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Found 35 results

  1. For the last 8 months, I have been dating a guy that is older than me. I really thought my mom and step father would very much dislike it. But no they have no problem about his age. The only thing they didn't really like was the fact that he was Divorced and has a daughter. They got over that though after they met him. I'm just so sick and tired of everyone telling me I need to be careful as soon as they find out our age Difference. Are when they look at me like I'm a victim. I was never the type of girl who would go for guy that are older. I'm just so sick of guys my age they are nothing but huge fuckboy's. Btw I'm 21 and he is 31.
  2. I love my bestfriend. I have known her since we were in the 4th grade&now we're in our v twenties. She's like a sister to me. We did stop talking a couple times while in school but we always ended up talking again. She went through a really rough patch with an ex for 4 years&still hasn't healed completely but I was there for her through it all. The thing is she always wants to hangout. I can be tired, sick, or just not want to but she doesn't seem to care&still wants to do something. She doesn't like being at home or alone much so she likes to be with me because she's able to vent to me&that's pretty much all we talk about, her. I honestly feel like she can do whatever she wants with me&I always say yes because I feel bad if I don't. I used to work with her mom&I overheard her once telling a co-worker that her daughter does whatever she wants with me :(. It's not in my comfort zone to go out&stuff, so for the first time I really said no to a concert&she got mad. Then she asked me to another one&I said no again but she insists&insists til I give in. I don't know if it's because I feel bad anymore or if its because I'm afraid of her. But I do know that things are not the same anymore between us. I don't like hanging out with her like I used to&it makes me sad&feel like a bad person.
  3. Meeting New People

    Meeting new people is always a good thing. It may often be hard for people to do, but a necessity in life. New people allow you to discuss things out side of your normal group of friends, it allows you to try and do new things, it opens you up to a possible world of new adventures, whether it's being encouraged to travel to a new state, or country. New people are great. Since my return back to I've met some great people and have some really great conversations, there is one in particular that really stands out, we really just connected. Very similar interest, similar life style, past, etc. Which has been great. This person has been a breath of fresh air, the conversations are enlightening, education, profound, deep, funny although this person seems to think the British language is better than US, but hey... can't do much about a country that uses the metric system, or drives on the wrong side of the road right? Lost cause kinda just playing. In all honesty it has been great. I've looked forward to speaking with them on a daily basis about whatever it is we discuss. When I get settled in Florida, I'm going to have to encourage this person to come visit for sure. Anyways the point I'm getting at, is this. Being part of a community, a group of people often encourages you to act differently, people are very influencal, and it's important to find a good group of people. Before I moved to Texas I was struggling to get by. But I worked hard at my new job, was invited into a group of the elite of the company and it put me in a whole new level of wants and needs. The need for success, the need for adventure. These where good people, God loving people, wealthy, fun, and I was the no body in the group. They encouraged me to behave a different way, to dress a different way, and explore new things. I remember looking back at my old friends in VA and why I struggled so much, and realized that they where all gang banging drug dealing losers with no life or future. You may have seen this already with friends, maybe even yourself. But we must all go out, find new people, new interest to explore and have fun. Human beings where not ment to sit around and watch TV, and play angry birds on our cell phones. We are explorers, builders, inventors, writers, So get out there, get out of your comfort zone, and go have fun! Learn something new, be something new, live a full and happy life, with people you enjoy it with.
  4. Death and Us

    Death is a natural part of life. I think we all understand that. However it doesn't make it any easier when it happens. When you love someone or something such as an animal. They become part of your life, your companion, your friend, and when they pass you feel lost, empty, alone. It's times like this when family and friends really show themselves. These people will do everything you can to make you feel better. Even aquaintences will do what they can. Just to help you feel better, with kinds words and support. now in my case family over the years minus of course having kids has really become something important for me. I grew up in a military family, around the country and rarely seeing my family and when we did it was a week long vacation to Boston. So splitting our time between all the family was tough. i remember the first person who died in my family. It was my great grandmother. For years she had struggled with dimensha. I remember a time when we went home to see them. And it seemed to be a good conversation with her (she was having a good day. So my Grandma Wanda starts asking my sister and I what we wanted to do when we grow up. My sister says a Vet, I tell her I want to be a solder like my father. We change topics and her dimensha starts to kick in. She asks me again, I repeat my answer, she asks again, I say the same thing. So shortly before we leave she asked me again, and I told her. Grandma I would like be a proctologist. My parents start laughing. She never asked me again. I just blurted out an answer I had no idea. So we say our goodbyes and we get tin the car. My mother looks back and me and goes Ryan... Do you know what a proctologist so is? I was like no but she kept asking me so I just said something. My mom replays. "Ryan a proctologist is a butt Doctor". Yep... That's right I told my Great grandmother I was going to be a butt Doctor. Good times. The next was the loss of my new born 05. Not really much to say about this. He was born 15 weeks early, my x wife was told she could fly. So she went home on vacation while I was on TDY getting ready to deploy to Iraq. Well she shouldn't have. She went into labor 3 days later. So on August 27th my son John Anthony was born named after our fathers. He died 13 days later in my arms, the only time I got to hold him. I was 21 at the time. The nurse was heart broken, he dropped to his knees and just started crying. He was the dedicated nurse to my son, and did everything he could. But my lil mans lungs where just not strong enough. I never got to express my emissions for this. I was a soldier, getting ready to deploy to Iraq, my young wife needed my strength and we had a 1 year old daughter to take care of. But I have a tatto on my right chest that I see every morning so I never forget him. He was buried in Arlington Cemetary and when I pass on, he will be dug up and I placed under neath him, once again resting on me. since then, I've lost two aunts, a few friends in the wars. Death is never easy. It hurts. We want them back, we always question if the was something we should have said. But the ones we love wouldn't want us to morn them. But celebrate their life, our love, their friendship. They wouldn't want us to stop what we are doing and fall apart, but continue to live and love and push on. Its hard! It's not something that you just flip a switch and say " Okay I'm done greeving". Greeving is okay. It's healthy, if your greeving, reach out to your friends, your family, talk with them, laugh with them. Remember the good times of the one you lost. It will get better. I promise you all!!! It will get better!
  5. Imagine a tightly-knit group of friends who've known each other since their diaper days. Twins Sammy and Roxanne, siblings Lance, Louis, and Allison, and their one mutual friend Veronica. It's Sammy and Roxanne's 16th birthday and some idiots decide to ruin it and bring beer to the party (which the twins and their parents hadn't planned on). Allison, who has been Sammy's girlfriend for awhile now, gets drunk and she is caught kissing another guy from their class, all while moaning Sammy's name. He is so hurt he decides to leave town and never look back, never come back. The twins leave with their parents--their dad had been offered a new job in another state. A month passes and Allie's guilt-induced depression gets worse--she's a nothing more than a zombie now--and her parents decide to take her away to forget everything. Which would mean Louis would have to leave Veronica, whom he has been dating for a whole month now. Put yourself in each character's shoes. What would you do? If you were Sammy? Or Louis? Or Lance? or Allison? Or Veronica? Or Roxanne (who is Lance's girlfriend)?
  6. In the end of May, I decided that I couldn't be any longer with my boyfriend, a year and a half with him had basically drawn out all the energy out of me. I was tired of him not understanding and I was tired of being accused and yelled at, when I wanted to have normal problem solving talks. In the end of May, I got mad, when again a simple misunderstanding became a big deal but I was surprised to hear that my "boyfriend at that time" had gone around and told his friends about our relationship, and that if they see me out that night, that they should keep me away from him. When I saw his friends texting my girl friends that I can't come around to a bar etc. I felt as if my relationship wasn't a relationship anymore, it wasn't between two people anymore, it was everyone getting involved and pointing fingers. I got frustrated that night, and I called my boyfriend at that time, begged him to come outside of the bar, to talk and I basically broke up outside of the bar at 3 am. He yelled and yelled and yelled.. And I just said "well I guess its over" not picking a fight. Of course we talked the morning after...breaking up 3am didn't seem a logical thing to do. We decided to stay friends, but in June, I realized that this friend thing, wasn't really working out because he tried to be more than friends. So I stopped trying to put effort in and during the summer when I was away for 3 months, he got so mad at me and started harrasing me with texts. To say this; my ex knows pretty much everyone in the town we live in, he is the social hub. Now when I'm back, all our mutual friends have ignored me, for two months. My ex and I talked once and he told me that it's my own fault, I was the one who left him 3am in the morning, and people found out. ( because he told everyone in the bar when he went inside) And it's weird to me that people just decide not to talk to someone like that.. However now after blocking my ex from contacting me on my phone and other social networks.. And hearing that his own brother goes around calling me bitch etc.. He still found a way to contact me, he sent me an email, saying that I need to take the consequences for my own actions, that no one likes me, noone wants to say hi to me. That I should apologize to him, otherwise I'm a bad person. I didn't bother to reply. So what does he do know? He tries to hang around the people I hang out with. And then asks them, what? Why are you even hanging out with her. He is now suddenly best friends, with a girl I thought was one of my closest friend, so I kinda can't hangout with her.. But it sucks that he has turned people against me. People I did nothing to. And it sucks that he is trying to show me" look I can hang with all of your friends, but you can't hang with mine" And today one of his really close friends said "Hi" and smiled, tried to smalltalk and I just looked at him, the way he looked at me for a whole month, pretending not to hear what he said. Oh so now it's appropriate to say hi to me? Because my ex has finally moved on? Or whatever the reason might be. If my ex wanted to be friends with me, and still kept contacting me after the 3am incident, then it wasn't such a big deal and now after 5 months its a big deal? I seriously don't understand... Like? What would you do if you were in my shoes? Just ignore all of that?
  7. Hi! It has taken over a year to find this is where the community went to. I have tried friending names I recognise from the past but if you were my friend back in the day and have a new person/avatar please friend me! I missed you all.
  8. So I'm writing a story about friends who make a pact to always be there for each other. And I need a sort of "secret handshake" for the guys (the girls aren't into the whole handshake thing). It's based off of Antony's speech in Julius Caesar (friends, romans, countrymen). So far, all I've got is "Friends" (high-five) and "Romans" (they do the Roman handshake). I can't come up with anything for "Countrymen". P.S. There are eight people total in the group--four guys, four girls. I'm having a hard time with names. I've only got one so far--Seraphine.
  9. Two nights ago and last night, I dreamed that five of my friends and I, four boys and one girl, were in a snowy wood surrounded by wolves. We form a protective circle around the sole female member of our team. And we're firing our Winchesters and Smith & Wessons left and right. It's a bloody battle and we lose one team member to the wolves but he and I manage to kill the pack leader in the end (not with our rifles or pistols but with our knives). And I don't know why, but there's a lot of making out in my dream before the encounter with the wolves. What could my dream mean?
  10. This past year of my life i guess you can say my mind has opened a lot, my views has changed a lot. most of my family are Christians. i was taught as a little girl that there was a god, i went to church with my family for years. when when i was 13 i become depressed and suicidal. but out through all of that i still kept my faith. every morning when i got up i would thank him for waking me up. i would pray at school, if i had to do a speech i would pray for him to help me get through it. when i went to sleep at night i would talk to him a good while. i was a Christian and i did not care who knew... but now this past year i don't have the same faith anymore i stopped talking to god. and i started wondering if there is a god.. i have been learning about Buddhism. witch gets my mom upset.. but i'm not converting to it. i feel like right now i'm agnostic.. i just don't know how i can tell my family with out hurting them. and sorry i'm bad at spelling and grammar.
  11. One of my friends got pregnant at 14 by a 19 year old, well when she turned 16 she got married to him. now she is only 17 but she is cheating on him. last night we was just supposed to go and get drinks but we end up meeting this guy and she spent a hour and and some with him in his car. i feel bad because he is a good guy and he knows well she is cheating but he stays because he loves her and his daughter. is it wrong for me to tell her to stop using me so she can have an affair. that i don't wont to be apart of hurting her husband anymore. Anonymous poster hash: ff29c...f32
  12. my uncle has been texting me and writing about me on fb..he keeps asking me how i feel about him. and the other day my friend said she saw him checking me out... so ive been trying to keep my distance away from him but he is getting really up set and texting me every 10 to 20 mins.. what should i do??? sorry for my bad spelling and grammar. Anonymous poster hash: b2e7d...a26
  13. All my friends seem to be turning on me, they all bitch behind my back on facebook calling me pathetic, fat bitch and depressing idiot...they were my best mates but each day is getting harder and harder and they just seem to be bitching more and more about me everyday...i can only trust my boyfriend t the moment but i dont want to seem that im just reliying on him all the time, i just dont know what to do anymore please help x
  14. Ok. I have a question. Me and this guy just worked together for a few days. He's a really cool guy and we got along very well. We had really great chemistry and there seemed to be a mutual attraction. I will say that there was times there seemed to be a little flirting from him. But nothing happened. I really liked him. We live across the country from one another. Well, I wanted to add him on Facebook because I wanted to keep in contact with him and remain friends with him but I found out that he's married (because I saw it on his profile when I went to add him and I stopped and didn't send a request) and now I don't know if I should add him or not. Like I wouldn't mind remaining friends but then he never mentioned to me he was married and I feel a little awkward now about the flirting. Is it ok or not? Part me is saying add him but another part is telling me to leave it be and just not have any more contact with him. Would it be wrong to add him? I mean he might not even accept me since he is married. Anonymous poster hash: 210ef...7a3
  15. I have a friend who seriously takes offense at my introversion. At the start of our friendship, he would compliment me and say how good a friend I am, how I just listen and never interrupt when he has something to say. As the years wore on, however, he began complaining that he doesn't really know me and that I never talk to him (Objection, Your Honor, that is a lie!). Also, he accuses me of being too idealistic and "seeing the world through rose-colored lenses", that I'm living in a fantasy world where good always triumphs over evil, that I refuse to see the truth, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Duh! That's how I am! Yes, I see evil in the world, but I also try to see the good as much as I can! Guys, what do I do with this guy? He won't be reasoned with!
  16. So I'm alive, if anyone was wondering and I'm back at my second year of university and I wonder if I should have come back at all. I don't want to be here, it was fine at first. I got to escape the chaos that happened at home when my parents found out about everything and I know they really care. I know they do, they wanted to send me away for a semester before I returned to fix whatever it was that was wrong with me but I refused and now I wished I had gone. So sure, I don't think anything is wrong with me, but what if there is? What if I'm refusing to accept that I need so really serious help. I've been trying so hard to be normal but with "the incident" and my friend troubles I don't think I have the support I actually need. I thought I did, but everyday this weight in my body just gets heavier. I can't focus on my work, and if I can it's because I have unprescribed adderall in my system, and then the next day it's even harder to focus but I can't just waste that medicine, on the bright side adderall always seems to get my mind off all the shite that seems to be going on in my life. Of course, I'm not beaten, I'm sure my friends care about me but I've found myself not being able to connect to them, I don't care about hooking up with boys anymore, not really...especially after "the incident." I'm not seriously into any of my classes, and half of them are so boring or really uncomfortable and I don't know how to deal with it. I feel like an ugly duckling in my sorority. I'm the fattest girl in it and yeah I could use to lose a couple pounds but I just seem to be gaining more. I don't have the prettiest face, I'm awkward and once again I don't know how to connect to people. (On a side not I saw a 1st year today that I sat next to randomly in one of my classes and told her a little about me and how I was running a race that weekend and when she saw me today she asked me how it went and was super sweet and it gave me the tiniest bit of hope but that's not enough) I've been super snippy with my friends lately and I don't know what to do. I've thrown myself into watching television and listening to music. I told someone, (my journal) the other day the truth...I used to know how to love myself but now I'm back to square one. I look in the mirror and I see someone who hates herself. I don't blame this all on "the incident" because this summer started making me hate myself again but I think "the incident" plays a pretty important role. I should probably back up to that, I should probably say what happened. But something keeps me from saying it even on the internet even though half of my friends know now. Here is goes, a month ago (almost exactly) I was sexually assaulted. I can tell you in full detail because I remember pretty clearly, but the more i think about it the more I realize it was my fault. it was. All those males who believe it is the female's fault can have a field day over me because it was my fault. I don't like going out anymore. Sure I like drinking still, I have a constant wish to be drunk all the time but I know I can't do that. I don't have fun while out, and when I do...I can't totally remember the night before. You'll be disgusted to know that I've hooked up with another boy since being sexually assaulted, sure it was only kissing and a little fooling around but I feel so dirty all the time that doing that makes me feel nothing else but normal and that's all I want. I wish I had a friend who was really here for me. I don't know, I shouldn't even be posting this. I'm sobbing in the common room and I'm petrified someone is about to walk in, but I know that won't happen, and even if it does I have ways to hide my eyes. I don't know what I'm doing. I can't do this alone, and I saw someone for an hour yesterday (and every monday for hr) but I felt worse after it. I felt like I was just talking about trivial matters that I've already worn out. I have no friends who want to hang out with me all the time, I have to text them to hang out. I have to text them to eat. I am essentially the charity case and it hurts. It hurts. I used to cut and I have had an extreme urge to do so for two weeks now and I haven't done it, but I don't think I can last that much longer. I'm having more thoughts about how easy it is to die and I thought for a moment about stepping in front of a speeding car today, I was so tempted. I don't want to be here right now. I really don't. I want to go home...but I don't want to go home to my parents. I wish I could contract a deathly disease and go on to become one with the soil. That's what I really want and if anyone wants to make me really happy you can do just that. I don't think I have any other options now. If I keep getting help and I have brief periods of convincing myself I've fine (for everyone's sake, mine included) and then hitting rock bottom again and again and repeating the cycle). I don't think it's worth it anymore. I don't know what other options there are. If any..
  17. So I moved to California when I was 18 (had my 19th birthday here), and I did make friends. But even after nine years, I still feel like the outsider. The odd one out. Sure, I hang out with them. We talk. I laugh at their jokes (my jokes are too lame to laugh at). But I still feel like I don't belong. Even after nine years of being friends with them. It's like I'm near the circle but not in it. Will I ever fit in?
  18. When do I stop trying so hard? I try so hard with life, and so hard with my family and my family life is getting a little better, but my friend life is getting worse. None of my girl friends want to hang out with me anymore. They don't even try. My best friend still won't hang out with and I'm beginning these creepy relationships with all these boys from their high school (I went to boarding school) and it's not that I'm trying get with any of these guys (I don't want to) but they at least seem to enjoy my company and will go out of their way to let me hang out or they'll text me and say "hey, come hang out with us! We're doing this tonight, you're always invited." And while it's fine, but I mean I've never been a guy's girl until now and so it's so weird and foreign to me especially since at college all my main friend's are girls. I don't know. I just have one friend that keeps telling me we'll hang out or I'll call text her because she'll give me hope and then she'll blow me off and I'm sick of it. How do I let go? How can I stop trying so hard? I'm tired. I wish I didn't care. I wish I didn't care (just like my friend).
  19. My name is Josh. Im 19. I live in Wisconsin. And i have nobody that i feel actually cares about me. I've been to websites upon websites claiming to help me find friends. but never anyone that will care to talk to me. Now i know why this is. I almost demand of poeple that i instantly become a large portion of their lives. because thats what i want to be. being someone's side person is one of my worst fears and its a terrible feeling knowing i can be replaced. i feel that far too often and i have nobody to call my friend. im depressed angry and just wishing that somebody capable of loving a stranger enough to call them a true friend would just beam down upon me.
  20. So, I've hit a very low point in my life. For the first time ever I am considering that I may have depression or some form of bipolar disorder. I called a local doctor on Friday to make an appointment so don't worry about anything. Granted things aren't perfect in my life, but mostly my life is running smoothly yet I still battle with alot of anger and sadness. It feels like no one cares as much as I do about keeping friendships, or being successful at work. Its really the small things that get me, like why must I always be the first to text people, or that I'm constantly checking that people who are having a rough time are alright without being asked the same. I recently found God and for awhile it really helped, and still in a sense does but even sometimes that brings me down. Our message this week for example was about how even though Peter failed Jesus in multiple occasions he was still loved. This will sound a little conceited but for most of my life I thought I was a better person than most others. I know that's not true, but because of the higher standard I've set for myself, when i do fall short, even if it is something minor it hits me hard. Or that as nice as people think i am, and how i act or talk, my thoughts often scare me. Well that's all i feel like saying for now. If anyone else feels like this i hope it helps you see that your not alone.
  21. Hey, I need help. In about 8 weeks, the major theater group in my area will be holding auditions to Mary Poppins. This is a huge deal, since they have only one production every 2 years and some of my friends will be trying out, too. Their last performance (and my first) was Les Mis, which has no dancing. (Thank God.) But, Mary Poppins has lots of dancing, and I struggle with that. I can barely do a grapevine. I have a marvelous voice, but I don't think that's enough to cover up my crappy dance skills. I don't have any time to take dance lessons, and the at the auditions I will have to learn some sort of dance routine. Please help!!!
  22. I've been in a loving relationship with a transguy (FTM) for the past 7 months... For the first 4 months i tried to keep our relationship (and his gender identity) a secret from my family and friends (i knew they wouldn't accept it and he was very understanding about it all.) But the longer wed been together the more i knew deep in my heart that this is the person i wanted to spend the rest of my life with!! So i decide to introduce him to my family and friends... To say they were not understanding of our relationship is a huge understatement!! My family now refuses to talk to me (which really sucks because we were always so close) and I've lost all but two of my friends. I thought after a while my family at least, would get used to the idea and be more accepting... But its been months now and i dont know what to do!! On the one hand i dont want to lose my family but on the other hand i dont want to lose the love of my life... What would you do in this situation (where your family/friends dont approve of your SO)? Would you give up the person you love to keep your family? Or would you keep your family but lose the love of your life? Why can't they just be happy that he makes me happy!! Why does everything have to be so difficult!! Anonymous poster hash: 9e8e8...7a7
  23. All of my closest friends came from college and work, but now that it's been a few years since I left college and switched jobs, I'm realizing that I don't really have that many friends. I work all day and am usually too tired to go out, plus I'm pretty shy. I don't work with people my own age, which is how I made friends with people in the past. Have any of you successfully established friendships with people you didn't work with or go to school with? Anonymous poster hash: 13574...f85
  24. When we were able to and allowed to stay in the waiting area with our friends and relatives at the airport and wait with them until it was time for them to board? When we could give them a proper goodbye and be with them for a little while longer? As we all know, since 9/11, all that has changed and we're only supposed to drop them off at the front entrance. Which do you prefer?
  25. I've been thinking about comedy lately, and I have three favorites: Friends (first of all), HIMYM next, and then Seinfeld. Question: Which of the three do you think is the best? And why?