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Found 1 result

  1. Here is something worth reading if you have some problems with Islam. Navigate to 'findings and insights' Scroll down to 'catalogue of findings' Jump down to "A Catalogue of Findings", looking specifically at 'emancipative values'. The WVS is a huge study encompassing 60 countries in 6 waves from 1981-2014. To summarise: Emancipative values predict greater well-being, shifts towards democracy and equality. The presence of Islam weakens emancipative values. BUT, high education removes the effect between Islam and emancipative values. So while today at this point in time, Islam on average is causing the world a degree of strife and may weaken emancipative values, education is the answer. Promoting global education is one possible way of removing the negative effects of Islam. Discriminating against, and condemning Islam is easy to do. Fear leads to hate, hate leads to anger, and anger leads to condemnation. We all have the human propensity to take the easiest road out of a complex situation. Compassion and empathy wouldn't be so highly valued unless they were hard. Their difficulty requires us to look long and hard at ourselves, our preconceived beliefs about others, and to open up our imagination to other, more positive alternatives. Anti-gun lobbyists claim that guns are an American problem. But the right to own a firearm is a constitutional right. Mental health is the underlying cause of gun violence. Guns themselves are not directly to blame although the absence of guns would certainly end gun violence (perhaps increasing other forms of violence). Anti-islamists claim that Islam is a global problem. But it is a universal human right to practice a religion free from persecution. Poor education is the underlying cause of radical Islam. Islam itself is not directly to blame, although the absence of Islam would certainly end radical Islam (perhaps increasing other forms of radicalism). Hate is easy, compassion is hard. WWJD?