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Found 1 result

  1. Here's a post everyone can contribute to! Everyone from every culture will have some unique idea for what can help expand one's world view and increase their well-being. So post something you think all people should do at some point in their life to broaden their world-view or gain a unique perspective. What was something you did that either deliberately or accidentally taught you something important? There are two rules: 1. It must not directly advocate for a specific political or religious orientation. 2. The suggestion cannot be directed at any particular group of people. Keep it general! For example: 'Convert to bhuddism' is against the rules. 'Meditate according to bhuddist practice' is in accordance with the rules. 'Read the Qu'ran' is against the rules. 'Fast for a month' is in accordance with the rules. Spirituality should be a good source of inspiration, but it must be applicable to people outside your religious beliefs! It might just be as simple as 'Watch this trippy music video', or 'read 50 Shades of Grey'. Someone told me that I should 'dance every day'. Which is pretty crazy but I'm thinking I will try to learn a new dance move every day to give the task some form of structure, so if anyone has any dance move suggestions then throw them this way!