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Found 21 results

  1. For the last 8 months, I have been dating a guy that is older than me. I really thought my mom and step father would very much dislike it. But no they have no problem about his age. The only thing they didn't really like was the fact that he was Divorced and has a daughter. They got over that though after they met him. I'm just so sick and tired of everyone telling me I need to be careful as soon as they find out our age Difference. Are when they look at me like I'm a victim. I was never the type of girl who would go for guy that are older. I'm just so sick of guys my age they are nothing but huge fuckboy's. Btw I'm 21 and he is 31.
  2. Hey guys, I'm trying to compile the healthiest advice out there so I can access it whenever I want, namely when I come here out of habit because I'm a little stressed out. When I'm a little stressed out I sometimes make less optimally healthy life choices, and I'd rather reset that. Anyway! Hit me, what's the healthiest advice you have, the little rules you follow that help you, or the way you like to get grounded?
  3. So I'm 33

    As I sit here at my friends house because I drank to much. I can't help but think about where my life is. I've had it all and lost it more times than I can count, I would like to blame my x wife but in reality it's not all her fault. Ove done one the drugs, the drinking, the late night parrting, I've never gone to school, everything I know I taught myself. So what am I do? I grind 24/7 I work from home so I'm always on call! I don't get to see my kids because of the lies and liberal justice system that is Northern VA until Feb 2017... yes ive got good friends but because of everything I'm involved in and everything I'm doing I can not risk getting involved with them if anything happens. i struggle with depression on a daily basis only to look at my phone to see pictures of my kids on my phone, or memories on Facebook. I stay busy to keep focus on what I'm doing so I don't get des pressed, recently a new women has stepped into my life that has really helped me out a lot. Just her smile brightens up my day. I try to act like a rock for everyone around me, because they rely on me for guidance but in reality I'm falling apart. I dont knowd these these are the thoughts of a guy sober up after a long night of drinking and talking about life an where we are!
  4. I cannot sleep nor stand nor purge And it's just too much to avoid this urge For once we really had it all However, now gone, as is our merge Feeling blinding waking light As though I've yet to start the fight It's raged for many a sullen fall And yet it starts again tonight Who the hell needs a bed this size and who the hell needs such wet eyes I swear if I could rise that tall I'd willingly heed my own demise It must be lonely there upon support Strength and roots, a veritable fort Loving memories hung on the wall I have nothing but retort I'll leave it be, accept my fate Though disposition dictates hate And though I'll probably drop the ball I'll just sit here and wait
  5. My life feels quite weird recently. And it's so hard to put it all into words. I've got M.E which has changed my life. I had a partner who was my fiancé and we were together for 7 years. Liked him since I was 11. Also met the person who was my best friend when I was 11. I'm now 24. I nearly died because of my illness and he couldn't really cope. I became totally dependant on my parents to take care of me. Spoon feed me. Everything. Me and the guy I was with split. And that's a long story too. That was back in March. I finally started to feel abit stronger to come home in May just gone. It was December when I left to temporarily live with my parents. I fought really hard to improve and I nearly died. I'm still trying to get better and I believe I can keep improving even if I have relapses. Even if I don't go back to my original self I can improve. I think and I hope. Because of this illness I have also lost that best friend of mine. She was like my sister. I don't think she believed me properly. My thoughts are all muddled up because of how my brain works. I could talk to my M.E friends but I don't want to put on to them or worry them. Bad feelings make the ME worse so I don't want to make them worse by worrying about me. The most closest people in my life was my ex, my best friend and my sister. Now my sister is the only one of those people in my life. She's getting a sample sent away to see how high the risk is of her getting cervical cancer. But she has the symptoms and she's had them quite a while... My mam has problems with her health too and my dad. And I don't think my grandma and grandad have too many years left. It's scary to think that one day my parents, grandparents and possibly even my sister could be gone in a few years. Then that would leave my brother in law to be and the three kids and my auntie and uncle. I don't have loads of friends who can come and see me. It's not easy to make friends because of my illness and I get frightened of more people not believing me and not wanting me in their life anymore. My best friend said, I'd changed I wasn't the same anymore and a bunch of other hurtful things. I trusted her and it makes me wonder who else is going to hurt me. I'm used to having someone to feel close to. And we'll I've made a friend online who has the same illness as me and we understand each other. I kinda like him and I think he likes me. We live far from each other though and not being well enough to travel gets in the way too. I get confused about how I feel sometimes. Sometimes I don't understand how I feel. Sometimes I'm happy then something can click and I get overly sensitive and start feeling down pretty quick. The ME affects emotions aswell so it's probably that too. Its coming back around to that time last year where I struggled like crazy. Soon it will be December again and the anniversary of the struggles I faced last year. I nearly died. I nearly ended up having to be tube fed. I thought I was going to have to be recusitated last year. I was scared I was going to die. The paramedics were out three times to see me because I was having breathing problems. But now it's getting nearer to that time when both me and my ex were struggling so bad. We were both talking about suicide at one time. He said he wanted to commit suicide and I said can I join you. I'm coming too and he stood up and went to walk to the kitchen. I got in the way and stopped him. I remember pulling some of my hair out last year. I lived in isolation. It's just so weird. I lost my job cos I couldn't work. I nearly lost my home too but I'm lucky I managed to get back in it. There are so many changes that's happened and still are going to happen. I wish things were steady. I wish there was some stability. Only one person really comes to see me here in my home. I get out of my house perhaps 2 or 3 times a month. But I'm usually sitting inside of someone's house. Because I have wheelchair but because of their health reasons and other reasons people can't push me. My sister has hyper mobility. My dad has a very bad back and he's getting older. My mam has very bad hands that she can't risk get infected. I just live in this house with the Internet. Me and my rabbit and sometimes my family. I don't want to out worry on to them because they have tried so hard to help me and still try to help me. I am trying to get moved into a bungalow over near where my family live. And hopefully I can then see them more and be less lonely. It's stressful though. I need to not be near a main road or I won't sleep. And sleep is so important to me. And it's rough over there. I don't really want to go but it's so isolated over here. It's a shame too because this house is lovely and big, in a nice area and mostly decorated. We worked so hard on this house. And now I'm going to have to move. Just because I'm sick. It's not fair that I lose everything. My whole life has changed. And I thought I wasn't bothered about losing my ex and sometimes I'm not quite sure. I know it wouldn't work because his parents thought I was attention seeking. They didn't like me and he always worried what they thought. He was in the middle. He would still have worried about what they would have thought if we had got back together. So I decided I didn't need the hassle of it. I think I like this other guy though. He seems lovely. But I get insecure sometimes. It's like he has become my closest friend this person. But without him I don't know how I'd feel. Yet I don't want to be too clingy. And I'm too over sensitive. Sometimes I feel like it would be easier if I didn't have my family. Then I wouldn't have to fight no more. But I have to keep trying because I have people that would hurt if I went anywhere. It feels like living in a dream. It's a bad dream and I'm not going to wake up because it's real. Why do I feel like i don't know how I feel? Like some times I could see something and I could cry my eyes out. Other times I can look at that same thing or something that would make me emotional and instead I just feel numb. I'm already on antidepressants. Maybe I should get a SAD lamp. I don't really know what I'm asking. I'm just trying to articulate words together. I feel....I dunno how I feel.......sometimes I push myself when I feel down. But sometimes I don't really feel like doing anything and I have to push myself to eat. I don't always feel like eating but I guess I have to because I'd get more Ill again. It's hard I always had my ex there to talk too. About everything. Absolutely everything and now I don't have that person. Then I had my best friend to help me through and now i don't. My sister has the three kids and is often very stressed with things aswell. I don't often get to see her. Even with people who are in my life I feel insecure incase they disappear out of my life too. I like that guy but I get afraid of him leaving too. Which is probably not logical really.
  6. Here's a post everyone can contribute to! Everyone from every culture will have some unique idea for what can help expand one's world view and increase their well-being. So post something you think all people should do at some point in their life to broaden their world-view or gain a unique perspective. What was something you did that either deliberately or accidentally taught you something important? There are two rules: 1. It must not directly advocate for a specific political or religious orientation. 2. The suggestion cannot be directed at any particular group of people. Keep it general! For example: 'Convert to bhuddism' is against the rules. 'Meditate according to bhuddist practice' is in accordance with the rules. 'Read the Qu'ran' is against the rules. 'Fast for a month' is in accordance with the rules. Spirituality should be a good source of inspiration, but it must be applicable to people outside your religious beliefs! It might just be as simple as 'Watch this trippy music video', or 'read 50 Shades of Grey'. Someone told me that I should 'dance every day'. Which is pretty crazy but I'm thinking I will try to learn a new dance move every day to give the task some form of structure, so if anyone has any dance move suggestions then throw them this way!
  7. Hi All, I finally have decided to move out of my country in search of a stable life. i have two offers as of now. One is a study option from the US ,a reputed MBA program ina university which offers me full tuition waiver + a montly stipend . The downside to it is the course is something i am not really interested in.I applied to it 2 years ago thats when i wanted to do it and now my priorities have changed.Plus this course happens to be absolutely hectic,in addition i need to work 13 hours per week for my stipend and keep networking with potential employers.Frankly,it sounds daunting and its a 2 year program and mainly i want to settle down in life and start a family because i feel so ,but i havent met anyone yet .A course like this is only going to keep me super busy with my own work which will only hamper my chances of meeting someone. Another option,again, is study in UK.This is the kind of course i want to do -MAsters in computer science (my field) and i think it can add up to my work ex .Problem here is that i have no scholarship and i need to take a loan to make this option work Bright side- one year program only and closer to reasoning is that i dont have to spend a lot of time studying here because this happens to be my field of work. so its an attractive option,but will possibly burn a hole in my pocket if i dont repay my loans after my course,with a job. Last option is just go to either of these countries,not study, and look for employers who want people with my skill set. I have no idea what i should do.I strongly feel that its time to settle down and have a stable life but i have few options with me and one of them is a free ride to university with a full scholarship. I also do not have a lot of money for leisure travel I have been racking my brains with it for a few months now..Please tell me what i can do to pick the right one. i am paranoid taht i will pick the wrong option and suffer miserably and end up alone in life,which i hate P.S: here is my priority if you like to know-> Career - 45%,Family/Life -55%. which is super confusing!
  8. It's a common question, asked so often it's lost its potency. But those are the exact words I mean to say, and the question is a serious one, worthy of more purposeful answers than the simple and flippant “no one knowsâ€. I've struggled with the questionable meaning of my existence for as long as I've been alive, but it's a fight that's become more fervent, now that I've begun to grapple with anxiety. It only began recently; within the past month, I believe. I was overcome one night with the sudden and paralyzing understanding that I am going to die, everyone I know is going to die, and whether it's tomorrow or when I'm ninety, I'll never be able to stop it. I don't mean to make it sound as if I was just learning this fact for the first time; I was already well acquainted with death by then. But it was the first time I'd experienced this knowledge with emotion, rather than rationality, and emotions aren't something I handle gracefully. The intensity of these episodes shift from mild to extreme, but ever since that first one the truth has been there, nagging at the back of my mind. I can't go back to being carefree and invincible- it makes me wish I could have died as a child, before I knew how precious my moments were. Before I knew we were all just waiting to die. Whatever it is... however I go, I hope I don't see it coming. I don't want to know when it happens. I hope it's heart failure; that'll mean I lived as long as I possibly could, and there was nothing I could have done. I hope I'm asleep. Or maybe euthanasia, when I'm too old to care and feeling at peace with the life I've led. Quickly, before I change my mind. Or maybe when I'm young, holding the hand of the man I love. I won't be going it alone. Why can't I live like everyone else? How come no one in my life is afraid like this? They just go on living, focusing on superficial problems and only now and then looking back on the time that's passed. Why can't my existential crisis come and go every five or ten years? Why must it persist and leave me mourning each second that goes by? I've asked many people around me if they're afraid of dying. No one has said 'yes' yet, which makes me feel isolated, but at the same time gives me hope. But when I try asking them why death doesn't scare them, their answers are disappointing. “It's a horse everyone rides once,†my friend Charlie told me. “It's nothing to fuss over,†My grandfather said. Where I hoped to find answers, people who'd felt the way I do now but discovered wisdom to make it bearable, I only seem to find folks who've never spared it much thought- and it's a little too late for me to do that now. I just want to know how to take things for granted again, because this is not a happy way to live. It makes every moment bittersweet, and while it pushes me into appreciating my loved ones and the time I have, it also leaves me with a crippling sense of loss that I can't come to terms with. I always find some temporary resolve, something I think will finally help me to make peace with mortality, but the anxiety keeps coming back. I can't shake it for long, and while I'm grateful for my life and the people in it, the fear of it all being pointless is suffocating me. (I shared this with my doctor and she suggested I drink water. She's kind of old and kind of Korean, so I think maybe we miscommunicated.) *Just a sidenote, due to my challenge in categorizing this; I apologize for putting this into the religion category, but nothing else really fit. I suppose 'mental health' would have been reasonable, but I'm uncomfortable with labelling it under something with such stigma, and as it is, I feel this is more a dilemma of intellect rather than illness. Also worth mentioning- I'm not an terribly pious person. Christianity always seemed too... specific. It has an awful lot of details that don't mean much of anything to me. And if I end up in hell for being a non-believer, it's a significantly preferable fate to the nothingness that I'm scared is waiting for me. If I could get over my misgivings and simply 'choose' to believe in something, I'd be ecstatic. Over the friggin' moon. As it stands, I'm not inclined toward one thing or another; all organized systems of belief that I've ever studied just seem too... convenient? I don't exactly know what the word is to describe it. I suppose I've just never been able to reconcile my overwhelmingly rational nature with my need for spiritual balance. Anyway, I'm not looking for religion. I'm just looking for peace. Any thoughts on the subject would be a wonderful help. ((I've been off the site for over a year, I tend to come and go like that. I hope you all are faring a little better than me and your spring has been a pleasant one so far. ♥))
  9. Hi All, I am utterly depressed with everything around me.i would like to disclose that i am a 26 year old virgin woman and i dated twice in my life,none of which materialized into a true relationship. At first, i feel like i have found the one, when the guy sweeps me off my feet, but it slowly dies down.i am not sure if its just me ,but is it so hard to find a true love/relationship these days.Everything online points to shaking it off and living in the now and dating randomly and not being so serious about stuff,because when it happens it happens.But i am somehow old fashioned and i am a bit saddened by the reality. I need help or some sort of consolation to go by ,because i know this is just a phase.i am honestly tired of waiting for a miracle to happen.i am fairly busy in life with work but i need to find love which i rarely do unfortunately. Thanks
  10. I feel like sex and relationship is not for me... I'm not the type of guy who get a girl just to have sex, so if I'm not in a relation I'm not having any sex at all And get in relation is not so easy for me, because I thing girl don't like me...when I'm in I always get dump, and I didn't get lot of relation... I'm kind of shy... I don't understand how other can so easing switch form a relation to another or just have sex like that with anyone. I can find myself alone for years, and like I said it mean no sex for years too... Oh and I'm 28 years old... I just want to find a good relation that last and have sex only with that girl. But that seem impossible. Feel like I'm made to be alone forever... Anonymous poster hash: 4598e...d9f
  11. Hi, I met a girl from a dating site and I think I'm starting to like her, she is my type. We met in person yesterday. But I'm not use to dating, girls, and all this, I'm a bit a lonely person. So I'm a bit afraid and not sure what to do. We continue to talk on the site. Need tips how to act with her. How to know if she like me or not, if there is a chance there is something between us? thank you Anonymous poster hash: 33e4d...d65
  12. So I've been having a rough time recently. I graduated about two months ago from high school and life is starting to hit me pretty hard. To start things off my senior year of high school couldn't have gone better, I averaged a 3.7 the entire year and even got my first 4.0 gpa, while all the previous years I averaged about a 3.3 gpa. Well, up until last year I hadn't put any thought whatsoever as to what I wanted to do after high school, but this year I made the decision that I'd major in biochemistry at a college on the other side of the state.. roughly 3 hours away. I figured it was a good choice since I've Aced all of my science classes, and enjoyed both biology and chemistry, however I'm worried that my decision on both the college and major was rushed. My parents were upset with me and pretty much demanded for me to go to college. Now it's summer, I'm already signed up for the first year of college and it feels like there's no going back, I've been beginning to wonder if getting an associates in electrical engineering at the nearest community college would be a better option. My family really doesn't have that much money, I did get a $8000 scholarship, but it'll still be hard to keep up with college for all four years. I think biochemistry would be a harder subject than electrical engineering and I'd get more money for an associates in EE then I would with a bachelors in Biochem, not to mention four years at a college would cost a lot more than two. The love interest of my life for the past three years, isn't going to college (yet), instead she'll be moving in with her sister, and she plans to work in a box factory. We want to make things work, between us, but we both know it'll be hard since I'll only be able to see her during the summer and winter. I'm completely stuck with what to do. If I get an associates in EE, I could stay here, and we could live together; my parents on the other hands would be furious with me for backing out of a college they were so happy for me to get into. Am I being, unreasonable, are my emotions getting the better of me? I just don't know what the right decision could be, not until it's too late at least.
  13. Row

    We row; Row and row; Each ripple draws us further away; Further away from the shore; We look back from time to time; To comfort yourselves; That the shore still exist; That we know where we are; Until one day we look back; And see nothing; All is the same; Thus we lost ourselves; Between rows; With each stroke; We were fading; Like grains of sand, fading; Fading away one by one; Until - no more; So we ask yourselves; How did I arrive here? And what direction shale I go? Reality turns into a nightmare; The nightmare turns into numbness; The numbness of sorrow; With no direction, we are lost; We are lost! Bounded by fear; We lay down our anchors; Settling with confusion, misery, routine and security; Break the anchor; And row; Row until you find yourself; Your emotion, your desire, your purpose and your life! And live, live the way you want too; And then row some more; For nothing ever stays the same;
  14. I want to hear some stories from people who are happy and content with their current relationship (with no regrets!). People above the age of 40 ideally, who have been with their partner for 10+ years and feel like they chose the right person to spend the rest of their life with. What was it about your significant other that made them the right choice for you? What makes them compliment you so well? Do opposites really attract? Was your deep attraction to them sudden? Or did it need to be learned. I'm young and naive, trying to decide which girl to pursue. Please share
  15. Why can't i just walk into an hospital and tell them to take all my good organs and give them to people who want to live and just let me die. I have health and i have life, but i don't want to live. I am sick of living in this corrupt cesspool of a world, its filled with nothing but greedy selfish people. Money is the most important thing to everybody. I believe in true love and happiness. I believe in enjoying the company of another human. I believe in shearing my every waking moment with the one i love. Most people think i am a fool for having these beliefs, but to me we are the some of our experiences and we should always try to make the best of our human to human interactions. No matter how much you love your house or your car it can't love you back, but another human can. Most people live their whole life without ever realizing that the people around us are the most important things in life and not money. Sometimes i think this world is sucking all the good out of me. I try to live my life as a good person i try to always do good to others, i try to be honest and i try to do what i can to help others, and for all that LIFE has taking everything i ever cared about and love away from me. I feel so alone, broken and lost right now. I feel like my whole world is falling apart and i can't do anything to stop it.
  16. Hello everyone, I very much need some answers and advice. So I am a 17 year old girl and soon i will be going to college. But heres the problem, I plan on leaving my family after high school and setting off alone. I plan on getting a job, renting a small place to live, and somehow paying for my college. (i plan to first get my associates from a community college, then transfer to a 4 year to study psychology). I wont get into why I plan to leave my family, because I am not looking for a pity party, I just want out. can someone please help? Realistically, do you think i am able to do this? i am trying to get some money saved up...but it is very hard. i have $200 hidden in my room now, and i have another year of high school before i leave. But i also know that my parents have some of my money in the bank, although i do not know exactly how much... please. i am very determined to do this. im even going to take self defense classes so i can know how to defend myself when i am alone haha. someone, please give me advice... thank you so much
  17. Ok, well lets see. Evey person Ive met and became friends with have had family problems... Unlike me Im fine... I have a good life at home and well.. been happy. The people that I meet and see important are getting hurt. A lot. Its strange though because I admit I have gone through a lot too, more like personal agony but not much with my family. I may fight with my mom every now and then but afterward its nothing. Its not as bad as my friends.. I seem to give them a lot of advice and cheer them up and also seem to know a lot more in a psychological way more than anything. Though when I have problems... I always deal with them by myself.. I dont want to be a burden to my friends while they have their own problems. Though, I cant really relate to those type of problems so sometimes I try pushing them away or feeling helpless at times. I feel as if im just in the way or not even trying.....
  18. ok story goes I got fed up with my supervisor always holding me to the highest standard while he himself was the biggeset slacker on the crew I had looked the other way for almost a year of him smoking pot and drinking on the job finally i had had enough went to his boss filed a formal complaint about this wished to remain anonoymous due to obvious retrebution. monday today the first day coming back to work as i filed this complaint on friday he threatens me as we were all leaving the job site in company vans. saying I am a coke dealer which is not ture in fact im 100% drug free and I have many 6 beer in a 7 day period always after work when I do not have to drive anywhere. he said that i need to watch my back off work as he is going to be coming at me. I said nothing just ok and good as i was shocked this was happening. I quit my job the second I dropped my van off at the big bosses place called the rcmp and filed a report the lady on the phone said the member would advise me if i should contact labor relations. this is really not a help topic i know im just proud of myself for doing the right thing any imput comments are welcome I could use a lil moral support atm as I have kinda put myself my girl and my soon to be son in a state where i have no steady income. but somehting will come up it always does.
  19. Hello friends!!! My problem is I am too lazy, I take my life for the granted!! Not serious about anything, Not responsible!! Now it has taken its toll on me. I messed up my work and my life. I did go to someone for help, It worked for the moment but its back again!! I did some googleing n found some sites but its just too hard and takes too long I was wondering if there is any easy way out of this.... please help
  20. How many of u reveled it to your crush? Did the magic of Valentines day worked for you?
  21. Here's my story. At 19 I graduated highschool (I graduated late due to being held back once back in 8th grade). After I graduated I stayed living with my mom for a few months until my mom brought up a subject about my stepdad. See, my stepdad was living in washington state (my family is originally from washington but moved to ohio) and he has been married to my mom for 14 years and only has physically been with her for 11 years until my biological dad dumped us kids on my mom so she had to move to ohio to take care of us. Anyways, my mom was talking about how much she missed having my stepdad their physically. So, a couple weeks later my siblings and I all pitched in some money to get my stepdad to ohio. Well when he arrived my mom was happy. A few weeks after my stepdad being there I decided that since my mom hasn't lived with my stepdad in a longtime, that I should get my life rolling and since the lease on the apartment only allowed three people to live there (my mom, my sister and me) I asked my sister if i could move in with her so my stepdad could live with my mom. She said yes and so I moved in. For a while I was living off the last two paychecks from the job I had left. Which wasnt too bad, but I had to buy my own food since my sister couldnt afford it at the time to feed me, so I was losing some money, but it was ok. Well after living with her for a month or so, my sister's neighbor a.k.a the other side of the duplex reported to the landlord that I had moved in and apparently the landlord didn't want me their anymore. So since things didn't work out at my sisters place, my other sister let me move in with her (also against the lease but the lease was ending so my sister really didn't care cause she wanted me to have a place to stay). Well during the time I have being staying here I got my truck, my insurance for the truck and got me a temp job at a factory. I was set for a while, I had money coming in and I was just about to save up just enough to move out, but the 90 days were up at the factory, and since I didn't get a bid the factory let me go. Which sucked, espacially since again I had to survive off the last paychecks of my job. During this time, I was trying to move back into my moms so I could re-adjust my situation, but unfortunately I forgot about my moms lease, so I was unable to. move back in, also my mom already put my stepdad on her lease. So, I was stuck. I got another factory job through a recruiting place. That job only lasted 3 weeks due to the fact that I clocked in late a few times by accident, also after being let go yet again (sidenote: this factory was known for letting people go alot, espacially large groups of people for reasons unkown. I was part of one of those groups) the recruiting place did not want to work with me anymore. Now your all caught up to where I am now, jobless, behind on insurance payments (you may have seen my other post on this website) struggling to find a job and I just feel stuck. If I don't try to look for a job and don't pay rent, my sister's fiancee will kick me out (since he is on my sisters lease and is the man of the house).The town we are in is huge and there are alot of job oppurtinities, but now I have to get rid of my truck because it had stopped working, so I have to rely on my other sister for rides who also takes her fiancee and my other sister to work. Which is a crazy mess in itself. I feel stuck, I am a deep thinker/introvert and so I have been thinking about my situation alot and getting myself worked up and depressed I don't know what to do (obviously I'm going to try to look for other jobs), but I just feel like I'm going nowhere and that I just keep falling into a downward spiral. I don't have my own room here at my sisters so I cant get alot of alone time to myself to sort things out comfortably and thouroghly. My sister that I am living with is a socialite who likes to talk and/or is always watching t.v. so there's alot of comotion in my surroundings, so I really cant deep think. I don't know what to do. some one help me with some advice please. Everyone keeps telling me that it will only go up from here but with the way my luck streak has been running so far I am fearing the worst. I'm not so good financially right now. I am yet again living off the last few paychecks from the job I just lost (I only have one more coming in and its only about $200-$300). I'm usually a strong guy but at this point I dont what to do. The ride situatuion with my sister is not so well..I'm just stuck. Please help. (sidenote: don't worry I'm not suicidal, I don't believe in that and I don't drugs anymore, hell havent done drugs since 7 years ago, so I won't go on a drug rage or anything) I just hate being this depressed, I usually make humor out of my struggle, but this is too me please..