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  1. :)

    Yeah I noticed someone is missing. Hope everything is well with you surge. Padre do you have three jobs now?
  2. I'm thankful for this... the old better but new and improved Help.
  3. I think I'd grab her by the back of the neck and throw her into a wall if she bit me. My dad was a veterinarian and he had to deal with strange animals every day and he always let them know who the boss was. He didn't work on dogs and cats though, mainly horses and they can really hurt you, kill you if they want. He didn't have a problem beating the hell out of them and it seemed to work. Of course I'm not sure you want your cat to fear you. Animals feared him.
  4. I have to admit the animals that weren't human seemed a little smarter.
  5. I don't do well in the corporate world because of situations like this. I work construction where things have to be right and not kind of right because I don't have time to do right. It works out well for me and I am rewarded well for it, but I have to stay away from the office and all the people who just smile and lie. It seems to be universal in every office and management job in the world.
  6. You have any advice for a 57 year old man that works outside all day in Tennessee and the average temperature for three weeks has been high of 95 with a heat index in the 100's? I bench press and squat about 15 reps three times every day. It's not getting easier, it's getting harder......
  7. I have been busted with people who said they were their brother and knew their brother's social security number and date of birth and got off scot free while the cops went looking for the brother. It is a BIG problem... unless you just happen to know where you were on 6-4-2017 at 11:32 PM and can prove it. These people always said they didn't have any ID on them.. usually hid their wallet when we got pulled over or just didn't carry one with them. I have seen it happen numerous times in the states with all the pain and suffering going to the innocent party.
  8. Am I the only one not on acid today?
  9. That being said someone is going to be butthurt errr I mean insulted no matter what you say about anyone in this day and age. Everyone is exactly the same. Jews do not have large noses, blacks are not prone to violence, white people can dance... yup. Just ask whoever is in charge
  10. Yeaaahhhhh... no pictures needed. An open mind creates a much better image than any picture ever will. Mick Jagger refused to disclose his lyrics or what his songs were about, saying that what each person makes of the song is what it is. John Lennon said the same thing. I remember reading the book Jaws when I was a kid and when they made the movie the shark was a hell of a lot less scary than the one I had imagined....
  11. Linda Carter as Wonder Woman could school me anytime she wanted. I'd sign up for night school and summer school too... ha! Why did my letters get so darK? geeezzzzz.....
  12. I guess I was lucky that back in the 70's when I was doing this cars were HUGE. If you could talk the girl into getting in the back seat it was bigger than a single bed, ha. I always liked sitting in the seat and having the girl astride me on top. It gives you lots of control but for some reason it is never as pleasurable for the girl it seems. Most girls I have known prefered me on top really working instead of them trying to do all the work bouncing on my lap. Find a really quiet spot and lay a sleeping bag on the hood or trunk and stand up while she is laying on top of the car. That works well. Motel 6 was $7.99 in 1978 too, that helped a lot. We'll leave the light on for you.
  13. Looks like you have to be the responsible one. That also means the jerk that ruins everyone's fun. Being an authority figure is no fun, you'll find that out if you ever have children. Suddenly you can't really be their friend, you have to lay down the law and make rules. Tell the kids that their parents are worried about them and if they don't start letting them know exactly where they are and when they will be home that the Friday night party will have to end VERY early every time. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. You nailed it...