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Padre J Roulston Terms of Use

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Terms of Use for is a place to get, and give help/advice for any and all topics in a safe and caring environment. All opinions deserve to be heard. And all opinions should be helpful to the question issue, and respectful to the poster, and others replying to the post.

All members are required to be 13 years of age or older, and as such we ask that you keep content to a PG 13 level, and in the appropriate category for the question.


Those not in compliance with the TOU of will face disciplinary action that could result in getting banned from the site.


·         No one is to encourage self-destructive behavior; or violence and abuse towards others. Not only is this unhelpful, it is unethical, and in many places illegal. Doing so will get you banned, and legal action may take place.

·         All users must be truthful about their age for the purposes of logging in and making an account.

·         Speaking rudely to, harassing, or discriminating against another user, will not be tolerated. Disagreements are certainly allowed and they will happen, but keep it professional. Name calling, swearing or attacks on anybody's gender, race, religion (or lack thereof), nationality or sexual orientation will not be tolerated.

· will not knowingly allow itself to be a venue for vendettas and feuds between individual users.

·         No one is to write false posts about emergency situations. (This includes but is not limited to, fake suicide posts) The people are on this site to help you. If you feel the need to write a fake post, tell us that in the post. We will help you through the troubles.

·         Posts are not to be made about another user without their express permission before the post is written. (This includes Happy Birthday posts. Not everyone wants their birth date advertised)

·         Duplicate posts will be considered spam, and deleted.

·         If you have many similar questions (math homework for example) make a single post for all of the questions.

·         Posting pornographic material will result in banning.

·         Creating a false profile, or back story to get pity or help that you do not require will be considered trolling and disciplinary action will be taken.

·         Users are not to post personal contact information in either the forums, chat, or shoutbox. Personal contact information includes: addresses, emails, phone or fax numbers. If you wish to share this information with another user please send it via a Personal Message. If you do share your personal contact information with other users is not responsable for any actions that are a result of giving out said information. 

· is made up of a primarily English speaking/writing population. Because of this we ask that you write your posts/replies in English.The exception to this rule is if you are requesting help in learning a language, in which case you may post in the language you are learning. However the content must be able to be translated via an online translator (such as Google Translate) so that everyone can still read the post. If posts in a language other than English and cannot be translated, it will be considered spam and removed. 



Religion is not a religious website and it is not affiliated with any religious group. However, is an appropriate forum for general questions about religion, or questions that ask for a religious perspective on a problem. We welcome people who are inspired by their faith to help others and we recognize that many people find solutions through spirituality. At the same time, attempts to balance this with an equal recognition of everyone's right to not have religious philosophy forced upon them.

As a courtesy to our international community, we encourage users to follow guidelines for mentions of religion in their questions and replies:

·         Don't hide your faith; just avoid the "hard sell" of actually proselytizing and quoting scripture with the intent of winning converts.

·         Never attack other religious faiths, or a person's lack of spirituality.

·         Never condemn anyone else's behaviour or life choices in religious terms, unless that other person clearly indicates they are open to hearing religious judgment.

·         Limit suggesting religious solutions for problems to only posts where the original writer of a question has indicated openness to discussing spirituality.


The staff have the final word on what is and is not bad behaviour. If you believe another user is engaging in inappropriate behaviour, do not argue with the other user. Simply alert a community moderator. He/she will investigate, give a warning if necessary, or block an account if a serious violation of community standards of conduct is confirmed. employs the help of a number of Administrators, and Volunteer Moderators. 

The moderators are not employees of, and they do not necessarily reflect the views of

The volunteer moderators should not ask for personal information such as: email addresses, passwords, credit card numbers, or social insurance numbers. If they do please file a report/send an email to the webmasters at


Please keep in mind that ALL users must abide in the Terms of Use policy. And the moderators reserve the right to regulate the site according to the ToU policy.

The Terms of Use are subject to change. 

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