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  1. @Docteur Ralph Wow! I have no idea if that was sarcastic or genuine advice. Perhaps a little of both?
  2. I am white Catholic boy attending a Catholic university, although I am not a very devout one. There is this girl that I am interested in, but there is one problem: her religion. She's Muslim. Even though she is Muslim, I infer that she is a very liberal one based on how she dresses and the way she interacts with people. I have observed her talking to male friends that she was clearly not romantically involved with, suggesting that she does not follow the traditional rules of the religion that state that this is not allowed. I am not sure why I am interested in her because quite honestly, I do not even really know her. I see her on campus a lot, but we have never actually talked. I understand that when one is interested, one is likely to over-analyze things and take things to mean something they do not, but we have done the cliche flirty eye game. One thing that I find particularly interesting is that although she plays the flirty eye game, she seems to be shy at the same time. When she sees me but thinks I do not see her, she will look at me, but if I notice her, she will quickly look away. On other occasions, she will completely look beyond me, and at other times, if she cannot avoid eye contact with me because it would be to obvious that she was doing so, she will smile, albeit rather shyly. The reason that I am writing is moreso about how to initiate contact with her. The problem is that I whenever I do see her, I am usually in the presence of one my "female friends." (I say female friends in quotes because she hangs out with me, but I actually don't like her at all. Not even as friends.) To make sure she doesn't think we are boyfriend-girlfriend, I deliberately try to make my communication with this "female friend" clear about that so that the girl that I am interested has no doubt about. I also want to know what the best way would be to get the message across to her because I really do not want to do it in my "female friend's" presence since although I do not like her, I do not really want to set up an uncomfortable situation for everyone. What should I do? I understand that the religion thing may be an issue, but I really do not want to worry about it unless something start to materialize and so far, nothing has.
  3. So some of you may remember this post. (It's been a while, so I'm not sure.) I wanted to provide an update for those interested, and ask a question along with it. We've gone on one date, and it was to see a movie. We seem to be hitting it off okay, but now I have gone from the "does she like me" side of things to the "does she know I like her as more than a friend" side. To do this, I feel I need to employ some form of physical affection, but I'm concerned about if she'll be okay with it. On our first date, the only touching that occurred was when I brushed her hair away from her face. We stopped by a pet store, and she was holding a guinea pig at the time, so I used it as an excuse even though it was unnecessary. She seemed okay with it. Tomorrow we're going on a second date, and I want to move further along without scaring her, but I don't know what to do, and I think it's too early to start the whole kissing thing that some people are apparently very keen on.
  4. So I decided to proceed with conversation. She apologized for not getting back to me sooner, and then we had a little talk about band-related stuff. I just told her that I am about to fall asleep so I'm going to bed, she wished me good night, and that ended the conversation.
  5. So when she did not respond on Monday, I sent her an email asking what's been going on, and today I finally received a text from her explaining what has been going on. It doesn't say anything beyond that. I have not responded to her yet because I want to see if you think I should do anything in particular. The message is from several hours ago but I only saw it now.
  6. Still have not received anything from her. I suppose that it is time to move on,
  7. Yeah, I was caught between two of them, but I knew the freshman better, but when she turned me down as I expected she would, I opted to try again after getting over it. It is somewhat funny. I thought I had a greater chance with the freshman than I do this one because I have actually had conversations with her, but so far, I have made more progress with this girl who is too shy to even send me a text or e-mail after she has acknowledged that she has them with a smile.
  8. I will certainly try it. The problem with this is that she had my number but I do not have hers, and the manner in which I gave it to her means that she likely won't send me anything until Monday. When she does, because I am sure she will, I will step up my game.
  9. Unfortunately, we have never had a regular conversation because I am too much of a coward and she is shy as well. Very well. You do not think she would be freaked out by me complimenting her when we do not really talk alot?
  10. I am 18, and she is a junior so she is either 16 or 17.
  11. I am giving her until Monday night since that is the first night I should be able to expect something from her after our conversation. If I get nothing, then I'm done. I think she's just shy as I am.
  12. While I agree with you, I at least want some analysis on the situation for future reference so that regardless of what happens, I can be more prepared. Personally, I think she likes me, but is equally as shy as I am. Hopefully, this opened her up a bit. My morning conversation with her was fairly normal, and except for this one instance where her eyes did something strange (don't really know what), she did not act bizarre either.
  13. This post is the second part of this thread: So next week I am going to miss school for a few days before the school has a big trip. Today I saw her at her locker and went to her and said that I know she is going on the trip, but still would like her to keep me informed about what goes on for the few days I am away before it. She agreed and then I asked her if she ever checks her school email and she told me not really. I told her that I do not really do so either, but asked that she check it today so I can email her alternative means of contacting me and she said okay. I thanked her and moved on. When sending the email I included my number and two email addresses at which she could reach me and stated that she could pick which would be best for her. In class today, I told her that I sent it and she said with a smile that she saw. So far I have received nothing from her, but I don't expect that I will until Monday. What do you guys think? Good or bad?
  14. Unfortunately, I still have not seen her since posting this. I'm not trying to avoid her, she's just not been in class the last few days.
  15. Okay, one more question: as a woman, would you be willing to give a guy your number given the relationship I've just stated that we have?