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  1. Impressive! Many of the posts can't be loaded due to some error about incomplete redirections: This only affects specific pages of the post sometimes (i.e first didn't load, second & third did). It seems the post number / ID gets increasingly desynchronized, for example 227869 -> 225925 and 598186 -> 585434; Perhaps some weren't imported?
  2. For the moment it's only a nuisance, right? So I think there's no need to worry, until the cause is found the site's still functional, kinda.
  3. It seems home remedies for swelling basically involve reduction of blood flow towards the limb: rest and elevation, and also cooling it (without ice touching the skin itself) & applying an elastic bandage (not too tight) if possible. Other than that, just give it time - a few days should do it, probably. Also, think happy thoughts.
  4. Would this suffice as an intro?
  5. I started working for a semi high-tech corporation a couple of months ago. Though understanding the system (to an extent) was rather simple, given several similarities to the one I had worked with for a few years, I am still struggling with this new "mindset". Whilst this remains so, my thoughts tend to drift towards the possible negative future implications of my various natural peculiarties, likely noted yet rarely openly criticized by coworkers and bosses. So, would anyone care to share some advice, anecdotes, sympathy or anything else about being "The newcomer"?
  6. That is correct. I think animation requires a different sort of "handling", so to speak.
  7. Alright. Can you also create a category / forum, e.g. if an influx of posts justifies such separation?
  8. 1) 1-click get help. This, in my opinion, was the most important feature in the old helpcom. For me, this along with the top search engine result and serious member consideration made the difference between writing what I needed to let out and keeping it all in, because I sure didn't feel anywhere near able to cope with the consequences of sensitive information spreading. I've read some posts about issues with this. Perhaps a captcha code would suffice? 2) Animated gifs. For avatar purposes; mine doesn't seem to work. (Coupled with no animation user setting.) 3) User selectable font for posts (default & per post) - very comprehensive editor, perhaps a plain text setting could be included for the sake of speed and conformity (to those who wish it)? 4) Is one supposed to know who liked their post? How? 5) Can moderators be granted the ability to create forums and transfer posts between them, for the sake of organisation? Probably a variety of other permissions too, but you can't see what they do have unlike before. 6) The shoutbox (chat?) refreshes awkwardly upon inactivity. Perhaps an empty shout could be perceived as a refresh? 7) Search members. Whilst the list can be narrowed by the first letter, this has rather limited potential. 8) "Urgent" topics. Some posts should be referred to right from the main page, in a very clear manner, like Mental Health's contemplating suicide. 9) A long post's (such as this one) end seems to jump back and forth upon each button getting pressed. This is distracting. 10) Maximum posts per page (or an arbitrary limit like 1000 or 9999) would be convenient for loading and searching's sake (and also like the old help). Need to get to work on the new Post of Legends... 11) Newlines don't appear in a user's bio. 12) Multi forum view. Each user could pick their areas of expertise, and browse them efficiently (i.e no constant switching). 13) Nested quotes (quotes of quotes). Also for the Post of Legends.
  9. Personally, I've always been fond of new beginnings. There's this sort of excitement in realizing something for the first time, an excitement which makes little sense in retrospect, yet for a moment it fills the future with possibilities. I formed many connections in the old helpcom, maybe even helped a few people. Now, though these are lost to history, what matters most to me is remembering who I wanted to be, so that I may attempt reaching for this self once more.