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One of the most useful thing I ever learnt in my life was to understand 'my part in things'. Like the speaker says (in link provided by that girl but on a different video) we are 99.9% unable to do this, when we first start doing it, on our own because we are to caught up in our situation (for me I thought up was down and down was up) I needed help to learn this skill. You need help to learn this skill, it is not something (I feel) that can be taught over the internet. (sadly) because it can be a painful process and tone, reaction and support can not be communicated or effected very well by this medium


so you have been the victim many times in your life. I say this as gently as the internet permits, 'you have had a part in that' Only by understanding that part and not repeating it by learning (i.e. being taught) the life skills on how to do things differently can you escape out of the trap of our own making (although the world has some part in that you can not change the world so it is you that must learn how to be more effective) 


I would say your part (in case you were wandering) is most likely to be the first time you walked out of a job (and then all the other times) rather than learning how to deal with conflict resolution. That would be pride that would make you do that. Now you see where that has gotten you. Again I say that gently, I have done the same thing, rather than face the issue I have 'done a geographical' for me it nearly cost me my life (not learning how to deal with life on lifes terms)


I will be quiet on this thread now, unless you ask for my help. 

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After reading the posts and your final ones more than once I'm just going to go ahead and try to give some input. If you decide that that's all useless gibberish, fine, I get it. As noonelikesaknowitall said there's not much one can due via the internet. And none of us is a psychologist and understandably some peudo-psychological or 'idelogical' tattle isn't going to help here. Wouldn't be any different for me. The reason why no one can help is because no one (presumably) has any idea what you actually suffer from. So a couple of questions:


(Those are only questions, no suggestions, theories, or accusations. I'm trying to figure out the degree of your negative feelings that may affect other people which I understand to be what you're most worried about. I tried to pose most questions more or less without considering too much of everything I've read now so to be more objective - so nothing personal, but it's not just random either.)


-What's the best thing that could happen to you?

-What's the worst thing that could happen to you?

-Do you feel like it's hard to handle anger?

-Do you often feel frustration? If yes, due to what?

-Do you consider yourself an impulsive person?

-When you feel hatred, is it directed to humankind as a collective or only at the people in your vicinity?

-Do/ did you experience physical or near-physical conflict with people? If yes, what are/ were the causes, who are/ were the people? Is/ was it completely random? How regularly?

-Do you ever feel the urge to start attacking people in your vicinity, perhaps at random, and not stop, cause serious bodily harm or even kill? Or alternatively, would that only be a possibility when being provoked?

-Can you relate well to other people's feelings? How emphatic are you?

-Would you feel guilt/ remorse if you hurt someone?

-Do you like to be in control of situations? Do you feel you are in control of your own life?

-If given the choice, would you rather live among other people or by yourself?

-Do you have a moral code? What is it?

-Are you reliable?

-What is your view of social norms, rules and obligations?

-Are you interested in long-term relationships?

-Do you blame anyone or society as a whole for your situation? Or do you blame yourself? Or everyone in part?

-Have you ever before made suicide threats?

-Do you think you have good or poor judgment?

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