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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I have a new girl friend for about 1 month now. And she seem to be a lot into sex... She told me she like rough sex and she's like to be submissive in bed. She like spanking, tits pinch, pull on hair, get her mouth fucked when she suck, cum on her tits, even on face,... She told me her 2 rules are no anal and no face slapping with hands (she really specified hand, I don't know maybe it mean she like with dick....) other than that she will do anything. I know around how much boy she have been with, that I found really a lot.... Specially knowing what she do in bed.... For my part I only had 2 girlfriends before her, and only had sex with those. And I'm mostly used to passion sex, love, ... I don't know how to feel about all this. I'm not comfortable yet to make love to her like she told me she like it (or to fuck her if I use her word) But I kind of find it exciting.... She is 22, almost 23, and I'm 28. Thank Anonymous poster hash: 29c43...64b
  2. hi, I have a new girlfriend and we had sex, but I lose my erection. The very first time I didn't even have it, we tried a second time the same night and then I had it, but when I came... she stoped me, and it wasn't very long... The second time it lasted a bit longer, but when she wanted to change position I had to remove myself and I lost the we stop (I didn't even come) Third time we were touching each other to get excited but when I put on the condom I lost the erection... It's very frustrating, after the last time I almost lost her she was crying and left very fast... She was think it was her fault, that I don't find her beautiful and not exciting enough ... that's it's not true. Because she's a little overweight and she know that all my ex wasn't, but I don't care. I don't want this to happen again.... Need help Anonymous poster hash: 38efb...8ba Anonymous poster hash: 38efb...8ba
  3. So I did it! I had sex, and it was amazing. My and my boyfriend and I have been seeing each other for a few months now, and we finally had sex. We were both virgins. We've had sex at least 10 times so far. But there's two small problems. We tried having sex once and he wend soft in the middle of it.. I dont know if he was nervous or what. But then we had it again and he was fine. BUT, then a few days later we tried having it again and he went soft in the middle of it. He keeps saying it has nothing to do with me and he's just getting frustrated now. Does anyone know why he goes soft every once in a while? My next question is, when does sex stop hurting? It feels good for the most part but it also really hurts. Thank you to anyone who reads my embarrassing problems, feedback is greatly appreciated. <3