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  1. Thank you It uploaded, just don't know why for two hours i till I click switch off anyway it says user licence register?
  2. WINDOWS 10 installed over windows xp home edition Does anyone know why it takes 6 hours for automatic windows updates then when I try to power off fot two hours says end user licence register?
  3. Thank you Al. It was the only time I have ever heard Phil Collins sing. Must have been around 1964. Long time ago. I like your 'location' Same as the rest of us. Loved the way he sang it. Busy doing other things since. I imagine I am at least double your age. Best wishes
  4. Thank you Much appreciated Wish you the best
  5. Does anyone know the name of this plant/ flower? Please Thank you
  6. 100% Positive thank you. As sure as I know I am alive ( for the moment)
  7. Not wise to go to his home. Meet out in public. I think you know that already & you know your mother would tell you the same. Your safety should be your priority
  8. Can't find Phil Collins singing I just called to say I love you it anywhere. Not even on you tube
  9. Sorry Oldie but goodie. Hope all goes well for you Let me know
  10. Sherlock. You don't need anyone to tell you it is pure greed. It is the same for all hard working people :-( Keep saving & keep trying. Don't smoke or drink.
  11. CORRECTION People are only nasty when they have nothing in their lives & the only way they can feel they have accomplished something is when they put others down. From what these females say to you, they cannot be older than 17 years. Possibly younger so you must be about the same age. You have plenty of time & life to develop your self & meet people worthy of your attention. Please don't waste a nanosecond with them. They will never be worthy of your thoughts or time
  12. http://www.youtubecom/watch?v=0V5PLkFuxrY
  13. Dan Teal. You are not defined by your height. You are a person, not a size. You are not a piece of trash to be picked up when a small minded female needs attention & thrown away when she doesn't. Some females look at you and think you are the best looking person they have ever seen, some think you the ugliest, others wouldn't notice your appearance even if you stopped to help them in the street, they wouldn't even notice you if you walked past them on a daily basis. You are worth much more than that. Your mother brought you into this world to give you love & the best of everything life has to offer. You owe it to her & to yourself to make that a reality. Educate yourself. Develop your own personal interests. Dress as you want to & be the person you want to be. You are not a sheep. You do not need to dress or be like your peers or how you think they would like to be seen with or want you to look or be. Be polite, kind, considerate. Listen to people, give them help if necessary. Have as many male & female friends as you like but forget about relationships. One day someone will look at you as though you are the best looking male on earth. She may be doing it already. She cannot just walk up to you & tell you. Sing this daily or look up CHESNEY HAWKES -The one and only -1991 -YouTube
  14. Clever boy. Tell mummy to give you a sweetie and put a star on your wall
  15. This is what I want you to learn or look up CHESNEY HAWKES - The one and only1991 - YouTube exactly as written. This specific one. (There are others)