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  1. OK, so around the time I managed to get a place of my own a friend of mine who lives in Oregon became homeless and is currently living with her son who treats her like crap. So I was wondering if anyone here knew of emergency housing resources (other than shelters) that might be available to a single woman with no income. She has pets which she ideally would like to keep as they are companion/service animals to her. Anyone know of any resources or have any ideas? Thanks!
  2. Thanks! It's mildly better. I have been referred back to my orthopedic surgeon on suspicion that my right wrist's lunate may be dying similar to the way the left one did and I have recently started having breakthrough seizures. In the past 72hrs I have had close to eight seizures -- one resulting in complete memory loss (i.e. couldn't remember where I was, how I got there, who people were, etc.) But my rheumatologist thinks I may have fibromyalgia and I finally have a reputable gastroenterologist.
  3. You're welcome! Thanks!
  4. Take him to a therapist. I had an encounter when I was 3 or 4 years old and my parents got me therapy right away. It helped me a lot. I think it will do the same for your son.
  5. I hope. I've been on hiatus because of how dead this place became. Glad things are going well for you.
  6. Thanks, Snar! How are you?
  7. Better late than never.
  8. I recently moved into a new apartment and applied to the FlexPath program at Capella.

  9. Hello Everyone! Some of you may remember me by Daft Puck, Pink Freud, or the name I'm currently going by, Puck You. It's been a while since I've been on but I thought I'd jump back on and update people on the latest. I most recently, moved into my own apartment fully equipped with a fireplace, dishwasher, washer/dryer, heat, air conditioner, and skylight. Community ammenities include a community room with cable tv and internet access, vending machines, swimming pool and hot tub, fitness room, playground, and SCOPE office on grounds. In addition to moving, I am currently, working on applying to Capella University's FlexPath program which will allow for more flexibility in completing my Bachelor's in Psychology. They accepted all but three of my general ed's which I can complete there. All the other schools I have considered expected me to re-take general education requirements that I had already taken. How is everyone else doing?
  10. Pretty good. Things seem to be going well for a change.
  11. So my academic advisor just e-mailed me notifying me that I had been selected as one of their student success stories and would be featured on their website. She sent me a link where I had to fill out some information about myself. One of the questions asked was "how do you define success?" while I have a vague idea of what I want to say, I was hoping that by hearing some of your ideas would help me come up with my own idea. do you define success?
  12. I agree with sans.
  13. I'm with JN on this -- What?
  14. It really just depends on my mood. But most recently, I have found my favorite song to be "f-ing perfect" by Pink
  15. I've really been enjoying my lifespan and development course at Southern New Hampshire University. The faculty is great and really cares about my success and general well-being.

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      That is wonderful news Pink.