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Found 2 results

  1. When I mentioned this to an acquaintance of mine, he said, “Hot chocolate for breakfast? Who does that?” And when I said a good number of people, actually, he said, “The world is full of strange people.” Is it really that weird of a concept—drinking hot chocolate instead of coffee for breakfast
  2. This is weird. My friends and I have had coffee contests before. See who can drink as many glasses (from Dennys) as fast as possible. And it's so weird because I've observed (this has happened multiple times) that coffee has different effects for each of us. My friend Ryan becomes depressed. Like, he gets into this black, dreary...mood. I dunno. I thought coffee was an upper, not a downer like beer. My friend Andrew gets really bad tremors. We can actually feel the table shaking like there's an earthquake or something. As for me, when I've had too much coffee, I laugh at everything, even if it's not funny. I laugh like a hyena. It's so weird. Any thoughts? Explanations?