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Found 1 result

  1. Success at last!

    Finally got my dad a place at an old folks home close to where my mom is. It was a hell of a slog though. He DID NOT want to go, but there really wasn't any choice since he'd been getting l'ost' and had to be brought back home by the cops at least once. The only reason he could achieve even a semblance of normalcy was because he was familiar with his surroundings. Change that and he was/is near helpless. His memory is basically shot and he's starting to regress to a more childlike state, accompanied by a LOT of crying. Damn, I'd only seen him cry twice before, and that was at the funerals of his dad and brother. During the past couple of months I've lost count of how many times he's broken down. I think what really got him upset, prior to my mother having her breakdown and subsequent hospitalization, was having his drivers license revoked. He still drove (illegally) until I disabled the car.. amazing what a little crazy glue will accomplish when applied to the brake/tranny interlock switch.. I'm kinda sneaky. In reality, my dad should be where my mom is but, due to how the system works, he'd have to either have a complete breakdown like my mom had or have a 'professional' declare him unfit to be anywhere else. That's where the assisted living complex we got him into comes in. It's costing abt $3000/month but, when he deteriorates to a point where they refuse to have him there any longer, he'd be automatically placed into a subsidized full care establishment like where my mom is. I don't think it will be long, given his age and how quickly he's sliding down the slope into full-on dementia, and we'll be able to get the house fixed up and sold in the meantime. For now, I get to hop into my rig and motor on down to the Okanagan for a few months of carefree living before having to come back and house sit for the rest of the winter. I'll clean up the place, do some repairs, and get rid of all the contents. Hopefully we'll be able to sell it by the springtime and invest the funds. The interest alone should take care of the ol' folks home expenses for both of my parents when added to their savings. My sister will also be able to breathe a sigh of relief since she's the one who had to set everything up and take time off of work (power of attorney can be a ditch sometimes). Regardless, it'll be nice to just blow this burger stand for a few months and have some fun. ..Willy.