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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys. I've just had a wave of nostalgia and I was wondering.....WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO THE ORIGINAL MEMBERS OF Help,com??? Circa 2009,2010 times. So many friends back in the day. My family was a part of the original for so long. And I have checked out the names on this version, but don't see anyone really familiar from back then. Oh I did see Jeb's name.... How about..... ...Courtney Marriott? ...Jenny (Ditzy Doodler) ...Mitzy(ItsyMitzySpider) ...Sarah Rah Rah ...Heather (something) (sorry) ...Richard Cor De Lyon (Richard Hills) ...Cajun ...oh and definitely Jennifer Morehead I know that some of them can still be found in the archives....but that was long ago. Maybe some of the old vets use different screen names. If you are out there can you message me? Just hope to touch ground.... My sister was MoonMaiden....definitely was a regular when she passed. Thanks guys.....Be good.....Peace!!!!!!! CARA