well it seems it comes down to do you want to do this for the next 5 years or do you want to do something else? If you don't have a plan, then sure, go for it, especially if it's going to pay well. If you want something else though, go for that now. And just know, if you turn down this job, it may be a little while until another one turns up. You could always apply for a job like fast food or retail, they are always hiring, but they don't always pay the best. It just depends on what you want.
  13. Adding pressure isn't going to make it happen any faster. A productive thing you could do is go out somewhere fun where they will be guys with her. You could go out to a dive bar, have some drinks and play some pool. There's a good chance there will be some cute guys around who you could challenge to a game. Another option would be to join a club or group together. Overall, It's her life and no matter what you do, she has to find the person who is right for her. You can be there for her and maybe help keep the family off her back or give support when they are too much.
  14. Slow down. You just had your heart broken and yes finding another girl is a good way to get over a previous one, this is just too soon. You just ended things with your friend last month? What if she calls you tomorrow? Wouldn't you pick her over this new girl? So yeah, just chill out. Now when you looked it up is 16 the consent age for marriage? Because I think federally 18 is the legal age for you to be messing with her. I'm not sure, but I wouldn't risk it. 16 is young, her mom obviously disapproves and you even feel it's weird. Just be her friend for now and if you guys are still talking when she turns 18, go for it.
  15. It means your a light sleeper. I know what your saying though, sometimes you'll wake up right before you get a text, it's crazy. There's really no way to explain it, it just happens sometimes.