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I can only orgasm using the bathtub faucet?

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There are many types of vibrators. have a look online or at a sex shop. Also try using a lubricant or other toys. You'll find all sorts of things online or in stores.

It sounds like you should change something about your sex life. Most women orgasm when they stimulate themselves, experience cunnilingus and intercourse. But your probably not most women. Experiment and don't be discouraged. There's something for everyone. Do you not like cunnilingus because you're insecure? Try to incorporate water when having sex, perhaps that helps. Sex under the shower, in the bath etc. Perhaps you're not enough in the mood when having sex? Perhaps your fore-play needs more stimulation and more varied stimulation? Have fore-play with a vibrator, toy, lube, anything you find that helps. Have you talked to your boyfriend about the problem? He should be understanding and helpful. If you guys are open-minded this may take you on an interesting path of exploration.

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At least you found a way to get off. Lots of people don't. Do you have a boyfriend, or are you just having sex with yourself? Maybe you should invite him to take a bath with you and go from there.


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