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Found 2 results

  1. I'm writing a story about an angel who falls to Earth after a fierce week-long battle with a demon, and is found by a journalist on a dusty road in New Mexico on his way to chase down a story. She has no memory of her angelic existence and the young reporter takes her home (after keep watch over her in the hospital). As it turns out, she was his guardian angel in childhood. The angel lives as a human, unaware of her true identity and they fall in love. A tragedy caused by an argument between Jacob (the reporter) and a long-time rival since high school causes her to remember fully (she does have glimpses and memories in the form of nightmares and flashbacks, but these aren't enough to make her remember--it only confuses her). Eventually, her wings grow back, and with her memory fully restored, she must go back to Heaven to complete her angelic duties. How should I end it? Should I have Jacob stand on the rooftop of their apartment as he watches Anna/Iofiel return to Heaven? Or should I have him drive on the same old New Mexico dirt road where they first met, watching her as she flies (with a single white feather falling from one of her wings and landing on the passenger seat next to him)?
  2. I was watching Lord of the Rings with my friends tonight, and I broke down at the second-to-the-last scene in Return of the King where Frodo sets sail for the Undying Lands. It made me think of the inevitable--their graduation two days from now (we're all seniors, but they graduate earlier than me--mine got pushed back a year). And then it hit me. I'm never gonna see them again. Why are goodbyes so hard? Why can't they be easy? Like, hey, I'll see you in a couple years, or whenever we see each other again--bye! Why does there have to be tears in goodbye?! I hate saying goodbye. Especially since one of my friends was the girl I'd been in love with since my first week at this school (of course, that all changed when I met her sister). And even her boyfriend, whom I'd counted as a bitter rival--we've grown to like each other. We even do the Roman handshake--something I do only with a few special friends (which means I count him among that number). I'm gonna miss them both and I'm quite depressed tonight. I actually told them I was going to go before the tears started flowing.