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Your subconscious is obsessed with knowledge!

The pictures you have selected suggest that you have one the most curious minds we have ever seen! Your subconscious is always looking for something new to learn, new sights to see, practically anything that would give a nice exercise session to that big brain of yours, and help you advance in life.
You are a very passionate and patient person, and that combination helps you to truly immerse yourself in a subject without feeling the need for 'Quick Fixes' or feeling bored. Keep it up, you have a lot to learn!

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Your subconscious is obsessed with SEX!

Yes, you've read it right, and no, it's not something to be ashamed of!
The pictures you have picked suggest that your subconscious mind is very occupied with sex. You are a naturally sexual and loving person, you simply love to LOVE, and one of the biggest acts that you do with someone you love is sex.
Although your subconscious if obsessed with sex, you have a healthy way of life. You do not get too carried away (Although sometimes you wish you would), and you look for emotional attraction before you think about the physical one.

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The Fear of Letting Yourself Down
Your subconscious is obsessed with the fear of letting yourself down.

The pictures you have picked suggest that from an early age, you've always had high expectations from yourself. You were a very smart kid who grew up to be a very sensitive and clever adult. You have a lot of goals you wish to accomplish in life but also a constant fear of failing.
Your subconscious is always reminding you what will happen if and when you’ll fail, what will the repercussions be and how people would react to that. 
We can give you this tiny advice: Think of that fear as fuel, and use it to nourish your mind and body. Prove to yourself that you can do anything you want, and that fear is just there to make sure you accomplish your goals. We know you'll make it! 

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Your subconscious is obsessed with nature! 

The pictures you have chosen paint the picture (get it?) that you are obsessed with nature. From a very early age you've felt a strong connection with animals and nature. You've always loved camping, traveling, hiking and just exploring the beautiful world that surrounds us. For you, nature is this beautiful, magical place where everything makes sense. There are simple rules and adventure is always waiting for you just around the river-bend. 
Your subconscious makes you think about traveling while doing grocery shopping, cooking, walking down the street and especially while working. And if you could, you would leave everything and go to travel around the world. 

So, do you agree with your result? Do you feel like your subconscious is obsessed with nature? Tell us in the comments!

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