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Found 11 results

  1. Me (25/f) and my SO (26/m) have been together for 8 months now. During these 8 months, I have found him on single hookup websites. He swears that he loves me and he won't do it again after every time I have found him doing this. After finally looking on his phones history, I found over 10 websites he has profiles on and conversations I wish I could unsee. This is now the 4th time I have found him doing this. I am left again, hurt and upset. He wants us to work out but I am honestly thinking about ending it. I asked him why he does it and he has no answer for me. He just says "I don't know why. I F***** up, I'm sorry" I am so tired of hearing I'm sorry, it doesn't fix anything. He has told me all of his relationships only last a little shy of a year long and he has never been the one to end them. So this relationship seems to be going right along his track record. I want things to work out, but I don't think I can trust him. I don't know if he has ever hooked up with anyone while we were together. He claims he's never cheated... I don't trust he would give me the honest truth on that. We have a lot in common and for once everyone in my life loves the guy I'm with. I have invested a lot of time becoming close with his family and friends so that makes this decision that much harder. Other than his loyalty, we have no other problems just a few normal disagreements here and there. I don't feel sexually secure in our relationship due to all of this. I am just so lost on if I should give him one last chance to make it right or walk away. I don't know how trust can be gained at this point and I am broken/torn. I feel stupid for trusting him again. We were planning on moving in together at the end of my lease which is in November, our 11 month mark. But I don't even know if I want to do that now. I love him but at this point I'm not falling in love with him anymore. He has burned me and I can forgive him but I'll never forget it. I told him I needed some time to think things over because I didn't want to make a decision out of anger. Of course, the main answer going through my head is to just let him go because he is obviously claiming to be single and talking to others. But then he cries to me and tells me how much he wants me in his life forever and will do anything to make this right. * What do I do? * How can I take a step back from this? Advice please!!!?
  2. Last night I dreamed I was trying to win the heart of one of my best friends, Abigail (since I first met her two years ago, she has been like a sister to me--until my feelings changed one day). In my dream, she had a boyfriend (in waking life, she doesn't--she's holding off on relationships until she's fully mature and established with a life of her own). It was this super-tall (and I mean unusually tall--inhumanly tall) Jewish guy (we're Baptists). I'm able to convince her to break up with him and go out with me instead. And then her boyfriend, who I have no clue is actually a golem (he doesn't look like a golem--he looks human, all flesh and blood, although he is, as I've said, unusually tall), attacks me. What in the world? What could my dream mean?
  3. So a friend of mine and I were talking about relationships and proposal ideas and stuff, and she asked me, if I had a girlfriend (I hope someday), how would I propose to her. So I told her the following idea: I'll let her coworkers and her boss in on the plan. I'll fax each word to her throughout the day. Like there would be a set time to fax the word "Will". And then a few hours later, I'll fax the word "You". And then "Marry", then "Me" when she's about to go home. I'll be just outside the bullpen, on one knee, with an open box and a ring in one hand and a single stalk of rose in the other, waiting for her to come out. Would it work or not?
  4. i have been with this girl, we had something special between us. i loved her so much. our dating life was so amazing. days with her were like endless spring. no matter how bad the day was her presence always cheered me up. she meant a lot to me. after knowing that we wanted different thing we agreed to move on.I never heard from her. since then i never thought of any serious relation. Five years later my life turned into a complete mess,im pretty broke. not because of her, because of wrong life decisions. i was left all alone hopeless and depressed, lost all my confidence. one day we met and im glad to see her after a long time and she is doing great. but she was hurt looking at my situation. she tried to help me but i was arrogant and way out of order.she never gave up on me,she tried hard to make me feel better, she supported me, she gave me hope. she brought a magic with her which changed me back to normal. all these years even i was away i never forgot her, i never found what i had with her with anyone else. there's never a day that passed without her thought. five years ago we moved apart knowing we wanted different ways but today nothing changed much, we are standing at the same point where we left. i wish we could start right where we left. im going to propose her, she is still single.but whats dragging me is that once we failed to keep the relation. what if she says she helped me as a friend. i cannot lose her again she means quite a lot to me. is asking her again a right move? friends i need your suggestions. Anonymous poster hash: bf33d...ee6
  5. So I met this girl who I basically fell in love with one day at her job. I was actually moving away and I met her on my last day in the state. She gave me her number Instagram and everything and since that day weve been talking eveyday for like 3 months when I went back to see her. Boone in my family still live there so my whole purpose of going back was just to see her. I spent about a week and a half over there with her and she was goin through some rough times. Her father just passes and I had to go to a funeral with her and I didn't mind that because I want to show her that I'm always going to be there for her. She introduced me to her family and they loved me. I'm actually the 2nd guy she ever introduced to them next to her daughters father. I've been there for her through the toughest times when we were apart. We're about 8 hours apart from each other. While I was over there, i stayed at her place and we basically acted like a couple. We went out to eat a lot, she showed me places and we even had sex a few times. Normal couple stuff. But here's where it all took a turn for the worst. The day that left, I had a feeling things were going to be different just because I actually got to hang with her and spend time with her and now it's back to how it use to be, texting and phone calls and oovoo video chatting. I don't like that, and I know neither does she. She's been kinda avoiding me and it irritates me because I miss her like crazy but then again she has been really stressed out about her fathers death and her roommate missing rent. I want to be there for her but she's pushing me away and I finally asked her what was up and she said that she doesn't want to rush anything. She not ready for a relationship right now. She has a lot going on and she wants to make sure she and her daughter are strIght and happy and then she can focus on making me happy. I mean I understand but I'm scared I'm going to lose her in this process. She said that she isn't going anywhere and she'll never forget about me and that we can still talk eveyday but she wants to take it slow this time. She said she feels horrible but she just had to tell me what was going on first before anything. She wants me to wait but she also said she understands if I don't wait on her. I assured her that I will wait because I never felt this connection with anyone else and I'm not taking this risk of losing her. I'm scared feelings might change on her side, and that will cause her to drift apart from me. I considered moving back with a friend of mine who is actually from the area and we are both looking to move out of here because it is wayyyy to expensive. I feel like of I do move closer to her, things will be different. But my biggest fear is losing her. She said she loves me a lot and I think I feel the same way too. We both are about each other a great deal but I just don't know what to do right now. I'm so nervous about this situation and I feel like a wreck. Any help please. It would be highly appreciated. Thank you guys for reading Anonymous poster hash: c0ce2...a0e
  6. I've been dating this girl and she's amazing and we love eachother, but I've been noticing that she doesn't think that she's good enough for me. She calls me perfect and amazing and similar things. I try to convince her that she's perfect for me. We've both been through some things that hurt us and we understand eachother perfectly. I don't know what to do. Her friends tell me that she has very low self esteem. Is there anything that I can do to help her? She also says she sorry for everything eventhough she shouldn't be sorry and she's afraid that if she doesn't say she's sorry for whatever that I'll leave her. And she keeps telling me that she's going to try to be the best girlfriend eventhough I tell her that she's great and everything. Help
  7. Ok so heres the deal. Me and my boyfriend dated for two years, living together... Totally in love but we had our problems that we needed to work through.. He left me and got with this other girl that he had been talking to prior to us breaking up. When he got with her, he would not stop texting me and telling me how much he missed me, which pissed her off.. I finally stopped all communication with him.. they was only together a month, two months at most. He broke up with her because she flipped out on him because he was still trying to contact me so she broke his xbox and threw all of his stuff away even tho I wasnt talking with him back. I completely changed my number so I didnt even know he was messaging me until she contacted me on Facebook bitching me out?! I was very calm in talking to her and letting her know i never talked to him no matter how bad I wanted him back.. Well a year passed down the road and I ran into him at an old mutual friends house. He begged for a second chance and I refused it until I knew for a fact that he had changed. A few months go by, and now we are together and couldnt be happier..We have a house and adopted a cute little kitty. Now she is trying to weasel her way back even tho he has deleted and blocked her from his profile and deleted her number and hasnt talked to her since she went all crazy on him.. he wants her to leave him alone. Shes not getting the point.. what do I do? We are happy, I dont want the unnecessary drama and neither does he. Im not the type to threaten or anything like that but I feel like she needs to understand that I am not about to deal with the same drama as before. . . She left us alone when she had a boyfriend there for a month or so but the the day they broke up she tried messaging him and ect... Suggestions? Anonymous poster hash: 96ab5...861
  8. My boyfriend was skyping me and my young sisters were playing with me, then when I was clipping my sister's nails he said "you're such a mom" haha and I'm just curious if that's an attractive quality in a girl because I know I love a man who plays with kids! Possibly it goes both ways because of evolutionary stuff
  9. Hi I recently had sex with my girlfriend and it has me really quite worried. For most of the time, I used a condom however there was a point before climaxing (quite a while before) where I wasn't thinking, things moved quickly and I wasn't wearing any protection. The reason this has me worried is that the clear, pre-ejaculate/pre-cum/whatever you want to call it was there. At the time I think we were grinding and holding close as opposed to actually having intercourse (but I do have a fear that at one point I may have entered her briefly). I know very little about the precum that occurs but have read that I can contain sperm sometimes, and more so if a guy has climaxed prior to this (within the last 24 - 48 hours). Prior to sleeping with my girlfriend, I actually hadn't had sex/climaxed for nearly 1.5 to 2 months so the risk of there being any there was pretty low. Plus, we were mostly rubbing/grinding against each other. But as i said, the precum worries me (particularly as I thought I had entered her briefly at one point) and that has created a very high chance that she will fall pregnant. She has also told me she is not on the pill due to clash with other medications which just adds to the worry. (That being said, asking her if anything worried or concerned her about that night, she indicated that she was ok with it and didn't have any lingering concerns). I'm hoping I'm just over thinking this and making it out to be worse then it actually is, but any opinions/input from others would be greatly appreciated. Anonymous poster hash: d1e01...fd0
  10. It's been 6 weeks since the break up and 6 weeks of absolutely no direct contact between me and her. Of course during those 6 weeks I had vague suspicion that she was still into me and possibly regretting the break up: for example I would catch her staring at me many times and so would my close friend and 2 of her friends came to ask me whether I was over her or not. Anyway only just today, a couple hours ago, a friend of my came to my door wondering whether the rumours were true that I was going away. I told him that they were and asked how he knew. He goes on to tell me that my ex GF had asked him last night. I reckon my ex overheard me talking about it to the cleaners yesterday afternoon, but what I don't get is why she's so bothered about it that she needs to ask people whether it's true or not? Does she still care about me? Does she still like me? How can I get her back?
  11. Hi, thanks for all the advice. I really appreciate it a lot. I ended up deleting this because I think I've got that perspective I needed now. I've responded at the end. Again, thanks a bunch