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Found 9 results

  1. Hey guys, I'm trying to compile the healthiest advice out there so I can access it whenever I want, namely when I come here out of habit because I'm a little stressed out. When I'm a little stressed out I sometimes make less optimally healthy life choices, and I'd rather reset that. Anyway! Hit me, what's the healthiest advice you have, the little rules you follow that help you, or the way you like to get grounded?
  2. It's no secret to everyone that I am not exactly a brilliant cook. But I'd like to make my diet just that little extra more healthy. I eat fruits and cereals, but I mean healthy snacks and healthy meals that don't require any cooking (microwave is okay, I mean actual cooking, haha). Any ideas would be very appreciated Also I'm a vegetarian so nothing with meat! And preferably not too expensive Thanks! Anonymous poster hash: 881eb...dfd
  3. Hi. Long story short, I have aspergers syndrome and have read a while back that gluten could make it worse. I am also broke most of the time, so I have a clif bar every day which has all the vitamins and minerals I need for the day, but also has gluten. Here's my question. Do you know of any type of food I could eat for about two dollars a day for breakfast that has the same vitamins and minerals that a clif (or luna, or balance gold) bar would (the percentages aren't too important) that is also gluten free? It doesn't have to be in bar form, but it does have to be something that doesn't spoil at room temperature. If it makes a difference, I am a few days shy of being twenty-six, I do a lot of walking, and what I'm looking for would be eaten with oatmeal and tea. Thank you for your time, and I hope you're able to help.
  4. I need some weight loss help! I dont class my self has fat but i am bigger than i want to be i recently lost a lot of weight due to been ill and i loved the way i was size 8-10 and then when i felt a lot better an was able to eat i put a bit of weight back on and people say its a lot harder to lose weight if your not 'big' (i have nothing against big people! Just to add) but i was wondering the best exercises and food to eat on a budget? I love fruit but hate vegetables! :/ will drinkin fruit smoothies a lot and drinking a lot of water help or will my body not get what it needs from this?, i work 12 hour nights 6 days a week too so need exercises that i dont have to spend a lot on eg. The gym as i wont use my membership (tried it and failed miserably) i need exercises i can do in the house before or after work. I dont mind running but i have quite big boobs and its really uncomfortable to do this! The ladies will know what i mean! Any help is really appreciated! Thanks a lot! )
  5. last i clocked my weight was 4 months ago and i was 244lbs. that's not my concern i've slowly losing by drastically changing my diet to a majority of authentic Japanese foods. so i dropped from 259 (the last time i clocked my weight before 244 a year and a half before.) so i am happy at my gradual progress. what concerns me is the fact that i only eat once a day. it's not a large meal, not always healthy, but when it is again i only eat once. it's not something i do intentionally i could eat a small plate of spaghetti in the morning (because f*ck breakfast foods) and not feel hungry or the need to eat or like i should eat for the rest of the day. the thought of eating more than one meal a day makes me want to gag. eating once a day was something i didn't care to actually analyze back then because i would eat all 2000 calories in one sitting and sitting on my lazy butt watching cartoons. then i decided i wanted to cosplay for a con and figured, 'if i lose weight, i'd look good in that costume' so i've been slowly doing it... the goal changed since then... but recently i've noticed that while i eat once a day. the amount of food isn't what could be considered to be healthy I bought a bento box and have become quite skilled at packing it (properly sans anime characters) it's 720ml (roughly 3.4 cups) of food. packed tightly, most if not all following the Mostly japanese/chinese diet i've forced myself on or healthy western foods. I can only eat about half of it. before i get full and not want to eat anymore. this will last me for 24 hours until the next day if i force myself to eat all... i don't know what's going on but this shouldn't be enough for an entire day's worth of food. i have felt no adverse effects from eating so little. but i've wondered if this will be detrimental to my health in the longrun. here are two of my most recent bento that i've taken to work for lunch. i work nights and usually take my break between 6:30-7:30 and will not eat again until around the same time the next day...
  6. Hi! Recently (about noontime today actually ), I decided to become a Vegetarian due to some things I had been told by my Vegetarian friend. I'm trying to find some simple recipes (Or even foods) for me to make. I'd really like to find something that I could pack for lunch (Still I'm still in school) Any help would be really appreciate. Thanks!
  7. This is a kind of pasta for vegetarians. First, you need these materials: Pasta noodle(if its dry, 80-100g/per person) tomatos(haft of a big one or 3-4 small ) Broccoli(a few) mushrooms(2-5) ketchup salad Then, let us cook. Second, if u use dry pasta noodle, u should put then into the water for preparing before. I use hot water and spent 50 mins until it can be ate. 1.Cut the tomato, Broccoli, mushrooms. 2.add some olive oil on the pot ,when it. become hot, add mushrooms pieces and little water and just cover the mushroom pieces.after the pot is dry , thats ok. 3.put the Broccoli into the hot water for 7-9mins.Then put them on the plate. 4.Add some olive oil on the pot and fry the noodle you prepared.Just need 5mins. 5.use some salads and kepchup on the noodle and vegetable. Its really delicious.Enjoy ur pasta now.
  8. So I've been diagnosed as anorexic but I really don't think this is true. I don't think myself too fat, I'd actually love a bit more meat on my bones! My problem is that when I feel down I find eating difficult. When I feel fine I can eat like a horse, but I still can't gain much weight. My dietician has given me supplement drinks but they don't seem to do much. I also have a terrible digestive system and if I eat too much food that my body doesn't want I'll have bad stomach pains and nausea. Anyone got any tips on how to pile on pounds? I get frustrated as there is so much help to lose weight and not much to gaining. Also, any shops that sell really small sizes? I fit into an American 0 or 2, or a uk 4 or 6 and while I'd like to go up a few sizes I do currently struggle to get clothes that fit well. I live in the UK.
  9. If you're living in the UK and just so happen to be a student like me (or even if you aren't this still helps a ton, my mum uses this trick too,) you'll understand the need to buy lots of delicious things, but wishing they could be at lower prices. WISH NO MORE. FOR I AM YOUR LORD AND SAIVOUR SAVING YOU EVERY PENNY UNDER THE SUN. Approved Food That's all I need to say. This website takes misbranded, mislabled, discarded cases and almost outn of date food and sells it on at dirt cheap prices. Around a year and a half ago I paid £6 for 2 Blue Bin bags full to the brim of noodles. I still have some left. Seriously this site saves you a TON so do check it out. Sorry if this sounded a little advertisey I promise I don't work for these guys or anything, I just needed to share the savings with everyone