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  1. I was raped when i was younger and my attacker cut me a few times around my genitals. I have some pretty serious/obvious scaring now. I've not been in a sexual relationship since then, so i was wondering would guys be disgusted/freaked out by the scars? And should i warn them ahead of time or what? Thank you
  2. Cuban Knight Anole out for a stroll. Would love your thoughts on the following; Does the fact the his tail end is cut off distract/take away from the pic? What are your thoughts on POV, lighting, DOF and just the pic overall? Ty Also if anyone can come up with a better title for this pic other that Enter Stage Right id love to hear your ideas (cause i cant come up with anything lol)!!
  3. with the sun rising and a fast shutter speed it just ended up working out that way
  4. here is a link to the same pic on my deviantart http://flowerhippie22.deviantart.com/art/Warming-Up-431127408 i dont know why it loaded so big here with such low quality?? its so dark because i was using such a high shutter speed (taking bird in flight shots). i can edit it brighter but i liked the low key feel of it....
  5. Little Blue Heron basking in the early morning sun at Wakodahatchee Wetlands, Delray Beach, FL. Just got a new camera and have been playing around!! Would love any and all thoughts/critiques on this? Ty