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Found 7 results

  1. I On a cold, crisp February night As I walked down the deserted Detroit street There I saw her, leaning Against the lamppost, wearing An olive-colored parka Around her neck was a mink scarf She looked like a starlet from the 1930s And when she smiled She warmed the air around me So much so that I had the urge To turn my jacket lapel back down The cold didn’t matter when she smiled II She said her name was Anastasia I introduced myself and took her hand I jumped, startled at the contrast With her warm summer smile Her hands were the hands of death As cold as frosted steel Ice cold despite her layers of fur III But she took my hand in hers And gripped me tight She said I would be warmer In her room at The Grandville I followed her, but the cold Would not go away Like she said it would IV I excused myself to go But she pulled me into a kiss Long, sensuous, and passionate Like a spider trapping its prey In its sticky web of doom Her lips were warm As warm as her gentle smile Fire against fire She turned off the lights And there we loved in the dark Tangled in a mess of hair, Sheets, arms, and legs Warm body against cold Raging fire against hard ice And then I felt a sharp pain In my neck, searing me Killing me, sending fire Coursing through my veins Filling me to the very core V I am changing—I feel it in me I thirst, an unquenchable An unholy thirst I drink water but it does nothing Only blood, warm crimson blood Could satiate this thirst It burns like the fiery pits of Hell I feel my teeth grow into fangs Fangs just like hers VI My vision is sharper My hearing clearer My sense of smell acute But I can no longer stand The light of day
  2. everytime i look at the sky, i ask myself why, why cant i cry, just because i am a man, i should always have a plan, regardless of the obstacles thrown, i should always be able to stand, look at you, youre a guy, you cant have tears in your eye, withstand the pain, withhold the urge, all your emotion should be purge. no matter how cold the winter is, no matter how far your neck is twist, no matter how alone you are in the abyss, no matter, eventhough you are not going to be missed, you cannot cry...why...simply because you are a guy...
  3. The Truth Undone I see you at the gate, Your words stealing my fate. Tearing at my walls, Breaking in with simple calls. My very soul is on the line, All so brilliantly entwined. I'm not calling blame, But what a shame. We all play the sleuth, Hoping to hear. . . the truth. Even when we know it will not come, Without the truth, like the gate. . . all is undone.
  4. So i'm feeling a bit "meh" about things and so thought it would be a good idea to write a random poem,rap or song on the spot instead of taking time, hopefully this should unveil raw emotion which is lost over a period of time waiting. This is just an experiment thing so if it isn't very good please don't hate to badly. Time: 18:34 Taking some time with the things I write Seems like just a further waste of life So while im going down in a straight dive Im gonna go through some of the things im feeling tonight. Just sitting here, it sucks being by yourself I mean come on this cant possibly be good for my mental health It seems like im stuck in solitude and the moment I socialise Everything I do just gets assumed to be rude and my emotions further get bruised. Do I care what people think about me? Hell, can cyber sex give you STD's? If you thought yes then your sadly mistaken it doesnt take that long for my rage to awaken A church guy would say I need to be pressed down and shaken Huh, thats works for the good but im purely forsaken. Im heading one way, and it aint up being torn by this fake love And yet people compare me to a plain dove. I mean yeah thats my outside complexion But inside im corrupt, whats with the never ending questions? (18:42) "Why do you never seem to go out" Well, why do you have such a big mouth. Because while your out getting wasted Contorted with alcohol and drugs you know, that sh*t you call fun. Lets see where that gets you in the long run. Why do I feel hated everywhere I go, I mean is it really that bad being emotional? Oh yeah theres one thing I forgot to mention. Before you say it, I dont care about attention. Because I like being alone but I cant stand being lonely. I would go out and meet people but I kinda need someone to show me. Being a bit anti social hits me hard because no-one gets to know me. And the ones who do, think im slowly going insane Because every single day im in some sort of pain. Its sad because im the only one to blame Doing it to myself, yeah I deserve the shame. Im just trying to get better, I keep writing tons and tons of letters to my family asking for support Still aint got any knocks at my door. Huh, This is what it feels like being abandoned. Guess that sums it up, that's enough of this tangent. (18:50) Well that probably made no sense and im not going to proof read it because editing would still count as using more time on it. So thats what I wrote, hope when I read it back it makes some sense, maybe you guys would like to try something like this yourself, I dont know. ~Ranea.
  5. Another piece of writing from my clients, from a boy this time. What do you guys think? The tale of a thief His past he lived well A fathers murder theres a story to tell Swift and cunning rogue In death is his trait A contract mistaken of his father Led to his merciless fate In the dark streets of London Skills he was challenged to prove Beneath the sky filled with thunder He climbed the tower, walls o smooth O, poor Vastare Like a blindfolded fool Lethal as a python Heart like ice, cracked and cool Onto the balcony Vastare climbed Their the dim silohetee did stand pulling out his silver blade sliced his fathers back. mouth covered with a hand There the body did drop Vastare staring with glee With his foot, turned the corpse over His face grew white and in silence did flee Eyes filled with grief and water Ran did Vastare through the empty streets unto the pier was his goal onlookers through windows gasped in there seats With a chain and lead he fastened his waist To his families name he had disgraced With a final breath he jumped into the depths Reuiniting with his father, to which he had been forgave ~Ranea