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My new girlfriend

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I have a new girl friend for about 1 month now.


And she seem to be a lot into sex...

She told me she like rough sex and she's like to be submissive in bed.

She like spanking, tits pinch, pull on hair, get her mouth fucked when she suck, cum on her tits, even on face,...


She told me her 2 rules are no anal and no face slapping with hands (she really specified hand, I don't know maybe it mean she like with dick....) other than that she will do anything.


I know around how much boy she have been with, that I found really a lot....

Specially knowing what she do in bed....


For my part I only had 2 girlfriends before her, and only had sex with those.

And I'm mostly used to passion sex, love, ...


I don't know how to feel about all this.

I'm not comfortable yet to make love to her like she told me she like it (or to fuck her if I use her word)

But I kind of find it exciting....


She is 22, almost 23, and I'm 28.



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Well if I was you I would be giving everything a try.  Why not ?.  If the girl likes it then give her what she wants.  I mean you might not be with this girl for ever so enjoy it while you can..  :)

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Build it up slowly. It's great if she tells you what she wants and you should tell her what you want. Take things slowly. Have a bit of both, passionate and rough, find a middle-ground that makes you both happy. Or alternate, do it rough once, then passsionate, depending what the mood is, the circumstances. Or you could have a rough fore-play and then switch to passionate intercourse. Experiment with all variations till you both get what you want.

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Take it at your own pace. Sexually compatibility is a two way street. Don't feel pressure to do things you don't want to do just because you are the dude.

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