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Found 15 results

  1. I was raped when i was younger and my attacker cut me a few times around my genitals. I have some pretty serious/obvious scaring now. I've not been in a sexual relationship since then, so i was wondering would guys be disgusted/freaked out by the scars? And should i warn them ahead of time or what? Thank you
  2. Me (25/f) and my SO (26/m) have been together for 8 months now. During these 8 months, I have found him on single hookup websites. He swears that he loves me and he won't do it again after every time I have found him doing this. After finally looking on his phones history, I found over 10 websites he has profiles on and conversations I wish I could unsee. This is now the 4th time I have found him doing this. I am left again, hurt and upset. He wants us to work out but I am honestly thinking about ending it. I asked him why he does it and he has no answer for me. He just says "I don't know why. I F***** up, I'm sorry" I am so tired of hearing I'm sorry, it doesn't fix anything. He has told me all of his relationships only last a little shy of a year long and he has never been the one to end them. So this relationship seems to be going right along his track record. I want things to work out, but I don't think I can trust him. I don't know if he has ever hooked up with anyone while we were together. He claims he's never cheated... I don't trust he would give me the honest truth on that. We have a lot in common and for once everyone in my life loves the guy I'm with. I have invested a lot of time becoming close with his family and friends so that makes this decision that much harder. Other than his loyalty, we have no other problems just a few normal disagreements here and there. I don't feel sexually secure in our relationship due to all of this. I am just so lost on if I should give him one last chance to make it right or walk away. I don't know how trust can be gained at this point and I am broken/torn. I feel stupid for trusting him again. We were planning on moving in together at the end of my lease which is in November, our 11 month mark. But I don't even know if I want to do that now. I love him but at this point I'm not falling in love with him anymore. He has burned me and I can forgive him but I'll never forget it. I told him I needed some time to think things over because I didn't want to make a decision out of anger. Of course, the main answer going through my head is to just let him go because he is obviously claiming to be single and talking to others. But then he cries to me and tells me how much he wants me in his life forever and will do anything to make this right. * What do I do? * How can I take a step back from this? Advice please!!!?
  3. Does he like me as a friend or something more? (Im really shy he is kind of shy) So i really like a guy friend of mine (we have known each other for about a year we are both 16 and a half and he is 2 weeks older then me) and I have TOLD him I may like him as more then a friend, in response he told me he didn't quite feel the same way and that he was sorry and that if I wanted to know he doesn't like anyone else he also complemented me saying I was fun to be around smart relaxed caring and kind. Since I have told him though he has been giving me mixed signals on how he feels about me. Examples; he has asked me to coffee 7 times ice cream once lunch once as well as to the fair with him he even went to a country music concert with me and two of my friends (he doesn't listen to country music) (all were just the 2 of us except the concert but he never paid which I don't mind) we have also gone to the movies 5 times with 2 mutual friends, on the first coffee "date" he asked when I would be interested in dating and so on. He drove on our first coffee "date" and i drove on the fourth one however when i drove he had left his wallet in his truck and asked if we could stop and grab it and i said that was fine or i could just pay he said he would rather stop and get it and i said that was fine but i really didnt mind and he said the man in him minded (we both drove from the school not each others houses the other times we hung out we either met or walked together from school also when we went for ice cream we hung out till after midnight) he has also offered to pick me up twice (from my house), opens all doors for me and walks beside or behind me. The first time I met his mom she knew my name before I even introduced myself I also know I came up in a conversation with him and his dad and his dad said if you like a girl you should get to know her better by asking her to go somewhere by yourselves without her friends to see the type of girl she really is (he told this to our mutual friend who told me), he also comes to school really early (about 1 1/2 hours early) to talk to me and sits about 3 inches away from me and often taps my arm or leg to get my attention when we are talking he looks into my eyes for a couple of seconds then looks away also when we are sitting across from one another we sometimes play "footsie" however he always starts it but never moves his leg away from mine but apologies when I move mine away also when we are in the same room he is often positioned in a way he can see me (this is rare though cause he almost always leaves his friends or whatever he is doing to come over and talk to me). He also takes my side and stands up for me in arguments and has told me if I ever want to know something to just ask him and he would tell me the truth (he told me this well we were walking around by ourselves which we often do(usually for 30-45 minutes at a time)) his feet are usually pointed in my direction even if he is beside me and his body seem "open" to me. He is always smiling when im around and he teases me about my height every now and then but he is always complementing me by saying im smart kind caring, amazing he even once said I would make a great wife and whoever gets to marry me will be one lucky man. He is always concerned about me and my feelings and seems to always be looking out for me. I also forgot to mention he often is late to class because he stays and talks to me and has even skipped class twice to stay and talk to me (when he doesn't skip he sometimes goes on "bathroom" breaks to come and say hi and talk for a few minutes and when we pass in the hallway he just smiles and says hi) also a few weeks ago he had to leave school early but he said he would be back in about an hour, well he did come back but it was to tell me he was going BACK home and to have a good weekend (he lives 15 minutes from the school) the only doubts I have are he never texts me first but usually texts me back (he has even told me im the only one worth texting back), he never actually calls us hanging out "dates" but rather says do you want to hang out and grab ice cream or coffee or something, he never hugs me or anything just taps me on me leg or arm or places his leg/foot near mine so the are touching my biggest doubt is because he said he didn't feel quite the same way (he said that before all of this happened though) however my gut,all my friends and "half the school" says he likes me. Also to let you know I have asked him to grab coffee a couple of times and he has gone every time I asked except once when he had a legitimate reason and said he felt bad that he couldn't but he asked if the next day or some other day worked. As for another girl liking him, there was one of his friends as well as one of mine who told him the liked him however he said to both of them he only liked them as friends and nothing more (he doesn't really even talk to them anymore) (that is ALL he said) (I was sitting right next to him when he said this) however when I told him I liked him about a month or so ago (before all of are "dates" and stuff) he said he didn't feel quite the same way and that he was sorry and im smart kind caring and fun to be around. And I don't think shy was the best word for me to use before but rather cautious would be more accurate, he seems really cautious around me im assuming though thats because of what happened between him and his ex girlfriend from 2 years ago and he wants to make sure I wouldn't do the same thing (he hasn't dated for those 2 years) Does he actually like me or are we just friends? (Sorry about the length)
  4. So I have a group of friends. And in that group, we had a friend who was 17 at that time. My friend "Iggy" (not his real name) was 20 at that time. And he had the hots for "Cassie" (who was, as I have mentioned, 17 at that time). We were thinking that would be jail bait even though they were only three years apart. So our friend "Monty" talked to "Iggy" and advised him to stay away from "Cassie". Because A: "Cassie" was getting uncomfortable and she didn't like him, and B: She was just 17 and she's a minor when he's not. And then "Monty's" brother "Jonas" talks to him too, telling him the same thing. "Iggy" was happy to back off, but then "Monty" started acting weird, holding "Cassie's" hand, putting his arm around her shoulders, her waist. Being super sweet and friendly with her. Whenever we hung out, even if "Cassie" had money, "Monty" would say it was on him. "Iggy" didn't like that and called "Monty" a hypocrite. However, "Monty" swears to this day he was just being a protective, caring big brother figure to "Cassie". So "Iggy" leaves the group. We did manage to win him back two years ago. Fast forward to last year. Everything's okay in our circle of friends now--things were almost back to the way they were before. But then "Iggy" hears from "Cassie" that she actually fell in love with "Monty". So now he's gone again. How do we fix this? How do we win him him back?
  5. Every time I see them post engagement pictures and changing relationship statuses, posting lovey-dovey stuff, I feel jealous. Here they are, flaunting their prize in front of everyone, and here I am, wondering why I'm still single and wondering where mine is. I'm like Noah but without my "Allie" (if you catch my drift). How can I be happy for them instead?
  6. Why does the friendship have to be sacrificed? Why ask the question "Are you prepared to lose them as a friend"? I've attended some weddings where the bride says the groom is her best friend and vice-versa (the groom says in his vow that she's his best friend). A professor of mine said that about marriage--imagine being married to your best friend. So why ask that question? I don't get it.
  7. I need a lady for marriage
  8. Hi, I subscribed to dating sites. So far I met 2 girls, 1st one we tried a relationship but unfortunately didn't work, second one I met after the first one. But I don't thing I feel attracted to her to be more than friend. I still talk to her by text msg and she want to see me again, it's ok with me but like I said don't thing I can make a relation with her. And at the same time I started to talk with an other girl that seem my type and we are planning to meet soon. I'm not used to this, normally I don't get any girl attention... I feel like I'm cheating someone, but don't thing I do as none is my girlfriend and it's not because we met on a dating site that we have to become lover absolutely. They are made to meet persons and to maybe make a lover, it's normal to meet many people. Maybe they do too. I don't know maybe I see a problem where there is not because I'm not used to this and I'm not the type of guy that cheat people. And the first one I haven't see her for like 3 months but sometime we talk by txt msg, can talk about anything, but she ask me news about how my meetings and love life goes lol and can be 1-2 weeks without any msg. She already have someone else, we want to stay friend. I don't even know if I'll see her again (as friend of course). thank you Anonymous poster hash: 548c8...792
  9. I've had girlfriends before, but they were all cheaters and liars--heartbreakers, every single one of them. And I've haven't had a girlfriend in a long time. I'm always in the friendzone these days. And the girl I'm in love with right now, my childhood sweetheart, belongs to someone else! It's so lonely being single that I'm actually tempted to ask a cousin out! Would that be justifiable? I mean, it looks like there's no one out there for me.
  10. Let's say you're in love with this girl, but you're a poor farmer and her dad, the mayor, doesn't want you to be with her. So you sneak around, seeing each other secretly, etcetera. And one day, you decide to tell the old man like it is. You go to his house, he's not there. You go to his office, he's not there either. Just to find out he's with your mom. So you blackmail him and say you won't tell provided he leaves you and your girlfriend be. He agrees and you're happy for a month during her dad's reelection campaign. He wins, and to celebrate, the family goes on a trip. You eagerly wait for their return, but your girlfriend's not there. Her dad says it was her decision to stay behind and continue her studies. And then you confront him. That's when he tells you that you're the product of his affair with your mother. What would you do? How would you react, realizing you've just been dating your own sister? Sorry. The Mayor of Candor Lied is on repeat on my Spotify playlist.
  11. Hi, I met a girl from a dating site and I think I'm starting to like her, she is my type. We met in person yesterday. But I'm not use to dating, girls, and all this, I'm a bit a lonely person. So I'm a bit afraid and not sure what to do. We continue to talk on the site. Need tips how to act with her. How to know if she like me or not, if there is a chance there is something between us? thank you Anonymous poster hash: 33e4d...d65
  12. This young man is so incredibly captivating and wise.
  13. I went to my friend's fundraising disco a few weeks ago. There were two hot guys standing at the back and I was told one was Josh, the guy my friend May liked. The other was Harry. I went over a few times to speak to May and just hang out. Me and Harry were both kind of awkwardly glancing at eachother for a while. We never actually spoke (me being to shy), but we kind of interacted, like passing a hat to eachother in this weird game we joined in with. I kind of liked him. When I got home my other friend, Scarlett, messaged Harry to basically ask him about me. He told her I was pretty and seemed nice. She sent me screenshots. He later sent me a message saying 'hey' and we were chatting for a while and it seemed like he liked me. He called me pretty and beautiful. I slightly freaked out when I found out he was sixteen when I am only fourteen, and I know he did too but I think we both were okay about it. Anyway he seemed into me for about a week after which time we still spoke every day but he seemed less into me. I also found out that he is depressed and says he is a sociopath . That was scary at first but he really doesn't seem like it and I trust him. He doesn't really show any signs of being a sociopath. We continued to talk and Skype a lot and I still liked him. I didn't know if he liked me or not. So the main problem is that today I told him I was planning on going into the city where he lives (not too far from me) to go shopping with my friend. He said he might be able to meet up with us. Which would be good, obviously. But I told my friend (who knows I like him) and her reaction was "Do you still want me to come?". I tried to tell her that I wanted to go with her and we agreed that it might be awkward. So I asked her what I should say to him, and she told me to go with him and that she was really busy anyway and we should go another day. I feel really bad but it really did sound like she was busy so I kind of said okay. I never spoke to him about it properly. We Skyped eachother and didn't actually talk about that, but he did say this at one point: "It's kind of awkward, there's this girl who I kind of want to be more than friends with, but I have to be able to get on with her mum (I think it's his teacher or something) and I don't know whether to go for it with this girl or not". That was obviously kind of awkward for me, and basically told me that he doesn't like me. Which I suspected but it obviously still isn't really easy to find out. I still kind of want to meet up with him even as friends, but I just don't know whether I should or not. I could do with some advice on that and anything else on this whole situation :/ thanks x
  14. Hey, I really need help.. I have this crush on a guy who is Slovak it's a language and I wanna write him a letter in Slovak and I have what I wanna write but, google translate sucks. So, can anyone PLEASE HELP ME
  15. Okay so heres the thing, i was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and given around 2-3 years tops(that was a couple months ago). About 2 weeks ago i met this guy at work. We were assigned to work on the same project thatll run for a few months. We started out just colleagues working together but as time progressed, things changed....we hung out more and got to know each other better. Fast forward to yesterday and hes proclaiming his love for me...and i think i might actually be in love with him too. Now for the hard part... I have to break up with him. I cant allow him to fall in love with me only to die on him in a couple years!! Thing is, i havent even told him about the whole tumor thing yet....not sure if im going to tell him at all. I think a clean break would be best for him. I dont want him to know about my condition and worry.... I dont know if im doing the right thing, or what the hell the right thing to do in this situation would even be!! But i dont want him to love me only to lose me...i cant do that to him. Im not sure exactly what my question is to you all, but i had to get this out there....its driving me crazy!! I dont know what to do but i have to figure it out fast. I dont want us to get any more involved till i figure this out. Which is kinda hard considering we have to work side by side till this project is finished.... Ty for listening to me rant Anonymous poster hash: b7284...5ba