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I am too old to start over. I am 37 yrs old and have had a challenging life.I left home at 12 yrs

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I am too old to start over. I am 37 yrs old and have had a challenging life.

I left home at 12 yrs old and have done remarkably well, morally,emotionally and financially. I have worked directly for two billionaires and knew that life was not for me. Television makes money look glamourous, it is not.

I started my own company and did rather well, met a tenant in one of the commercial buildings I managed and have been with her ever since (10 yrs)

I did not grow up with money and money did not come easy. There was no hugging and kissing in my family, only yelling. We lived in a rented house and my goal was to own a house.(and I was going to get it)

The tenant I met in that building was a young lawyer and I was a property manager. her goal was also to own a house and be wealthy. I believed if I had more means I could be wealthy also, but my incentive was the challenge. It would give me self worth to make money and prove that I was worth something.

Long and short, we bought a horrible property in a great location and I rebuilt the house myself (no help)

We made $250,000.

We relocated 9 months later, both for her job and my business. Again I picked a property that could be fixed up, but this time she wanted to be in the right side of town and show that she was someone. Well this house was certainly in the best part of town with 26 ft high ceilings a four car garage and 4500 sq ft of space this was a nice fixer upper.

We moved into the house in August and to keep up the image that she wanted, we bought a new 2008 vehicle for her. (She also has a red sports car!)

The neighbours were all very nice and 8 weeks after moving in I invited the neighbour beside us to come over for some wine and appy's. We had a good time and they wanted to share a special bottle of wine with us, so we went over to there house. I was given the tour by his wife and we talked about reno's and I gave some tips on what I would do to their house.

When it came time to leave, the husband walked us to the door and said "you take her home and your going to get lucky tonight"

I stood beside my wife and said quietly "are you horny"?

My neighbour walked in front of her, reached under her skirt, as she lifted her skirt, fingered her and said "she is so wet, my cock wants your pussy so bad!"

I was in shock!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No anger, No emotion, No hate

I did'nt know what was going on, my mind shut down

When we got home, I realized when I was talking about mirrors and paint colors with his wife. My wife was ******* her husband!

I had no idea!

My neighbour is a 56yr old grey haired overweight man and his wife was in their house.

My wife is slim 37 (looks 19) a lawyer who now makes well into six figures, I just bought her a new car and we are living in a million dollar home.

And I am no slouch either.

My question

If I leave this relationship I will have some respect left for me but I will never aquire what we aquired together and proving that I can do it, was what most of my self worth was based on.

Staying in the relationship, I have lost all my dignity.

I feel I want to sell everything and go to Vegas and Lose everything(I want to get rid of all the money)

I think I will feel better.

In case you are wondering

I never cheated, stole or abused her in any way, everything was done for her and by her getting what she wanted gave me self worth. - IMPORT

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I sure hope this is a trolls post,if not then I seriously think wtf where you thinking?!

For a start of why come out with a comment like "are you horny" when in reality youshould have replied" Don't you dare speak about my Wife like that!"

And as for letting your neighbour touch your Wife's intimate areas in full view of yourself. Yeah right! Who in there right mind would let that happen to someone they love,unless your a swinger that is or have an open marriage( which you havnt mentioned in this post)I

I have read some porkys in my time but this takes the biscuit.

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