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Found 3 results

  1. I'm trying to move. I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have never lived any where else. I'm kind of desperate to get out of here. I hate Vegas, the whether, the pollution, the people, the environment! I'm really interested in either Jacksonville, Oregon or Salem, Oregon. But I have absolutely no idea how to even begin to go about moving out of the state. How do you find a job before you live there? I'm terrified of moving there and using up all my savings before I find a job and then just get stuck going back to Vegas. I don't know ANYBODY in either of those cities so I would be completely on my own. And there is the matter of choosing between the two cities. Salem is closer to Portland so if I need to go into the city its right there, but Jacksonville is closer to Vegas so it would be easier to visit friends and family. Jacksonville is also smaller less than 3,000 people Salem has about 10,000 and those are both extremely small compared to Vegas which has about 800,000 people. I'll take either I love the small town idea. But pretty much everything comes back to finding a job. I'm 20 years old I only have 1 year of a college education and 2 years sales experience. I would have to be able to find a job with enough income that I could completely support myself with no help. I've tried doing research on the difference between taxes and pricing of everything but I'm just getting more and more confused! All I know is I can't take another summer out here! And I would really love a white X-mas. And I just don't know where to start or how to even begin the process! I need to be out of here by next July, I'll be 21 by then. Anybody who has moved out of state before or has ever lived or does live in Salem or Jacksonville could help me. I just don't know anything. For reference in Vegas: I'm in management selling sunglasses. I make 9.50 an hour plus commission and a bonus structure. (After commission and everything I average about $14 an hour working 76 hours a week) minimum wage here is $8.25) So my net income is just under $1800 a month, gross income is about $2100 a month. After my car this is enough for me to afford a 1 bed, maybe 2 bed, apartment by myself in Vegas. Any help is welcome PLEASE! I'm kind of desperate.
  2. Been thinking for a while now and I really want to move to Durban, South Africa when I'm older but have heard quite a lot of negative comments on the subject about the increasing crime rate, etc from family members, friends, and someone who is south African that my mum actually worked with. But it's such a beautiful country and I feel like it's somewhere that I would love to settle down. Anyone on here from South Africa that can give me basic facts and opinions of what I should do and if it would be a good decision to live over there. Thanks.
  3. Soooooo I just moved to Texas b/c work promoted me and I think I'll be here for 3 years. I don't care for the state much, but I'd like to have friends here, so my 3 years isn't so lame. My only friend is my girlfriend. I do work with some nice people, and they invite me out lots, but i'm their boss, and I don't feel right fraternizing with coworkers that I'm in charge of. My girlfriend I think is making friends at University, but she's a medical student, so she studies most of the time, instead of going out. Again, I work a lot, so I haven't much time to myself. Any ideas how to make friends or get to know people outside work?? I get really bored and I don't want my only friend to be my girlfriend...She's great, but I feel I should have other people in my life. Also, my mom annoyingly asks all the time when I'm moving back by her, and every little bad thing that happens she is always suggests I move back. It's all very discouraging. Plus, I'm the only girl in management, so I'm hardly taken seriously by many of my male coworkers. HALP