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Found 19 results

  1. Hey guys, I'm trying to compile the healthiest advice out there so I can access it whenever I want, namely when I come here out of habit because I'm a little stressed out. When I'm a little stressed out I sometimes make less optimally healthy life choices, and I'd rather reset that. Anyway! Hit me, what's the healthiest advice you have, the little rules you follow that help you, or the way you like to get grounded?
  2. I am a mess. Plain and simple. Anxiety, WAY overstressed, overemotional, depressed, emotionally eating VERY badly (all junk food. it's almost like an addiction and it's scaring me!). I don't know what to do, where to turn. I'm so unhealthy right now and so sad and so depressed. I don't know what to do. I am going to take an emotional eating class but it doesn't start til May and I'm going into therapy but for that I have to wait til June! What the heck do I do between now and then? I can't stop eating junk food (the emotional eating), I am so stressed it isn't funny and everything is just going badly....I feel like I have no one to turn to, no one to help and support me. I feel so alone :'( I've been sitting here just bawling cause I don't know what to do or where to turn. Can somebody help me please? I need someone to care so badly :'(
  3. So, my friend is concerned about whether this is normal or not so we are posting this question. She has slept with her hand in her pants since she was a young girl, and still does so now at age 20. She says that she never masturbates and never did. She is not getting any sexual pleasure from it according to her, and she has never even had sex, she does not believe it is right to have sex before marriage. She was wondering if this was normal, whether something was wrong with her, whether it means something happened to her in the past that made her this way, and whether she should try to make herself stop(though she has tried and been unsuccessful in the past). Thank you for your answers!
  4. I keep feeling so all over the place. And I think it's my illness. It's so hard. I think I might be depressed or getting depressed again. My emotions are all over the place and one moment I feel fine the next I'm not. And sometimes have thoughts of banging my head against a wall again. And I try to get up again and be positive but it's hard and I'm stuck in the house. And those who used to be close aren't there anymore. Sometimes I feel fine emotionally but then I can go anxious and feel uncomfortable for ages and worry about everything. The last few months I keep wondering if I'm heading for a nervous breakdown. I'm not sure I think I came close a couple weeks ago but I'm just a little bit better. But I'm very backwards and forwards. But the forward times feel like they're getting less.
  5. My life feels quite weird recently. And it's so hard to put it all into words. I've got M.E which has changed my life. I had a partner who was my fiancé and we were together for 7 years. Liked him since I was 11. Also met the person who was my best friend when I was 11. I'm now 24. I nearly died because of my illness and he couldn't really cope. I became totally dependant on my parents to take care of me. Spoon feed me. Everything. Me and the guy I was with split. And that's a long story too. That was back in March. I finally started to feel abit stronger to come home in May just gone. It was December when I left to temporarily live with my parents. I fought really hard to improve and I nearly died. I'm still trying to get better and I believe I can keep improving even if I have relapses. Even if I don't go back to my original self I can improve. I think and I hope. Because of this illness I have also lost that best friend of mine. She was like my sister. I don't think she believed me properly. My thoughts are all muddled up because of how my brain works. I could talk to my M.E friends but I don't want to put on to them or worry them. Bad feelings make the ME worse so I don't want to make them worse by worrying about me. The most closest people in my life was my ex, my best friend and my sister. Now my sister is the only one of those people in my life. She's getting a sample sent away to see how high the risk is of her getting cervical cancer. But she has the symptoms and she's had them quite a while... My mam has problems with her health too and my dad. And I don't think my grandma and grandad have too many years left. It's scary to think that one day my parents, grandparents and possibly even my sister could be gone in a few years. Then that would leave my brother in law to be and the three kids and my auntie and uncle. I don't have loads of friends who can come and see me. It's not easy to make friends because of my illness and I get frightened of more people not believing me and not wanting me in their life anymore. My best friend said, I'd changed I wasn't the same anymore and a bunch of other hurtful things. I trusted her and it makes me wonder who else is going to hurt me. I'm used to having someone to feel close to. And we'll I've made a friend online who has the same illness as me and we understand each other. I kinda like him and I think he likes me. We live far from each other though and not being well enough to travel gets in the way too. I get confused about how I feel sometimes. Sometimes I don't understand how I feel. Sometimes I'm happy then something can click and I get overly sensitive and start feeling down pretty quick. The ME affects emotions aswell so it's probably that too. Its coming back around to that time last year where I struggled like crazy. Soon it will be December again and the anniversary of the struggles I faced last year. I nearly died. I nearly ended up having to be tube fed. I thought I was going to have to be recusitated last year. I was scared I was going to die. The paramedics were out three times to see me because I was having breathing problems. But now it's getting nearer to that time when both me and my ex were struggling so bad. We were both talking about suicide at one time. He said he wanted to commit suicide and I said can I join you. I'm coming too and he stood up and went to walk to the kitchen. I got in the way and stopped him. I remember pulling some of my hair out last year. I lived in isolation. It's just so weird. I lost my job cos I couldn't work. I nearly lost my home too but I'm lucky I managed to get back in it. There are so many changes that's happened and still are going to happen. I wish things were steady. I wish there was some stability. Only one person really comes to see me here in my home. I get out of my house perhaps 2 or 3 times a month. But I'm usually sitting inside of someone's house. Because I have wheelchair but because of their health reasons and other reasons people can't push me. My sister has hyper mobility. My dad has a very bad back and he's getting older. My mam has very bad hands that she can't risk get infected. I just live in this house with the Internet. Me and my rabbit and sometimes my family. I don't want to out worry on to them because they have tried so hard to help me and still try to help me. I am trying to get moved into a bungalow over near where my family live. And hopefully I can then see them more and be less lonely. It's stressful though. I need to not be near a main road or I won't sleep. And sleep is so important to me. And it's rough over there. I don't really want to go but it's so isolated over here. It's a shame too because this house is lovely and big, in a nice area and mostly decorated. We worked so hard on this house. And now I'm going to have to move. Just because I'm sick. It's not fair that I lose everything. My whole life has changed. And I thought I wasn't bothered about losing my ex and sometimes I'm not quite sure. I know it wouldn't work because his parents thought I was attention seeking. They didn't like me and he always worried what they thought. He was in the middle. He would still have worried about what they would have thought if we had got back together. So I decided I didn't need the hassle of it. I think I like this other guy though. He seems lovely. But I get insecure sometimes. It's like he has become my closest friend this person. But without him I don't know how I'd feel. Yet I don't want to be too clingy. And I'm too over sensitive. Sometimes I feel like it would be easier if I didn't have my family. Then I wouldn't have to fight no more. But I have to keep trying because I have people that would hurt if I went anywhere. It feels like living in a dream. It's a bad dream and I'm not going to wake up because it's real. Why do I feel like i don't know how I feel? Like some times I could see something and I could cry my eyes out. Other times I can look at that same thing or something that would make me emotional and instead I just feel numb. I'm already on antidepressants. Maybe I should get a SAD lamp. I don't really know what I'm asking. I'm just trying to articulate words together. I feel....I dunno how I feel.......sometimes I push myself when I feel down. But sometimes I don't really feel like doing anything and I have to push myself to eat. I don't always feel like eating but I guess I have to because I'd get more Ill again. It's hard I always had my ex there to talk too. About everything. Absolutely everything and now I don't have that person. Then I had my best friend to help me through and now i don't. My sister has the three kids and is often very stressed with things aswell. I don't often get to see her. Even with people who are in my life I feel insecure incase they disappear out of my life too. I like that guy but I get afraid of him leaving too. Which is probably not logical really.
  6. I haven't had allergies since I was a kid. I'm no sure if it's coming back with a vengeance now or if this is something more serious. For two weeks now, my head has been completely congested. Both ears feel like I'm in a tunnel while I'm talking, my nose is stuffy & I basically feel like death every single day. I'm not allergic to anything. I am a smoker, but I've cut back drastically since I've been sick. I've been taking allergy pills to no avail. I've been doing what I can to clean my ears out. I'm not sure if I need antibiotics or what. Yes, I know I need to quit smoking and yes, I know at this point I should be going to a doctor. I'm just wanting to see if anyone else has dealt with this. Feedback is appreciated. Thank you. Anonymous poster hash: cfaa6...067
  7. hey guys just quickly and breifly i got prescription pain killers (Endone) for medical issue and now that the condition is over i still have a few pills left. they are strong and make me dizzy i have been warned about how addictive they can become, and its not like im missing tat feeling but i feel like i need it.. but the urge is not strong ive tried taking nurofen but it didnt help.. but my point is im worried about this. should i just try tough it out and stop? Anonymous poster hash:
  8. Hey guys, after seeing a couple doctors and a surgeon it's apparent that I need my gallbladder removed soon. I'm terrified that I'll suffer horrible side effects including a large amount of weight gain. If you or anyone you know has undergone this procedure please share your story here, I'm 21 and scared of what's going to happen in the future.
  9. I know that when it comes to pregnancy there's the whole pro-life and I will say this now: Do not preach your religion to me and tell me I have to keep the kid or I'm going to hell or anything else like that. I do not want to hear anything about religion because I am not affiliated with a religion that is pro-life or pro-choice. It is all a matter of opinion and I do not wish to read any reply that makes me out to be a terrible person when you do not know me. I just need some advice on this situation. Thank you. So not too long ago I found out that I'm pregnant. I look about 3 or 4 months, but I haven't been to the doctor to confirm the pregnancy or anything because I don't have health insurance. What I need advice on is whether or not I should keep the baby. There are many influences in my life that make me think about both options. I am 19 years old and I am engaged to a wonderful man whom I have been with for almost 4 years and have known for 6 years. (Yes we are high school sweethearts.) I am going to college full time in order to become a nurse, so my tuition is higher than the base tuition. I do not have a job, due to it being extremely hard to find one and not having much time for a job while going to school. Also I recently quit the job I had because it was a fast food job that refused to follow the law and would only give me a 30 minute lunch break when I worked for 12 hours (literally open to close). My fiance does has a decent paying job, but he only makes a little more than $1000 a month. My mother knows about the pregnancy and wishes for me to keep the kid because she is against abortions (unless it's for health reasons or pregnancy due to being raped). My maternal grandmother also knows about it but she wants me to get an abortion because she doesn't want "my life to be ruined" and for me to have to "give up on being a nurse." No one on my dad's side of the family knows because he does not involve himself with my life and hasn't since I was 8 years old. My grandfather doesn't know because I'm terrified to tell him. The reason for me being terrified is because he hates my fiance (don't really know why, but there are guesses as to why...that's a different subject though) and he's a retired marine. I think he might try to throw my honey through a window or something because "I'm his baby girl" and he'll see me being pregnant as an extremely bad thing and that my honey is a terrible person because I'm pregnant. So lots of stress and mix feelings when it comes to my family. Now I know I'll be able to get food stamps, WIC and health insurance through the state if I keep the kid. I don't know if I would be able to get W-2 though. So I know I'll have help with supporting the kid, since we only have about $500 left over each month after the bills are paid and all that money goes to buying food and other things for the household, which is myself, my fiance, and my childhood friend who I see as a sister (who can not budget her money and has practically $0 to her name each month even though she has a job). My mom is willing to help but she doesn't have a job so I really don't know how she would be able to help. She says that she could babysit the kid while me and my honey are at school/work and that she can get paid through the state by doing so. That money that she gets would then come back to supporting the little one. I know I can balance many things at once, for instance when I was a senior in an IB (which is similar to AP but harder and the credits from the tests are accepted by colleges around the world) high school I also had a job where I worked about 38 hours a week and I was in a musical that required me to be at about 3 practices each week (each practice was from 3pm until 6pm). I survived that pretty well even though I did need to take a few mental days in order to not have nervous/mental break-downs. I know we would make good parents, but I'm so afraid that the kid will grow up not having a room of their own or many clothes to wear or much to eat... We live in a small 2 bedroom in the upper level of a duplex. We're not in the best of neighborhoods because we can't afford $800 or more in rent (not including utilities) each month to live in a better area. Now the section of the neighborhood that we're in is better than 9 more blocks north. If we were in that area, I would be afraid to be on my porch with 5 other people, and then to have a kid over there...I think I would rather die than ever have a kid be raised in an area that you hear gun shots and cops on a daily/hourly basis. So I don't know what to health isn't the greatest because before now we barely even had $100 after bills to buy food with so I was barely eating. We also didn't have money for vitamins or anything... Plus I have asthma, a very low immune system and a ton of back/pain issues. So I really do need to go to a doctor to get on the medications I should be on. If I don't have the kid, in order to get food stamps and/or health care I need to work at least 20 hours a week. So if I don't find a better paying job I'm afraid that the only way I can get to a doctor is by having the kid. Please help...and again...don't preach religion to be. Just tell me if I should or shouldn't keep the kid and use parts of my life to support your opinion on the matter. Or if you have a personal example (like if you went through this type of situation) then use that to help in telling me which option I should choose. Thank you for your help.
  10. The past few months I have started having two periods a month and they are never regular. My boyfriend and I have pretty rough sex and about 2 months ago he bruised me down there and thats when I started to notice the sharp pain in my left ovary. I figured it was from the bruising. Well the sharp pain is still happening. I notice it more when I am laying down but I get random sharp pains in my left ovary. Im thinking it might be an ovarian cyst. I just noticed what is either an ingrown hair or enlarged lymph node on the left side of my groinal area. Im going to get a pap tomorrow so no "go to the doctor" comments please I am just wanting to kind of talk about this and get ideas on what it might be before tomorrow. Thanks. Oh and I am 24, no kids. p.s WOW! This site has changed so much since I was on last! Last time I was on it was still the yellow background streight forward format!
  11. Hi, I'm new in this site. I've been to other forums before and tried to find help in many different sources, but I feel myself giving up. I'm going to start by giving some background info about me first. I'm 17 and I'm having a tough time with life in general.. I know I am too young to go, but I am honestly considering taking the easy way out. This past 2 years as been the absolute hardest. My mom left last year after having an on going affair with her coworker. I have no contact with her whatsoever anymore. I'd go as far as to say that I think she is a bad person and never cared about my dad and I. I've never really gotten over everything that happened in my family. My parents had a really bitter divorce that actually cause our community to split. Some relatives took my dad's side and vice versa. It was so horrible and now I don't get to see my mom's side of the family which were my favorite people. My life changed so much for the worse after this, I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was around 14. I've only had two major seizures and few minor ones back then, however now my seizures are getting out of hand. I was hospitalized in January for getting a concussion due to a clonic seizure. Since then, I have gotten a lot worse. I've had migraines and more seizures and missed school so much. I used to have straight As and now I even lost my scholarship.. I know my dad is so disappointed in me and he tries not to show it, but he gets so angry a lot now. He thinks I choose to lay in bed half the day, but I'm just so tired and he doesn't understand how hard it is. He always says I need to try harder, eat healthier, make myself feel better etc. My medication is barely helping. He also yells at me whenever I cry and tell me that he's frustrated. He seriously thinks it's my fault for being this way and it hurts so much. I also lost a lot of my friends. I quit soccer, because I kept getting sick. I can't hang out with anyone anymore as well. All I do now is go to school(not even everyday) and come home to sleep. My friends has been really nice by making sure I'm okay at school and everything, but I feel so distant from everyone now. I don't even have the time or energy to do anything. I can barely read a book and walk down the street. I am so lost and angry with myself, I have one year of high school then college which I am really afraid of. I don't know what to do. I feel insanely tired both mentally and physically. I also feel like I'm not going to be useful anyway in the future with the rate I'm going. Nobody I know understands what I'm going through. I am trying so hard, but there is no progress. I'm just watching everything get worse and worse. I don't know why I came here, just needed someone to vent to I guess. Any thoughts and input will be appreciated.
  12. I really need your help! My dad told me last night because I am so stressed out ALL the time and really not healthy right now, that I won't live to see my daughter (who's 2) grow up if things don't change. It REALLY scared me. BUT easier said than done! Everyone makes it sound SO easy but it isn't! I'm stressed to the max because of work and money problems (trying to make our bills and have money for everything we need). I'm been super stressed for months and months. yesterday I had a headache SO painful I threw up. ALOT. Today I am having chest pain really bad. I'm scared How do I deal with stress better? Any advice? I want to grow old with my hubby and raise our daughter with my hubby and watch our grandkids grow up. Pls help? How do you deal with massive stress? It's getting really really hard for me. Plus when I am stressed (which is all the time to the point that it consumes me!) I reach for junk food. So not physically or mentally healthy Ideas on how to stop reaching for junk food when stressed? Ideas on how to deal with stress better and healthier?? Thanks! I want to live a long time. I can't stand the thought of my baby girl crying for her mama who is no longer with teh living. I'm so scared. Help!
  13. i am a young 27 y old male in fair health and looking for affortdable health insurance. Does anyone know of any websites or numbers i can call? Thankyou
  14. 11/03/14 at approx. 3.30AM, after having been sat in the same position for hours, I got a mild pain in my lower back. This was not really a concern. Shortly after the pain started, I noticed my genitals had become pale, numb and shrunk and could not become erect which really worried me. My scrotum had shrunk so much in fact, that only one testicle could fit in it. Upon standing up, my genitalia returned to normal shortly but it seemed to be happening again when I sat back in that position. I led down and again, everything returned to normal. I'm not sure why but I felt there was a connection between the pain in my back and the loss of feeling, colour (mainly in the penis) and size of my genitalia. Upon doing a quick Google search, and came across Spinal Stenosis, Cauda Equina Syndrome, slipped disc, low testosterone and excessive masturbation. I had no pain in my genitals and I am also able to sit in the position I was in when this occurred without any of the symptoms returning. The pain in my back still occurs from time to time, but even milder than it originally was so I hardly notice it and it seems to be lessening the more time passes. I do not get discomfort from standing so that (almost) rules out Spinal Stenosis. The pain was and is very mild which probably rules out Cauda Equina Syndrome (THANK GOD). I don't believe it is due to excessive masturbation as I haven't really been doing it 'excessively"... well, except the other day (twice in under an hour), plus this wouldn't explain why the numbness and shrinkage was only occurring when in a specific position. Anyone any ideas? I suppose I could get an MRI or CT scan just to be safe and get a genital examination. If you need further information, please feel free to ask. Anonymous poster hash: 4cc48...222 Anonymous poster hash: 4cc48...222
  15. Change habits & routines to change minds
  16. Hello everyone, How can i get rid of the hair in my ass and on my cock n balls for good? I tried shaving but it just keep growing back and Itches n hurts. Should i use any chemicals like girls hair removing cream? What happens during a sex change operation? do they really cut off your penis n balls and give you a vagina labia and clitoris? Anonymous poster hash: 9fd6d...95d
  17. Ive recently started having an odd issue. When i try to eat something sweet it tastes bitter. Chocholate, iceing, hard candy, etc. Very strange though that my coffee doesnt taste different. though I take it with sugar and cream and have since i started drinking it. Its happened before once but it was worse then. My diet hasn't changed. I've no physical health issues. No allergies. No new (or any) meds. No changes of any kind that i can think of that would cause this.
  18. So I've been diagnosed as anorexic but I really don't think this is true. I don't think myself too fat, I'd actually love a bit more meat on my bones! My problem is that when I feel down I find eating difficult. When I feel fine I can eat like a horse, but I still can't gain much weight. My dietician has given me supplement drinks but they don't seem to do much. I also have a terrible digestive system and if I eat too much food that my body doesn't want I'll have bad stomach pains and nausea. Anyone got any tips on how to pile on pounds? I get frustrated as there is so much help to lose weight and not much to gaining. Also, any shops that sell really small sizes? I fit into an American 0 or 2, or a uk 4 or 6 and while I'd like to go up a few sizes I do currently struggle to get clothes that fit well. I live in the UK.
  19. A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and it's been a pretty devastating experience. They've tried to stay upbeat, but it is still incredibly tough to know that all I can do for them is to be there for them, as I don't really have any means to help them bare the burden financially. For that reason I've begun looking online for different tools and things that could help Margie in some way, even if it's not something that I'm doing to help her directly. I thought as my first post it would be awesome to share these tools with you! Here are a couple of the really neat ones. iChemoDiary (Free) – Treatment Specific iChemoDiary helps you record your chemotherapy schedule, treatments and symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, temperature, lack of appetite and more. You can also add notes of things that you'd like to remember to tell your doctor. This is a service that helps you get money to live a quality life while you're undergoing cancer treatment. They help you get money for treatment, living expenses, etc. by taking out a loan against your life insurance. is a website where you can post any tasks that you are unable to accomplish due to the effects of your treatment, you're friends can chime in and let you know if they can lend a hand to help you with anything! - This is an awesome website kind of like Kickstarter that helps people crowdfund the capital needed to finance their treatments. I truly hope that some of you find this helpful. If you know of any similar tools, please post them below!